Monday, July 11, 2016

Ready To Go Steady


With Elmer Plotnik
Orchestra Directed By G. Clifford Prout

Ready To Go Steady
Bruce Spencer, Abel Music BMI

S.I. N.A. 709
Society For Indecency To Naked Animals
507 Fifth Avenue, New York

The Toalson sisters, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Toalson of Aldrich Missouri were already a singing trio at an early age. In 1955, while members of the Aldrich 4-H Club, they took first place in the Polk County 4-H Talent Night at Southwest Baptist College. They sang “Two Hearts.” The girls were accompanied at the piano by their mother. 

Thanks to The Bolivar Free Press (December 24, 1959), we also known their first names :
The Toalson Sisters Trio of Aldrich have just recently made a record that is making a hit wherever it is played over radio stations in the United States. The three talented sisters, Pauletta, 18, Carolyn, 16, and Kay, 14, are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Toalson. The record, “Mau, Mau, Mambo” and “Ready to go Steady” were reviewed by the national record magazine Cashbox as being “very good.”
The Toalson sisters are featured in a homemade video from 1997 here and Kay, the youngest sister now Kay Wheeler, is singing "Stupid cupid" here

Bruce Spencer and Elmer Plotnik are just two of the multiple aliases of jazz drummer (and famous hoaxer) Alan Abel.  The Society For Indecency To Naked Animals was one of his numerous hoaxes and is perhaps the most well known.

According to Alan Abel :
A hoax, yes, but I did not initially create it as such. What I
perpetrated was a living social satire, an allegory cloaked with
the absurd purpose of putting panties on pets, half slips on
cows, and Bermuda shorts on horses. Thus, while SINA
succeeded in becoming an often discussed subject around the
house and in the office, its true intention failed because
hardly anyone, to my knowledge, recognized it as satire.
Almost everyone thought that SINA was seriously concerned
with the horrendous task of covering up animals.
 G. Clifford Prout, one of Alan Abel's friends, was the pseudonym of Buck Henry

But how three young girls from Missouri found themselves recorded by a New-Yorker joker is anybody's guess...

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