Thursday, October 14, 2010

Santa Bring Me a Puppy Dog


New York – Record companies who expected to beat the gun this year to bring out the first Christmas record can wait until next year.

Billboard’s reviewing staff was a little surprised to find a record this week titled « Santa Bring Me a Puppy Dog. » Song is by Sherry Crane on the Trumpet label.

One panel member said, « Even with the air conditioning going full blast, it’s kind of hard to take this record seriously. » Meanwhille, outside the thermometer hovered around 92 degrees.

Billboard, July 11, 1964

Five years earlier, Sherrry Crane then 11-year old, had a release on Sun Records. According to The Good, the Bad, and the Funky blog, "The worst song I own is probably "Winnie The Parakeet". It's the A-side of an obscure Sun Records single, sung by an 11-year old named Sherry Crane. It was released in 1959. It's terrible."


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