Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Egga Dagga

Egga Dagga

The obscure Bygone Productions unearthed this forgotten song and released it on the Planet Playback label in the seventies.

Egga Dagga came out only once on a record in the mid-thirties, on Decca Records. Nick Cochrane is backed by the Fed Fio Rito Orchestra. The original release of Egga Dagga is unknown. But it's not the Decca version. It's possibly taken from one of the several KBS (Keystone Broadcasting System) transcriptions that Nick Cochrane has recorded with His Men About Town.

The song, variously spelled, has been featured in various movie between 1936 and 1943 : 

Holly Terror" Twentieh Century-Fox, 1936
Hollywood Party, MGM 1937
Seven Sinners   1940 Universal
Egga Dagge Ohft!, RCM soundie, RCM, 1942
Here Comes Elmer" Republic   1943

Nicholas Carter Cochrane ; b . Shawnee , Okla . , Jul . 24. 1907 : e . U. Kans . On stage in vaudeville , with orchestras : Hollywood night club master of ceremonies , musician (trumpet & cornet). Nick Cochrane died in Mesa, Arizona in 1976.


Saturday, August 6, 2022

Party Line


Party Line
(J. Schram, Kavelin BMI)

Kip Shane
Lute Records LU-159

Obscure first release on Lute Recordsl, missing until now, from the label discographies available online.

Wax to watch 10/10/59 — KFXM 590 AM
(San Bernardino, California )

"Love Is the Thing", the flip side, was featured in The Cape Canaveral Monsters, a movie released in 1960. It's one of the four songs coming from the characters' transistor radio. The three other songs had be also issued by Lute Records. : "Please Somebody," written by Jerry Coates and performed by Terry Miller (issued on Lute 5903); "Love is the Thing," written by John Nieel Jr. and performed by Kip Shane; and "Think of Me" and "I'll Find a Way," written by Morey Bernstein and performed by Jerry Savoy.[both issued on Lute 5912]

Note the different composer credited for the songs, : J. Schram on label, but John Nieel Jr. on the movie opening credits.

I have a strong suspicion that Kip Shane is actually just another [undocumented] pseudonym for Kip Tyler. Anyway, the singer sounds remarkably like him.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

No Brainer Volume 5


No Brainer 5

A Nashville blues/RnB sampler, all tracks are randomly (*) taken from the 8-cd boxset "A Shot In The Dark - Nashville Jumps"


B.B. King - Take a Swing With Me.mp3           
Bernard Hardison - Come to Me Baby.mp3         
Billie McAllister - 31 E. Blues.mp3            
Cecil Gant - Another Day Another Dollar.mp3    
Cecil Gant - Loose As A Goose.mp3              
Christine Kittrell - Leave My Man Alone.mp3    
Crown Prince Waterford - Driftwood Blues.mp3   
Dixie Doodlers - She Was All That I Had.mp3    
Gay Crosse - No Better for You.mp3             
Jack Cooley - It's So Fine.mp3                 
Kid King's Combo - Gimmick.mp3                 
Louis Campbell - Natural Facts.mp3             
Roosevelt Lee - I'm So Sad.mp3                 
Roosevelt Sykes - Candy Man Blues.mp3          
Rudy Green Trio - Evil Man Blues.mp3           
Sherman Williams - Keep Your Man At Home.mp3   
The Marigolds - Rollin' Stone.mp3              
Walter Davis - I Just Can't Help It.mp3       
* Woke up this morning and lost my imagination. Enjoy as they say.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

No Brainer Volume 4


No Brainer
Volume 4

A randomly assembled compilation


Barry Darvell  -  Fountain Of Love (Cub, 1961).mp3                               
Big Joe Turner -  Rocks In My Bed (National, 1951).mp3                           
Billy Riley -  Down By The Riverside (alt. take) (Sun, alt. take).mp3            
Blackie Jenkins  -  Spaceship Life (RLS, 1967).mp3                               
Buzz Busby & Leon Morris -  At The End (Rounder LP, 1974).mp3                    
Carole KIng -  Sharing You (Unissued demo).mp3                                   
Charles Sheffield  -  It's Your Voodoo Working (Excello, 1961).mp3               
Charlie Feathers -  Long Time Ago (Unissued demo, 1973).mp3                      
Cliff Gleaves -  Long Black Hearse (Liberty 55263).mp3           
Dale & Grace -  Happy Happy Birthday Baby (Michelle/Montel, 1963).mp3             
Eddie Smith & The Hornets -  Upturn (Rel, 1959).mp3                              
Faron Young -  I Can't Dance (Capitol, 1958).mp3                                 
Jerry Jaye -  My Girl Josephine (Hi, 1967).mp3                                   
Kathryne Steele and Larry Roberts -  Say You're Mine Again (Ace-Hi, 1953).mp3    
Leon Bass -  Country Hix's (Whirl Away, 1965).mp3                                
Little Miss Cornshucks -  He's Funny That Way (Miltone, 1947).mp3                
Mack Self -  Everyday (Sun, 1957).mp3                                            
Peanut Butter Conspiracy -  Floating Dream (Vault, 1967).mp3                     
Ray Morton & The Temp-Tones -  Whirlwind (Valli, 1962).mp3                       
Rockin' Dupsee - -  Everyday I Have The Blues ().mp3                             
Steve & The Holidays -  German Measles (Dandy, 1964).mp3                         
The Bogard Brothers -  Stop And Let Me Ride (Fernwood Rhythm 'n' Blues CD).mp3   
The Miller Sisters -  Pop Your Fingers (Glodis, 1961).mp3                        
The Quik - Berts Apple Crumble (Deram UK, 1967).mp3                              
The Ramrods -  Ghost Riders In The Sky (Amy, 1960).mp3                           
The Sounds -  Charlie Chan (Sarg, 1959).mp3                                      
The Tiaras -  sticks and stones (Ruff, 1966).mp3                          
The Tweeds -  We Got Time (Coral, 1968).mp3                                      
Vancie Flowers -  Wet Back (Crest, 1962).mp3                                     
Warren Storm -  Gotta Go Back To School (Dot, 1961).mp3                          
William Cobbs -  You Don't Love Me (Mojo/Home Of The Blues/Vee Jay, 1961).mp3     
Willie Ward -  Iggy Joe (Starr, 1958).mp3                                        
Wonder Boy Travis  -  She Was Gone (?).mp3    

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Please Phone, Ring-A-Ling


Please Phone, Ring-A-Ling (Sanders, Schwartz) I.J.E.Music

From the album E.T. I Love You and  Extra-Terrestrial Songs For Children (1983)
Kid Stuff Records KSS 5039;
distributed by IJE, Inc. 450 North Park Road
Hollywod, Florida 33021

Bonnie Lee Sanders and Ellen Schwartz, composers and singers


Quotation of the Day

From The Book Of The Fallacy - A training manual for intellectuals subversives, Madsen Pirie:
How lucky we are that our planet has just the right temperature range for us, and just the right atmosphere for us to breathe. It has be more than luck.

Ten-legged blue things breathing ammonia on the third planet of 70-Ophiuchi are even now saying the same thing.


Friday, June 10, 2022

Twist A Hip

Twist A Hip

wr. Ray Saracen, Talent Pub. ASCAP

Sonny Nichols is the pseudonym of John Mangiaracina, previously a member of The Criterions.

John Mangiaracina was a junior at Point Pleasant Beach High School when he joined the Criterions in February 1959. He’d already been singing solo at various area Lion’s Clubs, Asbury Park High School and at the Bloomfield Sock Hop. John could also play the guitar and tenor sax. While he’d never taken formal music lessons, he was playing tenor sax on the all state band. John is the lead singer on the Criterions “Don’t Say Goodbye” (on Cecilia & Laurie Records)

John Mangiaracina would graduate from North Texas State University with a bachelor degree in music and music education. After serving four years in the Air Force he moved to Texas.

John Mangiaracina a.k.a Sonny Nichols

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

It's Absolutely Preposterous!


It's Absolutely Preposterous!

Parrakeet Phrases Record No. 2
Custom Sound Studios
Evanston, Illinois


Single phrase repeated over and over. The fast, easy way to teach your parrakeet new phrases.
Reverse is "Canaries Are Cute, But They Can't Talk".  Well, humans can talk, but they are not cute!

In the 1950s, could the record players repeat the same side over and over automatically? I wonder...

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Go Gillis


Go Gillis

Recorded by Dale Hawkins, words and music by Dale Hawkins and Henri Loridans.  

Dale Hawkins of "Susie Q" fame did this campaign song as a favor for senator of Louisiana Gillis W. Long  when he ran for governor of Louisiana back in 1963. Only 500 red label 45s were pressed and the record has the same song on both sides.

One of the rarest Dale Hawkins 45.

Acknowledgements : George Long, son of Gillis Long, with thanks

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Jailhouse Rock


Michiko Hamamura
浜村 美智子, Hamamura Michiko
born October 3, 1938 in Osaka, Japan
Japanese singer and actress

Jailhouse Rock

RCA-Victor (Japan)

Thursday, June 2, 2022

En Mi Barquito (Ooo-Wee Baby)


 Tiny Morrie

  En Mi Barquito (Ooo-Wee Baby)

This is "Sea Cruise", the old Frankie Ford hit from 1958, sung in spanish by Tiny Morrie (Morrie Sanchez). From 1975.

Amador Mauricio “Tiny Morrie” Sanchez (born 1940 in Ojo Zarco) is a leading New Mexico artist. Influential since the rock ‘n’ roll era, well through, to the modern era.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Twistin' Postman

 Jeff And The Atlantics Featuring Cathe   

Twistin' Postman   

Sound Patterns 103

From Inkster, Michigan, Jeff And The Atlantics were formed in high school in 1962. Here is their cover of The Marvelettes hit from 1961. The lead vocalist is Cathe Garcia.


Cathe Garcia

Jeff and The Atlantics