Monday, October 11, 2010

Denise Regan setting up a Christmas standard for years to come!

A 10 year old Chicago born actress/vocalist debuts as a professional singer with this record of HOLE IN THE STOCKING b/w DATE WITH SANTA CLAUS.

Denise’s face should be familiar to the millions of TV and motion picture fans from her many appaearances in these entertainment medias. Also, her more than 100 TV and radio commercials make her like an old family friend. Otherwise, Denise has done little else in her young life than attend Parochial School ! !

Denise a discovery of Doris Gilbert, President of Dee Gee Records, who chanced to hear his moppet star sing during the filming of a motion picture in Hollywood. She immediately signed her to a long term contract.

Famed musician Pete Rugulo arranged and conducted the two songs. He predicts this young personality will rise to the heights of stardom – and her HOLE IN THE STOCKING will become a Christmas standard for years to come ! !

Should we really thank Miss Doris Gilbert for her "discovery"? I don't think so, that's why I've included - for your convenience - only a sample of each side ...


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