Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Swingin' Ring

Flora Belle Singer

Star-Star Selections 524

Ed Rudy produced it.

Ed Rudy started in show business as “The Milkman” on 1010 WINS in New York City. He later worked at WMGM and WABC in the city. He did both syndicated and live radio and also worked as a newspaper columnist and a record producer. It was his broadcasting for INS Radio News, Radio Pulsebeat News and UPI Radio that put him in contact with The Beatles in 1964. He traveled with The Beatles on their first American tour. The Beatles tolerate him at best.

Ed Rudy claimed to be the only "reporter" to follow the group for the entire tour, a boast that he parlayed into a weird souvenir album from the period : The Beatles - The American Tour with Ed Rudy.  Cheaply packaged, with rubber-stamped printing on a white cover, this was one of the first Beatles exploitation interview albums, a industry that amazingly continues to thrive.   

Singer, the singer
possibly born in 1937 in Pennsylvania ?
no info


  1. The only other Star Selection I have is Star Selections 45 - 527 /8 : Art Foster - Houston Texas / ? No idea of date or label location but a nice rockabilly track.

  2. so the flip is Jay Dancing