Saturday, May 1, 2010

Trepur 1011

**De Castrow– a rebel (in Havana) is making time with this banana worker’s chick. Has a pleasant lyrical quality, altho the lyric has some violence. [Billboard Jan. 18, 1960]

*Elvis In The Army– With Elvis in the Army the Army’s going rock and roll. That’s the theme. Side is a rocker, with mild novelty appeal. [Billboard Jan. 18, 1960]

The A-side written by Clyde Beavers, then emcee of the "Peach State Jamboree" which featured our hero of the day, Jaybee Wasden.

Clyde Beavers, until recently deejay for Johnny Bailes on the Jim Denny-Webb Pierce station WJAT, Swainsboro, Ga., has been named manager of WBRO, Waynesboro, Ga., recently acquired by Denny and Pierce. Beavers launched « Peach State Jamboree » at Nancy Auditorium, Swainsboro, New Year’s Eve with a show comprising Johnny Ferg, Chuck Goddard, Johnny Bailes, Jaybee Wasden and Beavers, plus local talent. The show will be presented once a month, Beavers says. He reminds artists and diskeries that the station is desperately in need of wax. Billboard, Jan. 11, 1960

Trepur (rockabilly on)

Trepur records (pressed by Rite Records)

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  1. Anyone know where i can get some jabee wasden??