Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Hunch

First pressing?
no mention of producers and distributor

Second pressing?
producers : Johnny Power - Trade Martin
Distr. by Triodex Incorporated

Mad Mike & The Maniacs

The Hunch

from... 1961!

Warren Nichols - lead guitar
Jimmy Lurschner - bass
Mad Mike" Porcelli - guitar and vocal
Bobby Columbo - drums
Doug Neale - sax



  1. Spent the last hour or so listening to the great music you've posted here. I love listening to old 45's because every once and a while I find a real gem. You have taken the "every once and a while" out of the above sentence. This is some great, great stuff. I will be back. And, thanks for all the work you put into sharing this wonderful music. Much appreciated.

  2. also on Leo (PA) 45 - 304 The Drunken Hobo

  3. sorry leo (PA) 45 - 504 I'm drunk again

  4. Trade Martin Is Actually A Friend Of Mine,I'll Ask Him About The Label Variations And Get Back To You

  5. Trade Martin Just Wrote Me Back,Here's The Email I Got From Him
    I don't recall seeing or ordering any early white"dj"pressings.Only our dark blue hunch label.It may be a knockoff.My partner Johnny Power and I Recorded this in 1961.Never saw the light of day.It was one of our labels besides Rome and Power-Martin.
    Best Regards

  6. If the white label is a boot or knock off is there any one out there with any more info on it??
    as to when it was released or how may were released?