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Vocal by Jimmie Johnson with String Band Acc.
Jack Rhodes
and his Lone Star Buddies


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The Meanest Man In Town

Lonnie was born in Dorena, Missouri in 1937, the oldest of thirteen children. In 1946 his family moved to Gary, IN. Encouraged by his grandmother, he started singing in church at the age of six. As a teenager he performed with doo-wop (a style of music popularized in the 1950's sung in harmony) groups in and around Gary.

In his early twenties he cut two R&B singles "You Can't Go" & Ain't That a Shame" in Chicago with the Chuck Danzy band on the NuTone label. (These records are current dance floor favorites in England & Australia, and much sought after by R&B collectors).

After being on the road with Bill Nixon and Jr. Walker, and serving a stint in the U.S. Air Force, he ended up in San Francisco in 1959. While there he opened for R&B stars, Sam & Dave; the Drifters; Aretha Franklin; Johnny Mathis; Little Willy John and many others.

When he came to Indianapolis in 1969, he performed at the Honey Dripper Lounge, the End Zone, and the Vineyards. During the early 70's, he formed a five-piece band "Lonnie Lester & Touch".

In the 80's he traveled the country with his band in addition to performing in the Indianapolis area. Over the years he has donated time to the Women's Prison, Riley Children's Hospital, Veterans Hospital, and many other community organizations. He retired from the music business full-time in 1991, but continues to perform part-time, appearing at clubs, weddings, corporate parties, etc.

(from the Lonnie Lester website)


"So This Is Love"

"The Meanest Man In Town"


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The Raves on Swade


Tell Me One More Time

Billboard, Sept. 7, 1959


C and P Records

C and P Records
Country & Popular Records

2311 Gentry
Houston, TX

Owner : Ed Williams

Publishing Company : Rolling Hills BMI

101 The Bishops with The High Type Five
Baby (Earnest Nieto) 2:50
Last Night I Dreamed (Earnest Nieto) 2 :49
102 Clarence Green with The High Type Five
Old Grandpa (ACA-3738) /
Mary, My Darling (ACA-3739)
103 Piano Slim
Lot Of Shakin', Lot Of Jivin' (Willard Burton) ACA-3787
Key Jammer (ACA-3788)
104 The Vaughn Family (Bb 1 june 59)
Heavenly Chimes (Ralph Raper, Raper Music ASCAP) 2 :26
Tell Me Mommie (Rolling Hills BMI)
105 Billy Carr & High Type Five
New Orleans
No# Willard Burton
My Darling, My Darling (ACA-3892)
Pat Your Rock (ACA-3893)
? - Bobbie And Robbie & High Type Five
Love My Baby (B.Vaughn, Rolling Hills)
Mercy Mercy Me (E.Williams, Rolling Hills)


The Bishops : they were Bishops on Bridges, Teardrop (latino soul), Lute, Capitol and Ralston, all different groups, I presume.

Clarence Green : this is his first record, also released by Chess Records. Clarence Green, guitarist and blues vocalist was born 1937 in Houston, recorded prolifically on local Texas labels : Bright Star, All Boy, Shomar, Lynn, Duke/Peacock, Master, Rhythmaires, Pope, Golden Eagle and Aquarius (in no peticuliar order).

Piano Slim (r.n. William Burton) : this is also a first record. As Piano Slim or William Burton or Ward Burton, he had records on Dart, Myrl, Peacock, United, Special Edition, Jet Stream, Genie, Master, Paradise, Panther and Capitol (again in no peticuliar order).

The Vaughn Family had previously recorded for Sarg Records.
The only C and P record reviewed in Billboard :
Heavenly Chimes : Melodic and with a lilting quality in this sacred side.
Tell Me Mommie : The kiddie asks mommie why tears are in her eyes, the lyric explains that daddy has gone to heaven, where he will be seen some day. A weaper in the traditional style.

Billy Carr
is the subject of my current research, still in progress. More later, hopefully.

Bobbie And Robbie & High Type Five : I suspect that Bobbie and Robbie were part of the Vaughn Family (see above).

Some C and P sides


This is a part of a research project on Butch/Buddy White (now extended to Billy Carr)

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The Wheeler Dealers

The Wheeler Dealers
2014 Eagle Dr. Mobile, Alabama

501 -
Buddy White And The Bell Hops
  • For Your Love, wr Ed Townsend, Beechwood Music BMI [WD-1]
  • Who But A Fool, wr Art McGee, B.Carr, Big Dealer BMI [WD-2]


The Impellas – feat. Stan Randall
  • Sea Of Love (P. Baptista ; Kamar publ.)
  • No More Tears
  • 503
    Billy Carr
    • Leavin’ Kansas City (B.Carr, Little Dealer BMI) [ WD-5]
    • The Devil’s In Love With You (Art McGee, Little Dealer BMI) [ WD-6]

    Billy Carr
    • Clementeen
    • Poison Ivy (Leiber-Stoller, Tiger Music,BMI) 2:40 ( WD-11]


    - 501 distributed by Crazy Cajun Ent., Conroe, Texas
    "For Your Love" is a cover of the Ed Townsend hit (Capitol Records, 1958)

    - 504 Marshall Sehorn Production, arr. by the Impellas

    - This is a part of a research on Butch White (a.k.a. Buddy White), with thanks to Udo Frank.

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    When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

    Wiley and Gene

    Wiley Walker and Gene Sullivan performed a hillbilly/swing music act on radio and television and were based in Oklahoma City. Their song "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again" is a frequently recorded song by many popular musicians.

    When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
    Okeh (1941)

    When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again,
    re-recording issued on Sully Records in 1959


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    Marlyn Lou

    Jimmy Eng
    1970 country on a Joppa, Maryland Cash label owned by Ernie Cash



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    Juil Noel : I'm A Woman's Man

    On the same label that brought you Johnny Kay's "Starvation". Distributed by Pete Drake and Tommy Hill's Stop Records of Nashville, Tennessee, this Juil Noel release on the Tiger label can be dated from around 1970.

    William Lynwood Montell in his book "Grassroots Music in the Upper Cumberland" has the following information :
    " (A) mostly traditional country band originating in Pulaski Country, which played some early rock and roll and country rock, was Juil Noe and the Band of Gold. Juil Noe began his singing career as an indivudal performer doing the early rockabilly style of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and the other rock-and-roll pioneers made famous by Sam Phillips who recorded them at sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee. Band of Gold consisted of Juil Noe, lead singer ; Jim Collins, lead guitar ; Bruce Roberts, drums ; Maxine Mink, backup singer ; and on trumpet and trombone, the Wyrick brothers who were from Garrard County, Kentucky."

    "Im A Woman's Man" was also released on the Miracle label - motto : If It's A Hit It's A Miracle - out of Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1968, but with a different flip, backed by the Rockcastle Boys.

    I'm A Woman's Man


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    Kenny, Frank and Ray : If You Love Me

    Kenny, Frank and Ray

    Kenny, Frank and Ray were Kenny Chandler, Ralph Stevens (replacing Frankie Cacapardo, departed for the Navy by this time) and Ray Carlisle on PL, a label formed by their manager, Paul Landersman. Was recorded at the Reco-Arts studio and issued in the late 1958. It received only limited regional exposure.

    Originally sung in french by Edith Piaf ("Hymne à l'amour"), the song was written by Marguerite Monnot (1903-1961), prolific pianist and songwriter who wrote many songs for Edith Piaf.

    "Hymne à l'amour"
    Edith Piaf

    From the movie "Paris chante toujours", 1951


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    Reka Records

    A (almost complete) Reka label discography can be found at the Rockin' Country Style website.

    Between 1959 and 1964, eight singles were released :

    294 Jimmy Lamberth : Rockin' And Reelin' / Harbor Lights (59)
    295 Jo Haynes : So Long /Scotty Mine (59)
    296 Sonny Deckelman : Born To Lose / After You're Gone
    297 Billy Childs : Call Me Shorty / I Need Your Love
    298 Hank Hankins : Blues Stay Away From Me / My Old Kentucky Home Rock [instr.] (60)
    299 Ace Cannon with Hank Hankins Trio : Kentucky Twist / Blues Stay Away From Me (62)
    *Copies of Reka 299 have "Jimmy Ace" sticker over the name of Ace Cannon, perhaps because he was already under contract with Hi Records at the time of release. This is perhaps a re-issue of Reka 298 re-titled.
    400 Jimmy Lamberth : Do You Know / Step-Out
    401 Kenny Owen : Come Back Baby / Wrong Line (64)

    Reka recording artist (and label owner) Jimmy Lamberth

    Jimmy Lambert is probably best known for "Latch On To Your Baby" issued in 1957 by Meteor Records of Memphis, Tennessee. Information below -and picture above- are from the booklet of the essential "Complete Meteor Rockabilly & Hillbilly Recordings" released by Ace Records. Extensive notes are written by Martin Hawkins :

    Jimmy Lamberth came from a very different strand of the Southern music mix than most of Meteor’s white artists. A jazz man from Jonesboro, he learned his music at the University of Arkansas and in the North East Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, first with clarinet, then alto sax and then tenor. Born in 1926, he had begun to play music at the age of eight and by 15 had a band called the Rhythm Kings. Then he formed a band called the Dixieland Boys with Wayne Odum in the 1940’s. While most Meteor artists were playing country or blues, Jimmy was running a dance band. Lamberth maintained a band of one kind or another through most of the 1950s and into the 1960s, and he also worked on the road and in the studio with the Bill Black Combo and with Ace Cannon. From 1959 onwards, he also dabbled in recording on his own Reka label.

    After Meteor, Jimmy Lamberth never really pursued a recording career. He always felt he was too busy to « fool » with records. He made some discs on his own Reka label including another version of « I’ll Pretend », and produced and issued music by his friend including Ace Cannon. He wrote songs, one of which he swears was ‘Raunchy’ that Bill Justis covered and took to mega hit status. He says he laid down this and other tunes in the Sun Studios but no one can now find the tapes.

    At some point, Jimmy gave up playing in favour of business. He learned to fly a plane and then in 1978 and 1979 he had a religious conversion and became a Doctor of Theology. Now aged 75 [ed.: in 2003], he runs the Measure of Faith Ministries, working and building churches in the Philippines. He recalls his carousing and playing days with mild affection, but is matter of fact about the recording business. « The records were just so much plastic. We just made ‘em to sell ».



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    Marshall I. Keyes on Cher-Kee

    Chico Chism's label. He named it Cher Kee in honor of his mother's Native American heritage. These sides were recorded at Odyssey Studios in Chicago in 1981.


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    Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight

    "YES, I'M LONESOME TONIGHT", one of the answers to Elvis "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" by Linda Lee on Shasta Records, Hollywood label owned by Jimmy Wakely who happened to be her father!


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    The Kavaliers on Morgan

    Greenville, Alabama band on a Montgomery, Alabama label. The Kavaliers were Mike Morris, Wayne Neuendorf (lead), Jack Boutwell, Larry Hughes, Tim Nix and Mike Walters. A 5 piece pop/rock/soul band playing all over Alabama and West Georgia. Became a show band in 1968 after a change of name : they were then The Original Dedications.

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    Serge Blouin : Chuck Berry tribute

    Go Mr. Berry Go

    Chuck Berry tribute on a St. Laurent, Québec label.
    In french. (si, si!)

    Serge Blouin


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    Lover Please

    Billy Swan-penned "Lover Please"
    is probably best known sung by Clyde McPhatter. It was a hit in 1962 (Mercury Records).

    This is the very first version by the Rhythm Steppers (vocal : Jim Boyer) on the Memphis Louis label owned by Bill Black.

    A band Bill Black sometimes played with, Mirt Mirley & the Rhythm Steppers, drove from St. Louis to Memphis to record for Black. Billy Swan was just along for the ride. « My friend Jimmy Boyer was the lead singer for them. », recounts Swan. « So, we went into Satellite studios, and Chips Moman was the engineer, and they did one song called « Little Miss Heartbreak ». That’s the only one they had with ‘em. Then Jimmy Boyer, who was standing against a wall drinking a Coke, said « Well, Swan writes songs". So Bill said, « Well, play me something." So I played him three, and ‘Lover Please' was one of ‘em. So, they did ‘Lover Please’.
    [from The Blue Moon Boys: The Story of Elvis Presley's Band, book by Ken Burke,Dan Griffin]

    Mirt Mirley & the Rhythm Stepppers’ version of the song didn’t click, but Black liked the song well enough to record it with another Swan’s friends, Dennis Turner.


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