Monday, April 5, 2010

My Mummy

Bertram Int'l #215, 1959
(Hawaii label)

According to Carter Lupton(1),
« Music and song with mummy themes date at least to the 1904 musical farce, The Maid and the Mummy. After World War I, such songs as ‘Mummy Mine’ (1918), ‘At the Mummies’ Ball » (1921) and ‘I’m a Mummy’ (1930s) appeared. Poet Rod McKuen, in his early days, collaborated to produce the late 1950s album ‘Songs Our Mummy Taught Us’, featuring the hit single ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Son of the Mummy’. Other gimmick songs were ‘My Mummy’ (1959) by Mel Cavin, ‘Mummy Walk’ by the Contrails (1966), ‘Me and My Mummy’ (1962) by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett of Monster Mash fame, and ‘Rockin’ Teenage Mummies’ by Ray Stevens (1965). In 1993, Australian Colin Buchanan produced the CD album ‘I Want My Mummy’ with
several mummy songs. "
(1) "Mummymania for the Masses", Chapter 2 of the book Consuming Ancient Egypt, edited by Sally MacDonald and Michael Rice.

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