Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wine Bop Bop

Vince Maloy

Wine Bop Bop

Walter Earle Music Co.

WEB 1109

Web Records Inc.
155 W. 46th St. N.Y.


Vince Maloy :

I made my first record in 1957 for the Web Record label. "Honey Baby" b/w "Wine Bop Bop." I first met Link Ray and Doug Wray around this time. In fact Ray helped set up the studio mikes for the Web Records sessions.
Vince Maloy and band

Vince Maloy (1933-2002) was a rockabilly singer from Southern Maryland, who had six singles released on as many labels : Web, Tait, Angletone, End, Felsted and 1234.   The first, and probably the best of these, was "Honey Baby"/"Wine Bop Bop" on Web Records (1957).   Vince made over 50 appearances on the "Milt Grant Show", the Washington D.C. area's version of "American Bandstand." He also appeared on the Felix Grant Show and the Buddy Deane Show in Baltimore. In addition, Vince hosted three radio shows over the years.  In the 1960s, Vince established himself as a night club performer. He took his routine to Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and played all over the Washington D.C. area.   During this time, Vince became good friends with Link Wray, sometimes sharing the stage with Link and the Wraymen.   Around 1970, Vince left the music business and joined the North Beach Maryland Police Department, advancing through the ranks and becoming the Chief of Police. Vince then went on to law enforcement duties for the Federal Government and retired after a successful career in 1997.

Vince Maloy, Rockin' Country Style page

Walter Earle Bathgate (1897-1963), also known as Walter Web and Walter Webb, sold miniature circus kits around 1946, according to an ad published by Popular Mechanics.  He was then a resident in Orange, New Jersey.

In 1954, he was selling skating music tapes for roller rinks.  

In the end of 1955, he established the Web label and Air Permissions, "a music licensing organization, for the purpose of NOT collecting performance fees from radio stations" (Billboard, November 26, 1955).

Web Records discography

Woodchoppers Ball   / Runnin' Wild

1054  — Dec. 10, 1955 (Bb)
Sylvia Marie
Runnin' Wild / Little Walking Doll

1057-59   — Feb. 25, 1956 (Bb)
Sylvia Marie, Jack Loos And Dick Showalter
Twelfth Street Rag / Limehouse Blues

1058-60  — Apr. 14, 1956 (Bb)
Ray Rivera
Handle My Love With Care/ Will I Be The One?

Dancing Tambourines / Dizzy Fingers

1062-64   — 1956/Apr. 14 (Bb)
Jill And Sylvia Marie
Live, Laugh, Love / S.O.S.

Deed I Do / Jazz Pizzicato

1072   —  Aug. 4, 1956 (Bb)
George Bruce
Rock And Rockin' Roller Coaster Ride / The Magic Of The Lord

1074   — Nov. 10, 1956 (Bb)
Lori Mitchell
When I'm With You / You Oughta Be Mine

1080/2  — July 28, 1956  (Bb)
Manhattans and Web’s Rhythmaires
Kiki / Sizzle and Crack

Raymond Swartz And His Guitar
Never Satisfied / ?

1101  — Mar. 9, 1957 (Bb)
The Bell-Aires
Love Me, Lover/ Over And Over

1102   — Mar. 30, 1957 (Bb)
Bill Woods
It's The Talk Of The Town / This Is A Very Special Day   

1103  —/Mar. 30, 1957  (Bb)
Ray Rivera
Calypso Cat / Lola Gone

1104  — Mar. 30, 1957 (Bb)
Peter Kim
Peddler Man (Ten I Loved) / Misirlou

My Pretty Baby / ?

Barbi Putnam
Georgie Porgie / Mailman Bring Me No More Blues
Vince Maloy

Wine Bop Bop / Honey Baby

1113  — July 22, 1957 (Bb)
Walter Bishop
Dapper Dan / Gonna Climb To The Top Of A Mountain

Bob Jones
Pony Tail / Inferiority Complex

Vicki Belmonte
Dance Your Fraulein / Heaven In A Pair Of Wooden Shoes

Tony Penn and Startones
No Time For Tears /  Blind Date

Vinny Di Martino
Understand / Is Heartbreak To Begin

1118  — Feb. 24, 1958 (Bb)
Jerry Keller
Faster The Better / Please Sing To Me

Barbi Putnam Assisted By The Wig Twisters
Sugar Baby  / Lovers On The San Sebastian River

Peter Kim
My Silent Prayer / Love To Have You Around

Andy Adams
Laughing On The Outside / End Of A Love Affair

1123   — Apr. 14, 1958 (Bb)
Freddy Jacobs
Lonesome Train / Sad and Lonely

Saturday, June 29, 2013

She's The Lovin' Kind

The Jades

Homer Chasteen, Albert Dailey, Charles Marlowe
Fevre MLFP 651

Albert Dailey formed the Jades in 1966 in the Peach State. The Jades played together for 25 years. Surviving members still gather once a year for a reunion performance.  In the late 1970s, the Jades became the house band at the J&J Center on Commerce Road in Athens, playing behind a host of traveling country music stars.  The Jades played anything from country to Elvis to old school.   They recorded only two singles.

The Fevre label was an imprint of  LeFevre Sound, a recording studio formed in Atlanta, Georgia by The LeFevres, a Southern Gospel singing group. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

I Can't Wait Till Christmas Day

Lizanne Murray
Lois Jean Ridgely-Don Ricardo
Hartley Music Co. (ASCAP)
A Jarrett Enterprises Release

late sixties?

This song, written in 1951, is also known as "I Tan't Wait Till Quithmuth Day" and was recorded by Mel Blanc on Capitol Records. 

Jarrett Spotswood Lickle and Liz, his wife (born Murray) formed Jarrett Enterprises Releases in Baltimore in 1967, a record label " which will record the best in previously unattached talent, young people who deserve to be heard.  "

Jarrett was better known as Patches.  He was a local children's television personality in Philadelphia and Baltimore in the 50s.  He died recently (in 2012).

 Patches and Liz left local television in 1962 and soon opened
 their own coffee house in Timonium, called The 15 Below,
so named because it was 15 steps under the first floor.