Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Jerry De Lon & The Redcoats


MAE 45-1002

The flip is "Cobra" an instrumental by the Redcoats a band based out of New Albany, Indiana

The Redcoats

The picture above was found at indiana45s
The names of the band members are, from left to right: Larry Hawkins – Bass, Jerry Schleicher – Lead vocalist (kneeling), Bill Heinz – Lead Guitar, Dennis Heinz – Rhythm Guitar, Gary Wallbaum – Keyboards (lying on the piano), Brian Strange – Drums. The Redcoats also had two background singers: Leslie Brockmeyer & Kristine Balgeman (not shown).

Jerry De Lon (De Leon?) name is not mentionned.

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  1. Great photo posted from that site. Too much info for the morning! LOL! Love it!