Thursday, January 23, 2014

What You Got Baby

Val Vasilieff (Mr. America)

F.Joseph-  R.Edwards
Virtu Music/AMG Music ASCAP

Globial W-101


This is body builder Val Vasilieff.   Not a bad record, just a little bit odd.

Valentino Vasilieff (later changed to Vasilef) won the Mr. America title in Chicago (July 14, 1964).  He was then a Sicklerville, Pa. resident.   After the bodybuilding career came a successfull fortunebuilding.  Check out his multi-million dollars "house" in Bradenton, Florida.

Val Vasilef is the recipient of over 80 physical fitness and record setting feats of strength awards including the esteemed "Mr. America" award. He is one of the most prolific formulators of health and wellness products and innovators of holistic and natural food products on the market today. His world wide audiences, readers and customers have benefitted over the years from his intense research into retarding the aging process and maintaining optimum levels of health and fitness.
Val's unique contributions to the world are manifest through his two companies Health Is Wealth Natural Foods of Blackwood, NJ and his supplements company Vitol Products of Bradenton, FL. Two of his most famous formulations include the world renowned "Russian Bear" muscle building formula and his latest formula "Pomegranate Liquid Multiple."


  1. Yeah, some odd vocal choices on his part. I wonder what he was thinking.
    It was definitely a good choice on his part to pursue another path to wealth.
    Really nice mansion he's got there.

  2. OMG, I just checked on-line and it's another single considered to be UK Northern Soul -- which shoots the price up at least 100 times more than it's worth. Is there anything that group hasn't touched, yet?

  3. Download don't work. Thanks.

    1. monthly bandwidth at maximum for July... try again next month

  4. This guy is a fake! obviously thinks too much of himself at the expense of other