Thursday, February 6, 2014

Little Atom


Dixon DeVore II
Jaspar & Beam Pub. and Whitecap Music (BMI)

Forest F-046

Manchester, New Hampshire ?

The Forest label was perhaps owned by Dixon DeVore, who also wrote both sides of the previous release on this tiny recording label (which was Jimmy Helms : Fairytale Princess / Daddy! Daddy!)

Jaspar Music Publishing Co. was owned by the Marvel Records Co.  located (at least since the late forties) in Manchester , New Hampshire.  The company was the US representative of Banff and Rodeo International (Canada), and W&G and Melbourne (Australia).  

Born in Buffalo, New York, Dixon began piano lessons at the age of 4. His Mother was a Piano Teacher and his Father was a Doctor.   A classmate of Oscar Hammerstein's Physician, who took him to his first Broadway musical at the age of 5, Dixon says, he has been hooked on the art-form ever since. Particularly English Music Hall, type Theatre. To this day, "HALF A SIXPENCE," is still one of his favourites.

Dixon attended and graduated from an East Coast Prep School, went to college in Mexico and served in the Far East; Tokyo, Hong Kong and environs for the U.S. Government for several years.

He later became a staff writer in New York and wrote "special" material for New York nightclub acts. Dixon has also written and won awards for the music plays he has done in the children's field, some of which have been produced and performed at various elementary schools around the U.S.


 Wannabe Wino, a song sans words
One of numerous videos posted by
Dixon DeVore II, chart-topping songwriter, on YouTube

Hours of listening pleasure on the Dixon DeVore YouTube channel, with titles such as
Never Take A Nap On A Firing Range , Please Don't Pee In The Whiskey, Marry Yourself A Plumber, Honey Please Rent Me A Hooker For My Birthday...etc

Dixon DeVore is listed by Irwin Chusid in his valuable reference book "Songs In The Key Of Z: The Curious Universe Of Outsider Music".   Now, I know why.

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  1. Thanks for the info and for mentioning the book by the guy from WFMU. It was the first I'd heard of it.