Friday, December 19, 2014

Let's Waddle

Don Covay -  The Popeye Waddle  (Cameo)
The Tangiers - Doin' the Waddle (AJ)
Sherry Ravon - Waddle Loo (Million)
The Slades - The Waddle (Domino)
Don Barber And The Dukes - The Waddle (Thunderbird)
The Bracelets - Waddle, Waddle (Congress)
The Earls - Let's Waddle (Old Town)
The Spartans - Can You Waddle? (Web)

Let's Waddle


  1. I don't think anyone has done this before. You're either a genius, or demented. Either way, Thank You. BTW, The late DJ Murray The K pushed the instrumental version of Jeff Barry's "Can You Waddle?" (credited to The Spartans), so that was the version played in the east.

  2. It sounds like Sherry Ravon is singing Wobble Loo (different category).

    1. You're (almost) right KL from NYC : correct title of her song is (I think, I have still to see a label) Wabble Lou. But, as I like that song and wanted to share it, that's why it's included here. Thanks for your interest!