Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jailhouse Rock

Sammy Hawker
And The Hawker Bros. / Virginia Ramblers 
 Crescent-City Sound Studios Incorporated
1230 Gatewood Ave., Greensboro, N.C.


Band probably from Danville, Virginia.    Crescent-City Sound was founded in 1968.  Walt Copeland was the manager and the chief engineer.


  1. Some of the members were from Danville, others lived just across the border in N.C. Jessie Hawker was one of the brothers. He worked for years in maintenance with the Caswell County school system and painted the interior of my home once. I showed him the record and he told me they pressed a few hundred copies and sold them at shows. They were the house band for a while at a honky tonk around Ruffin (or was it Pelham, NC?) that was located in a former school.

  2. At the time this record came out they were playing in a place they built near their homes in Keeling, Pittsylvania County, Virginia called the Starlite Danceland. Lead vocals on Jailhouse Rock were by Otis Hawker, Sammy's brother. At their live shows they alternated fast songs and slow songs (as I remember). Otis sang the fast ones and Sammy sang the slow ones. I can't remember what the flip side of this record was. I think it was a George Jones song. Whatever it was, Sammy sang it. I spent a lot of Saturday nights at that club when I was a kid. I think they put out another single later. The Otis side was Bad Moon Rising. Great memories.