Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bad Buc

Jumpin' Jay
Bad Buc
(Castor-Pruitt, Fairlane Music BMI)

 Come On Home
(O'Brown, Bailey, Washington; Turban Music BMI)

Produced by Frank Cari
Turban T-101
Turban Records, 255 W. 55th St., NYC
Distrib. by Ember Records

Obscure but not rare, presumably pressed in sizable quantity for expected good sales by Turban Records, owned by New York  songwriter and producer Frank Cari and one of several one-off labels he produced such as Black Dog (The Check-Mates), Tilden (Johnnie Shepherd) and Jive!! (The Accents).  Frank Cari's main labels were Sultan Records and Card Records.

"Bad Buc" is one of the earliest collaboration between Jimmy Castor (1947-2012) and Johnny Pruitt, a lifelong songwriting collaborator.

"Come on Home" was first recorded by Pittsburgher Bobby O'Brown & His Rockin' Blues Men for Varbee Records in late '61 (he is the Brown one of the three composers).    Here Turban Music has replaced Tulip Time Music, the original publisher.

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