Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Walkin' the Dog

The Mam'selles

Walkin' the Dog

Bison Records

Lounge act girl trio comprised of Sharon Walker, Janice and Pat Plinkze.  On this Rufus Thomas song, this is Sharon on vocal and piano, Pat on bass and Janice on drums.   Recorded in Nashville, at the Woodland Sound Studios.  Bison Records was located in Buffalo, upstate New York.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Roll Back The Rug

Tommy Galindo
vocal & sax

Dale Walker
Esto Pub.

Oro #1


A member of  Musicians Union Local No. 652 (Modesto, California), Tommy Galindo was a jazz musician who played many instruments.  He also had his own School of Music.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What You Got Baby

Val Vasilieff (Mr. America)

F.Joseph-  R.Edwards
Virtu Music/AMG Music ASCAP

Globial W-101


This is body builder Val Vasilieff.   Not a bad record, just a little bit odd.

Valentino Vasilieff (later changed to Vasilef) won the Mr. America title in Chicago (July 14, 1964).  He was then a Sicklerville, Pa. resident.   After the bodybuilding career came a successfull fortunebuilding.  Check out his multi-million dollars "house" in Bradenton, Florida.

Val Vasilef is the recipient of over 80 physical fitness and record setting feats of strength awards including the esteemed "Mr. America" award. He is one of the most prolific formulators of health and wellness products and innovators of holistic and natural food products on the market today. His world wide audiences, readers and customers have benefitted over the years from his intense research into retarding the aging process and maintaining optimum levels of health and fitness.
Val's unique contributions to the world are manifest through his two companies Health Is Wealth Natural Foods of Blackwood, NJ and his supplements company Vitol Products of Bradenton, FL. Two of his most famous formulations include the world renowned "Russian Bear" muscle building formula and his latest formula "Pomegranate Liquid Multiple."

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Come Back Jack

Trudy & Amos

Smith-Montgomery-Channell, LeBill Music BMI

Le Cam #952

November 1961

Unlisted Major Bill Smith production.  Other songwriters are Marvin Montgomery and Bruce Channel.  This was possibly recorded with the same personnel on "Hey Baby" issued by Bruce Channel on Le Cam 953, the label's following release.

Personnel on the "Hey Baby" session was : Delbert McClinton (harmonica), Bob Jones (guitar), Billy Sanders (guitar), Jim Rogers (bass), Ronnie Dawson (or Ray Torres) on drums.

Amos is Amos Milburn, Jr. who had several singles on the label.  But who is Trudy ?
There is very few black artists named Trudy.   My best (and only) guess is that she is Trudy Williams who was previously one of The Six Teens, a successful Flip Records group.   Does anyone know any better ?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Beacon Studios (Abilene, Texas)

Loyd E. Roberson. “Kennedy and Johnson.” 
Abilene: Pratt Publishing, 1960.
Music Division, Library of Congress

Jean Stansbury (see previous post) sang the title song, "Kennedy Johnson," at the fund-raising campaign for Vice President and Mrs. Johnson in 1960.  Written by Abilean Loyd E. Roberson, the song was published by Pratt Pub. Co. [release, if any, unkown]  

Jabe Pratt opened Pratt Publishing Co. and Beacon Recording Studios in September 1960 at 1235 N. 5th St.. Abilene, Texas.  He had perhaps some lurking idea in mind and just wanted to be popular for some political agenda :
For the opening, Pratt will give away 100 make-up compacts to women as long as they last [ed.: the make-up compacts, not the women]  and hair dressing or shaving lotion to 100 men as long as they last*. A three-speed Columbia turntable will be given at a drawing at which anyone may register.   Free drinks will be given everyone. 
Pratt proposes to tape record and have printed sheet music of interested artists and send them, direct to other well-known singing stars, asking if they wish to record the songs. 
The Abilene Reporter, September 2, 1960

A native of Little Rock or Arkadelphia, Arkansas (born in 1914) and a resident of Texas since the age of six months, Pratt attended public school in Ranger and also attended Abilene Christian College for two years.  He worked for various companies (Boyer International Laboratories, Dennetics Inc.) since 1936 before establishing his advertising agency and recording studio in Abilene, which lasted only two years .   It seems that he moved on quickly to other interests and in January 1962, he filed with County Democratic Chairman as a candidate for the Texas Legislature.  Later on, according to his obit which mentions only his religious involvment,  Jabe was a minister at many churches across the Northeast and the Western United States  He died in 2010.

The studio recording engineer was W.D. (Bill) Wilson, who also worked as tool and die maker and production engineer for Winters Manufacturing Co.   At his home, Bill made and repaired stringed instruments.  He also cuted and polished all types of stones and made the machines to do it with. "I've been accused of getting a bigger kick out of making the. tools to make  things, than from the product," said Bill.   
The following discography is for Beacon Studios recordings and/or songs published by Pratt Publishing Co.


1234 North 5th Street, Abilene
Probably the Beacon studios in-house label.

Ray Jordan  
Holding Hands / I Stopped, I Turned Around  mx L8OW-1948/9

Bill Whittley acc. by Jimmie Phillips and his Country Boys
Why Did You Leave Me / I'm A Rich Man   mx L80W-7453

Darrell Wayne and the Lone Star Drifters 
Dark Haired Stranger / No Desire  mx M8OW-8323

Cindy Blain with Darrell Wayne and the Lone Star Drifters

I Want To Cry/ So Many Times I've Wondered    mx M8OW-8325



Nashville address or Abilene (Rudy Owens)

David O'Connor 
Thump-I-Ty Bump-I-Ty Oh!  / Fourteen Hundred Tear Drops  mx LO8W-3317/8

Jean Stansbury with P.L. Busby and his Western Play Boys
You Can't Stay Single (And Be Married To Me)  / Make Up Your Mind  LO8W-3334/5

Dale Glasson Trio with J.D. Goen and his Western boys 
You Waited To Long / Memory Waltz. mx MO8W-3200 

Rudy Owen with the Ravens (Buenger Dickson, Jack Smith, Joe Collins)

Pretty Linda / The Cry of the Raven  mx M80W-3287/8
 see Rockin' Country Style, http://rcs-discography.com/rcs/label.php?key=2879

Walter (Geo) Brown With The Art Clyde Combo
You On My Mind / You’re Why I Sing The Blues   mx M80W-3484/x

Marty Clifford With The Permian Play Boys (Milton Clevenger, Clint Kniffen, Bill Norton)

As The World Turns/  Darling Please Tell Me   mx M80W-8117/8

Neila Flowers
unknown titles (1960)
20-year-old New Mexico singer, has been awarded a five-year recording contract with Starlime Records of Nashville, Tenn.  Miss Flowers, who is also a song writer, was aided in negotiating the contract by Pratt Publishing Co. of Abilene.


802 Lillius Street,  Abilene, Texas

Danny Snow With Trio And Combo
Forever / Sally   mx L8OW-1727/8 
see Rockin' Country Style  http://rcs-discography.com/rcs/artist.php?key=snow0700



P.O. Box 156, Culpeper, Virginia

Owned by Robert L. Butler who was at the time an airman at Dyess Air Force Base.
He soon moved to Columbus, Ohio where the label had most of its output.

The four singles listed below were likely recorded in Abilene in 1961 and issued in 1962.
For a full listing of the label see http://www.buckeyebeat.com/shenandoah.html

Bobby Butler And His Country Caravan
A Short  Romance / The Harm They're Doing  (Pratt Pub. Co.)  (Billboard, 18 August 1962)

Tommy Roots 
Shenandoah Ride / Country Caravan'  (Green Pine Music Pub.)
Meet Mr. Calahan / Walking My Baby Back Home

Sunny Lee and Little Mike
Goodbye Kisses / Queen of the Back Street Bars

Thursday, January 16, 2014

You Can't Stay Single

 Jean Stansbury
 with P.L. Busby and his Western Play Boys

Music :  P.L. Busby
Words  : Grace Gideon
© Pratt Pub. Co.; 10 September 1960
Startime Records LO8W-3334/5

Born around 1934, Abilean Jean Stansbury has been a member of The Brushcutters, the Shorty Underwood band who backed Slim Willet on "Don’t let The Stars Get In Your Eyes"  (4 Star Records #1614, 1952).  She previously recorded a duet with Slim for Star Talent Records (My Story's Sadder Than Yourn, Star Talent 780, 1951). 

The Abilene Reporter (April 2, 1961) reported her release on Startime Records :
New Record Features Abilenian Jean Slansbury, 27-year old Abilene vocalist, has sung for the Vice President of the United States and is now  singing for the American public by way of a new record just released. They're country and western numbers, "Make Up Your Mind" and "You Can't Stay Single." ln case her name is unfamiliar, she's the blue- eyed blonde who sang the title song, "Kennedy Johnson," at Hose Field House last year at the fund-raising campaign for Vice President and Mrs. Johnson.  Mrs. Johnson personaly commended Jean for her singing at that time. Jean has been singing professionally since she was 10 years of age.  She also does a little guitar work when not utilizing her vocal chords. She has appeared locally with several country and western musical organizations. The Pratt Publishing Co. of Abilene has published the songs which were recorded for release by a Nashville, Tenn.. firm. The numbers were written by two Abilenians, P. L. Busby and Grace Gideon.

She appeared locally with several country and western bands, among others Bob Burks And His West Texas Wranglers (mid-sixties).

The Brushcutters (1953)
upper left :  Jean Stansbury (and not Standsburg)

Startime Records issued six singles in 1960 and 1961.  "Startime Records, Nashville, Tenn." is printed on most, but at least one had "Abilene, Texas".  

Pratt Publishing Co. was owned by Jabe Pratt, a local businessman who also owned the Beacon Recording Studios.

Aside from the Startime label, Pratt Pub. Co. can be found on several Abilene recordings, such as Bluebonnet, Shenandoah and Royalty.  All were most likely recorded at the Beacon studios.  For a listing of these labels, see next post.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Chuck's Twist

Chuck Blevins

Gale, Jalo Music, Inc.
Elvee Music BMI

Lynda 2001

Chuck Blevins is the brother of Jim Blevins (lead guitarist of  Three Aces and a Joker on the GRC label out of Salt Lake City (Utah).

Chuck had a previous release on the 20th Century Fox's subsidiary Foxie Records (Foxie 7006.)  Recorded for Jack Gale in Baltimore, Maryland, it was his own version of "Sleigh Bell Rock" a song previously recorded as by Three Aces And A Joker

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Eddie Can I Park In Your Lot

Sharon Mason

Eddie Can I Park In Your Lot
 Please-Regan, Hillary Music Inc.-Music Please Inc.

Produced by Bobby Please

Dore 525

Eddie is Edd “Kookie” Byrnes, the parking attendant on the popular TV detective series “77 Sunset Strip”.

Bobby Please (real name Robert Alton Plaisted) started his recording career in 1950 as the vocalist of the Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez) Orchestra (Mercury Records).  

Several years later, he recorded four singles between 1957 and 1959 for Era ("Your Driver's License, Please"), Imperial, Starla and Jamie. 

He penned songs for Herb "The Black Singing Cowboy" Jeffries (on Maze), "Voodoo doll" (Ray Johnson on Flip), "Slap Happy" (The Congo Kid on Bull Dog), Sonny Warner (Freedom), "The Happy Reindeer" (Dancer, Prancer and Nervous, Capitol), "The Clock Rock" (Little Hymie, Liberty), Joiner, Arkansas Jr. High School Band (Liberty), The Milky Ways (Liberty) and "Hairspray" (Stanley Livingston on Marilyn) among others.  

Bobby Please died in the seventies.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Jailhouse Blues

Dough Quattlebaum
Jailhouse Blues
Brynor Music, Inc. BMI

Na-Cat Records

Produced by Nate and Cathy Strand

Brynor Music was owned by jazz pianist Ray Bryant (1931-2011).  Address on Na-Cat #210 (Ed Wiley & The Panasonics) is 3621 Old York Rd, Philadelphia, PA.

Douglas Elijah Quattlebaum
b. January 22, 1927 in Florence, South Carolina
d. around 1990 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Notes by Pete Welding
from the album "Softee Man Blues"
Prestige Bluesville BV 1065 (1961)
Courtesy of Stefan Wirz website

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Low Blow Blues

Charles (Shorty) Bacon 
and his Rhythm Rascals
Vocal Pat Patrick

Smead F. Kelley, Barrister BMI

Mohawk Records
and Publishing Company
P.O. Box 2731, Long Beach I, Calif.


Shorty Bacon and his band played in several clubs in Southern California and on Cal's Corral show on KCOP Channel 13.   Shorty returned to Texas where he performed in the Temple area in the mid to late 60's.  With his Rhythm Rascals and later with The Scrambled Eggs (70s), he recorded for Ozark ('60), Impact ('61), Toppa ('63), TSM, Stoneway (72), Chart ('73) and Resco ('78).

Owner of the short-lived Mohawk label was likely Smead P. Kelley (was he a barrister?)

Relatively few info is available on Shorty Bacon.  There is few interesting (but scattered) tidbits found at The Steel Guitar Forum 

Even less info (no info at all, that is) as for the singer, Pat Patrick, who (I assume) is also the singer on all the Shorty's other Mohawk sides.

"Super Jivin' Lulu", the other side, is on YouTube.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Her Name Is Geraldine

The Sparklers

Marvin Liblick, View Music Co. BMI

Laitini (LAI-TEE-NEE) Records
2656 1/2 SO. La Cienega Ave.
L.A. 34, Calif.

September 1958

Likely owned by Marvin Liblick who is the songwriter credited on every song issued by the label with only one exception :  "Cherish My Love" by The Glens (later re-issued by Sudden Records)

Marvin Liblick frequently recorded the same song by different artists.  For instance, "That's My Baby" was recorded by Jerri Shaw and by Betty Stewart.  Probably not satisfied by the result, Marvin Liblick (backed by the Darts) recorded it again in 1961 for Mastersound,a label he also probably owned.

Marv Liblick also dabbled in the commercial jingle songwriting.  Several copyright were filled in the mid-fifties for songs such as "Doctor Pepper's The Drink For You",  Manischewitz Is The Wine For You", Coca Cola's The Drink For You (also known as We' Re The Boys Of The Film Industry), Cadillac Is The Car For You,  Brigley's Gum Is The Gum For You, Standard Shoes Are The Shoes For You and Lucky Lager's The Beer For You. ...

As for The Sparklers : blank blank blank. 

But :

At the very same address on La Cienega Avenue that was once the headquarters of the tiny Laitini Records you can find today Robin Zodiac and her Psychic Domain ("Soulful Healing through an Accurate Telephone Reading").  One may wonder if she can help to find anything about this shoestring recording company.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Cupful Of Sunshine

Joan Heaton
Jerome-Stevenson-Fisher, Popular Music Co. ASCAP
Sparkle Records 101
New York City?

Joan Heaton discography

1958 - Sparkle 101
Cupful Of Sunshine /All Day Long

1960 - Maypole 507 (produced by Jerry Love)
Dear Lord / Five Oranges, Four Apples (Three Cherries, Two Pears)

"Cupful of Sunshine" was first recorded by Jerry Jerome and his Orchestra for Keystone Broadcasting System, Inc. in 1945.

Jerry Jerome
During the swing era, Jerry Jerome emerged as an excellent tenor saxophonist influenced a bit by Lester Young; he played with Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw.  He became a full-time studio musician, working as musical director at NBC during 1942-1946, spending a couple years as the head of A&R work at the Apollo and Keystone labels, and worked as musical director for WPIX-TV in New York. 

More info : see Jerry Jerome biography by Scott Yanow  http://www.allmusic.com/artist/jerry-jerome-mn0000279192

Keystone Broadcasting System, Inc.
Launched in 1941 with headquarters in New York and relocated to Chicago in 1948, Keystone Broadcasting System (KBS) remains an obscure entity from the annals of radio history.
This was a transcription service that provided enough recorded programming to fill 28 hours of radio airtime per week.  KBS had over 200 nationwide affiliates in 1943. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Mind of Christ

The Triumph Aires

The Mind of Christ
 A. Redman, Rosegert Pub. BMI
Hy-Tone 209

13515 Van Nuys Blvd. - Pacoila, Calif.
 distr. by Audio Arts 2552 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif.

Hy-Tone Records was started in 1963/64 by Roosevelt White and Glenn Kingsby, both members of the Melody Kings, a group organized by Glenn Kingsby in 1960. Glenn came from The Wings of Faith of Santa Monica.