Monday, October 10, 2011

My Baby's Gone Away

Eddie Riff

This is Edward Nehemiah 'Riff' Ruffin. He recorded as Mister Ruffin, Riff Ruffin and Eddie Riff for Spark and Mambo (55), Cash (56), Middle-Tone (56), Ebb (57), Ball (58), Atlantic (58, unissued), Fire (60), Fury (61), Enjoy (64-65) and Duke (66), as well as a session guitarist backing Elmore James and other artists on Fire and Fury records.

This Dover release was recorded in 1956. The New-York label was owned by two songwriters, Al Lewis and Larry Stock.

Larry Stock (1896– 1984) co-wrote "Blueberry Hill" (the Fats Domino hit) in 1940, which was first recorded by Gene Autry in 1941.

One of his sister's grandsons became well known and was one of the founders of Atlantic Records : Jerry Wexler.


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