Sunday, February 11, 2018

I've Got It

Joey Delmar
I've Got It
Britone / Ben-Lee Music

Bell-Glade Records
A division of Dimarcap Enterprizes, Inc.
Laurel Springs, New Jersey


The rarest of the Joey Delmar two singles produced in 1962 by B & L Productions (Frank Bendinelli and Lee Leroy Lovett) and one of their earliest, before Patty & The Emblems (1964)
Musician-producer-songwriters Frank Bendinelli and Leroy Lovett formed a production company, Ben-Lee Music, that generated tracks that were leased to other labels, as well as sides that were put out on their own small Philadelphia labels, like Benn-X and Sonata. The exact routes (whereby each side got placed where) are painstaking to trace nowadays; all the lay fan needs to know is that the Ben-Lee umbrella produced obscure Philadelphia soul throughout the decade. Twenty-four of their 1963-68 efforts were collected by the Kent Soul label (Ben-Lee's Philadelphia Story , 1999).

The other single on Joey Delmar, issued on Britone 1001 (Friendship Seven / Happiness) is available on YouTube

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