Thursday, August 5, 2010

(Straighten Up &) Fly Right

Little Sammy Swinger

(Straighten Up &) Fly Right

A "cover" of what was the first commercial success for the Nat King Cole Trio when it was recorded in November of 1943. Although not known as a songwriter, Nat had composed the song having been inspired by a sermon his father, a preacher, had often given based on an Uncle Remus-like folk tale. Johnny Mercer, one of the heads of Capitol Records, had heard Nat sing it live, and quite possibly it was the thought of having Nat record this for Capitol that afforded Nat a musical association with that recording company that lasted the rest of his life.

The 1961 re-recording of the song by Nat King Cole can be heard HERE.

Probably out of Detroit (Michigan) this Essar label is not related to the Hollywood-based Essar label owned by Dick Hugg (1961-1962). The owner was possibly S.R. Gardiner, credited on label as the arranger and the producer. I've found in my files only two other records on the same label :

101 The Sanshers -Music by the El Cobras
714 The El Cobras


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