Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ain't That Just Like A Man

Merry Lou With Texas Tiny's Western Band

Clock Pub. Co., Inc.

High Time Records
Santa Monica, Calif 

Merry Lou is probably Mary Lou Brunell a.k.a. Mary Lou Nell  who was a regular member of the cast of TV’s “Town Hall Party” aka “Ranch Party”.

Texas Tiny's real name was Guy Norris Cherry (1917-1971).  He was a 400-pound band leader and  country disc jockey.. He’s the guy who suggested to Richard Monsour that he should change his name. That’s why the “King of the Surf Guitar” is named Dick Dale, not Richard Monsour.

Co-writer Henderson is Johnny Henderson who was the A&R man (and recording artist too) for High Time Records, a subsidiary of Clock Publishing Company, headed by Gloria Coombs in Santa Monica, yep! the publisher of the immortal "Sunglasses After Dark" recorded by Dwight Pullen.

Earlier releases on High-Time are listed by the Hillbilly-Researcher (see HERE). 

Pic found HERE at the page's bottom
(Western Treasures)

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