Sunday, February 24, 2019

Wicket Chicken

Duck Flowers

Wicket Chicken

This Cool label is probably the lesser known of the several labels owned by Charles A. Colbert, musician and restaurant owner in Chicago (Nike, Tip Top, Jive, Mellow labels plus the gospel Chapel label)

"Wicket Chicken" –  or "Wicket Cicken" (!) as found at the BMI online database – has been written by Donald Fola and Charles Colbert, Jr., son of the label's owner.

Fola (lyrics) & Colbert Jr. (music) collaborated on several songs in 1962.  Their answer to  'Duke of Earl' by Gene Chandler titled "I Out-Duked The Duke".and sung by Little Otis (Otis Hayes) was handed to Motown as ready-made master which was released on Tamla.

Donald Fola also wrote at an unknown date two (unissued?) songs with Nick Jovan : "The Heart Repair Man" and "If You Don't Want My Love"  

Duck Flowers=Donald Fola?

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