Thursday, July 8, 2010

Suzanne Goddard - It's Too Bad

Suzanne Goddard

It's Too Bad

The Orlando-based Tener label (and the Bee Jay label as well), the Bee Jay Booking Agency (later J. Bird Booking), and the Bee Jay Recording Studios were formed by Eric Schabacker, from Buffalo, NY, a member of Little Willie and the Adolescents, and The Starfires.

Bee Jay and Teener discography



  1. Suzanne Goddard was also a member of the Starfires.

  2. It's really amazing what you can find on the net. I clearly remember writing It's Too Bad. It was recorded in NYC before I put Bee Jay Recording Studios together. I am currently operating Winterwood Recording Studios. Thanks for whoever put this thing up.

    Eric T.Schabacker Feb. 17, 2012