Thursday, May 13, 2021




Big Bob - Your Line Was Busy                                
Bill Browning - Answer Your Telephone                                     
Bill Woods - Phone Me Baby                                                
Chuck Goddard - I Didn't Answer The Phone                                 
Claudine Clark - The Telephone Game                                       
Connie Francis - Telephone Lover                                          
Darrell Glenn - Hang Up That Telephone                                    
Dimples Jackson - Ring A Ling                                             
Don Edwards & The Dukes (vcl Marco King) - Answer Your Telephone          
Don Waynick & Th Green Bullets - Telephone Boogie                         
Eddie Moore - Phone Chick                                                 
Ernie Tucker And His Operators - Telephone Me Some Lovin-                 
Floyd Dixon - Telephone Blues                                             
Irving Fuller & The Chorvettes - Buzz Me On The Telephone                 
Johnny Guitar Watson & Jeannie Barnes - Telephone Boogie                  
Johnny Skiles - If Your Telephone Rings                                   
Lesley Gore - Don't Call Me, I'll Call You                                
Little Brenda Lee - Bigelow 6-200                                         
Mark Dinning - Dial AL 1-4883                                             
Meri Wilson - Telephone Man                                               
Mike Russo - I Found Her Telephone Number Written On The Boy's Bathroom   
Pee Wee Crayton - The Telephone Is Ringing                                
Peggy Lee -  Don't Give Me A Ring On The Telephone                        
Ray Jones and The Starbrites - Phone Book                                 
Rose Murphy - Busy Line                                                   
Sally Marcum - Blue Telephone                                             
Shorty Holloway - Telephone Blues                                         
Spirit Of Memphis Quartet - Atomic Telephone                              
The Andrews Sisters - The Telephone Song                                  
The Four Tophatters - 45 Men In A Telephone Booth                         
The Keytones - 45 Men In A Telephone Booth                                
Tommy Sands - Ring My Phone                                               
Tommy Strange and The Features - Telephone Sweetheart                     
Werly Fairburn - Telephone Baby                                           
Yvonne Lime -Ting-A-Ling Telephone                                        

Bring back the old rotary phone, …just put your finger in…

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A late afternoon little quiz


Tell me who :

1 - 小野 洋子 , a conceptual artist, of some fame
2 - Ri Sol-ju exalting her husband's accomplishments, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
3 - Pretty Mari Hoshizawa, a Japanese porn actress (fom one of her best performance)
4 - Mrs. Lai Ziang celebrating the birth of  her twelfth baby (Guinness World Records)

So Glad You're Mine

Sharon Tandy

From her album "Sharon Loves You Know Who?" released in 1962 on Gallotone Records in South Africa.
I was born Sharon Finkelstein in Johannesburg in 1943. I came from an eccentric family. I was totally unspoiled. But I was a very naughty and rebellious child, because of my upbrigning.  My first love was Elvis I remember going to see Jailhouse Rock thirteen times, I used to pull my hair out and get really excited. It did seem like we were detached from the rest of the world, so we grabbed what we could. I also loved Little Richard and do to this day. [from the Big Beat CD booklet, notes edited]
Sharon cut a dozen singles between 1962-1964 - all for the Continental and Gallo labels, before moving to England in 1964 at the suggestion of Frank Fenter, head of Atlantic Records in UK, whom she later married.

For more info, you can read the extensive sleeve notes of her CD album published by Big Beat Records HERE

Sharon Tandy passed away on 22 March 2015, aged 71, London, United Kingdom.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Busy Line

Billy Williams Quartet
MGM Records K11117


 Busy Line


Bio/discography can be found here

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Summer Time News


The Shags
Concert Recordings, Minneapolis

Summer Time News

Louis Louis

The Shags played their first gig in the spring of 1965 at Ye Olde Pizza in New Ulm. The band made $10.  "More than enough to fill a car's gas tank twice," said founding member Bruce Melzer.

Melzer started The Shags while still attending New Ulm High School, joining forces with guitarist Tom Ginkel, drummer John Ginkel and rhythm guitarist Jack Volinkaty — who later wrote "Satin Sheets," Jean Pruett picked up the song in 1973 and made it a No. 1 country hit in the 1970s.  In addition, “Satin Sheets” has been recorded by a number of other famous artists including Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, Barbara Fairchild and, most recently, Martina McBride

The Shags cut this record at Concert Studio in the Twin Cities. Their admittedly low-budget production included misspellings on both song titles — "Louis Louis" (instead of Louie Louie") and "Summertime News" (instead of "Summertime Blues").

The name “Shags” came from a superstitious ghost roaming around a Minnesota River road.     

Friday, May 7, 2021

Twangin Machine


The Accidentals
Beau Monde Records 1933

Tetlon Publishing (BMI)

Twangin Machine


Presumably The Accidentals were Norm Heinz, Don Macken, Bob Chuatal, Larry Barrickman, Paul Lewis & Phil Blommendahl who composed both sides of the record. This Beau Monde label, out of Los Angeles, isn't to be confused with the earlier namesake one located in Van Nuys, Calif.

I'm almost certain that Ulyess Lee Tett (yes Ulyess, more on him later hopefully) owned the label and Tetlon Publishing as well.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021


The Big Boomer
music by Wugi's


Caval 101

Who : Ernie Carsele (see below)
Where :  Ellwood City, Pennsylvania *
When : 1968
Why : ? (I don't known)

*The Wikipedia article fails to include Ernie Carsele among the notable people from Ellwood City. On the other hand, Leslie H. Sabo, Jr. has not be forgotten, he a Vietnam War hero who posthumously received the Medal of Honor after 40-year lag period. I wonder if that did something to him up there.

Ernest Carsele 1909-1975


From New Castle News , October 23, 1968, Page 21 :

ELLWOOD CITY - Tiny Tim has nothing over the Big Boomer. Ernie, "The Big Boomer" Carsele, has cut his first 45 r.p.m. record on the Caval label, Boomer, as he is affectionately called by his friends, chose two old standards for his first effort. The sides are "Sunny" and "Five Foot Two." Boomer's record was released recently and should be available in local record stores in the near future. The background music for Boomer's recording is by the Wugi's featuring Tony Carozza on accordian. Boomer is now appearing with the Wugi 's at Lou's Tavern. Boomer is a fairly recent discovery, He began his singing career about a year ago. By day he is employed by the U.S. Steel Ellwood Works and by night he is slowly breaking into the world of local entertainment.

Those who have seen Boomer enjoy his low throaty rendition of "Sunny," but his fans go almost hysterical when he tosses nut ,"Blue Hawaii" in effortless fashion. When Boomer sings "Blue Hawaii", and most of his songs for that matter, he wears a Panama hat with a "lei" around his neck. The Boomer is not one of those singers who need a multitude of gesticulations to perform their numbers.. His manner is rather denominations. Most of its quiet and sedate and not without power. Sometimes he is almost speaking when he sings.

Boomer's reputation is somehwat like his singing personality - quiet, but, slowly gathering momentum.

I cannot recommend highly enough the YT channel operated by Mark Lee Allen where I found this little jewel.

Y'all Come


Patti with Al Clauser & His Oklahoma Outlaws

Patti Page’s tremendous singing talent was discovered early. When the lead singer at local radio station KTUL came down with laryngitis, Patti jumped at the chance, auditioned and won the job. From her freshman year through her graduation in 1945, Patti Page would ride the bus from Daniel Webster High School downtown to KTUL, which was located on the top floors of Tulsa’s National Bank Building, record her show at 3:30 in the afternoon and then hit the downtown Tulsa clubs, such as the Benglair Club and Casa Loma Ballroom, where she would lend her vocals to acts from Al Clauser and His Oklahomans to Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. It was during her years at KTUL that Patti officially changed her name from Clara Ann Flower to Patti Page, a moniker inspired by the Page Milk Company, one of the program’s sponsors. more...

Here is  "Y'all come", a Mercury-Wing sampler album published in 1965.

 1 -Y'all Come
2 - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
3 - Let Me Go Lover
4 - No One To Cry To
5 - A Poor Man's Roses (Or A Rich Man's Gold)
6 - Mom And Dad's Waltz
7 - The Old Spinning Wheel
8 - Mississippi Mud
9 - South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
10 - Let Me Call You Sweetheart

 What I like about singing is that, for me, it's a substitute for the psychiatrist's couch. I can tell it all in song: pathos, gladness, love, joy, unhappiness. Each song, you're telling a story and acting.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Will the real Gin Gillette please stand up?


"Train To Satanville" by Gin Gillette is a song that had intrigued a lot of people, wondering who she was. There was some speculation about Gin Gillette being actually Robie Lester, owner of the Musikon label, but, as we'll see and hear, it's not the case.

Born Virginia Boyle in 1931 at her father's ranch just outside Gillette, Wyoming. By the time she was nine years old she was riding in rodeos throughout Wyoming and Montana. By now people were stopping to listen to the voice of the little rodeo queen. In 1952 she joined the Special Service Unit of the 7th Army and toured Germany where she met and married in 1955 Kenneth "Thumbs" Carllile (Carlisle), a guitarist from Missouri who performed in the same Special Services division. Together, they appeared later on ABC-TV's Ozark Jubilee in Springfield, Missouri from 1956–57, both as a soloist and with Bill Wimberley's Country Rhythm Boys with whom Virginia recorded on the Morton Levand's Tex label. In the late 50s, Virginia and "Thumbs" performed in Billings, Montana and appeared on KOOK-TV.

For Musikon Records of 3456 Floyd Terrace, Los Angeles, she only recorded two tracks as Gin Gillette in 1961. The conductor listed on the label was Jessie Sales, who at first known as that great Dixieland drummer from Denver, and when in California, he became an essential part of the recording scene for blues and R&B on the West Coast. Sailes has been described by studio bassist Carol Kaye as being a bit more of an outsider on the L.A. studio scene,  Sailes' greatest and most personalized appearance on a rock record would have to be on the single that many fans consider one of the great classic rock hits of all time, "Let's Dance" by Chicano rocker Chris Montez.

 In 1961, her husband Thumbs Carllile met guitarist Les Paul. Impressed by Carllile's skill and his wife's songwriting, Les Paul recorded  the duet at his home studio in Mahwah, New Jersey (Les Paul on bass, Mary Ford on rhythm guitar, and Gene Paul on drums) The record, issued on Epic Records as by Thumbs Carlyle and Ginny O'Boyle, was advertised in a Billboard full page in June 1962 (Les Paul and Mary Ford proudly present their sensational new discoveries)  

Please read this interesting story from 2018 here by Gabriel Owens "Meet Virginia, a Kroger employee with a country music past"

Gin/Ginny/Virginia Carllile/O'Boyle/Gillette discography:

Virginia Carllile -  Where Are You (Tex, 1955)
Virginia Carllile - Tired Of Your Honky-Tonk Love (Tex, 1955)
Gin Gillette - She'll Never Let Him Go (Musikon, 1961)
Gin Gillette - Train To Satanville (Musikon, 1961)
Thumbs Carlyle & Ginny O'Boyle - Indian Girl, Indian Boy (Epic, 1962)
Thumbs Carlyle & Ginny O'Boyle - Now that you're leavin' me (Epic, 1962)

Hear Virginia, Gin & Ginny
(the keyword is satanville)

Ginny in 2018


Saturday, May 1, 2021



Flecker and the Countdowns
Scotty GQP-424



Unlisted early release on the Scotty label, a division of Gateway Recordings of Pittsburgh. Composed and produced by Jack Withum (John F. Withum), who may be Flecker in person. On the flip, Flecker is backed by The Vincentians ("There Shouldn't be Roses").


Friday, April 30, 2021

I'm In Love With A Mutant

Sonny Adams


 I'm In Love With A Mutant

 Cique Records 101



Samuel T. Adams, Jr. (1928-2016)

Sam, also known as "Sonny" Adams, was a fixture on the local New Oleans entertainment scene. Managing to earn a living not only as a pianist and clarinetist, but also as a humorist, puppeteer, and TV "Bozo the Clown".  He is best known, to his chagrin, as one of the perpetrators of "Nobody Likes A Smart Ass," the irreverent satirical cabaret show that somehow ran successfully for 15 years in the French Quarter during the 1960s and 1970s.

Older fans might remember him best for his song parodies, which were almost always topical, clever and achingly funny, but sometimes teetered on the boundaries of good taste. He was hilarious and unfiltered, and let his quirky thoughts lead him wherever they might. While he had a Masters Degree in Zoology, his Korean War Army service led to a stint at the Navy School of Music, which he credits with honing his longtime interest and skills in music. He ultimately received a Masters Degree in Music and taught briefly before heading out to entertain the world.  

During his Army service, Sam involuntarily participated in "Operation Upshot-Knothole". An atmospheric nuclear blast at the Nevada Test Range, which he credits his life long relationship with skin cancers and dermatologists. . He recorded a full album on the RPC custom label about skin conditions, titled "The Derma-Disc". The album can be downloaded here

According to his obit, Sam Adams, "The Prince of Parody," announced in 2016 that he has completed his 88-year gig on planet Earth, and was available for other engagements.


Monday, April 26, 2021

Devil Named Sue


Windy Craig
Cevetone 518

Devil Named Sue

Love Me

 Wendell "Windy" Craig (1940-2020)

Wendell won a guest disc jockey contest at WATS in Sayre, PA, in his senior year in high school which inspired him to change his major from Engineering to Radio and Television. He worked at Syracuse University radio station WAER, and after graduation he was a popular DJ in Ithaca and Syracuse, where he was known as the "Weird Beard" at radio station WOLF. He set a world record for riding the Ferris Wheel at Suburban Park in Manlius, NY, stepping off the wheel after 183 hours at 4:02 pm on September 6th, 1964.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Humpti Dumpti

The Kingsmen
F.D. Arnold 2105/2106
South Bend, Indiana

    John Chappelow - Lead & Rhythm
    Rick Webster - Lead & Rhythm
    Ron Bennett - Lead Singer & Sax
    Dan McLean - Drums
    Paul Romine -?

Humpti Dumpti

Good Night Sweetheart (Bonsoir, Cheri)

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Louie Louie

Louie Louie

Musique Municipale de Pont Sainte Maxence

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Gone But Not Forgotten


Some idiot has added a question mark after the word forgotten on the back cover of my pristine copy. Needless to say, I immediately deleted it !

Alberta Casey    Volare (Berta LP)
Dena Guglielmi    A-E-I-O-U (Tops)
Dora Hall    Blue Suede Shoes (Cozy)
Frances Langord    Rockin' In The Rocket Room (Unique) 
Hylda Baker    Makin Love (Decca UK) 
Lil Randolph (Madame Queen)    Satellite Love (Chock)
Lue Renney    Your Wiggle & Your Giggle (Bethlehem)
 Lynne Howard    Choo'n Gum (National)
Margaret Powell    I Laugh and Laugh and Laugh (RCA UK) 
Martine Dalton    Go Back To Her Arms (Elmor)  
Mrs Yetta Bronstein    I Want To Hold You Hand (A Bell) 
Patty Sigler    Take Me Home (Recap) 
Peggy Serra   Teen Tweenie Tango (Kenn)
Reta Ray   The Sniffing Song (Par-Dee)

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Tomorrow I'll Be Sixteen

A compilation of sixteen tracks mostly by american middle-aged ladies, one is by old Gerty from Germany and a mysterious Jovie Resultay from Luzon, Philippines.  Picture above courtesy of (how-to-talk-to-older-loved-ones-about-their-future-care)

Take care and enjoy while you can

Side One   

Benae Carol : The Werewolf (Fresh) —  Betty L. Brannon & the Hoppers : Honky Tonkin' (Wende) —  Dorothy Freyberger : Big Fat Gal (Studio 5 LP) —  Edna Mae Henning :  Someday Darling (Henning Surprise) —  Gail Dye :  To-Morrow I'll Be Sixteen (Gold Standard) —  Gerty Molzen : Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Soundware) —  Jovie Resultay with Dady Reyes & D'Jewels :  Bilay Na Bilay (Majestic) —  Judy Leonard :  Act Like A Man (Pennie)              
Side Two

Leila Duchesne : Come A Little Closer (Lota Disco) —  Marge & the Munchies  : Goin' Cold baby (Alcon) —  Margie Dee :  Waitress (Doah) —  Margie Pet : I Feel So Good (Chock)  —  Marie Barr : Take My Heart (Fine) —  Mary Jane Johnson : I'll Never Tell (Valley) —  Mossilene Miles : Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing (Birdie LP) — Patsy Sexton : Girls (Delta LP)          

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Harold "Popeye" Broussard


According to the Early Cajun Music blog, Harold "Popeye" Broussard was one of Harry Choates's more colorful musician companions. 

Broussard by all accounts was an excellent piano man and singer.  His specialty was his rendition of the dance hall favorite "How Would You Like To Be The Old Ice Man".  Harry's fiddle and Broussard's piano complimented each other at times.  Other times, Harry and Popeye at times appeared to be in competition with each other to see who could raise the most hell.

Eventually Harry went on his way, leaving Broussard to his own devices in the Lake Charles musical scene.   Without Harry, Broussard left and started a family.  According to author Tim Knight: They were companions in deliquent behavior. If one was hired, both had to be hired; they were a matched set.

In 1940 , there was a ten-track recording session for Bluebird Records at the Jefferson Hotel, Dallas, Texas, . With Harry Choates on fiddle and Popeye Broussard on piano, their group consisted of Sandy Lormand on guitar, Pee Wee Broussard on banjo, Ray Clark on steel, and Happy Fats Leblanc on bass. The voice of Harold Broussard (uncredited) is heard only on "The Old Ice Man".  Issued on Bluebird 8537 in 1941, the single is credited to Happy Fats and His Rayne-Bo Ramblers, String band with singing.

Fifteen years later, Harold's voice is heard again on the Amos Como and His Tune Toppers' Starday release (Hole In The Wall / Heartbroken Lips), allegedly scheduled to be issued on the Goldband's subsidiary Folk-Star Records. Harold Broussard is still uncredited, instead the label states "Vocal by Amos Como".  From the same session recorded in 1955, a third song, "Baby Walk The Line", was issued much later on Goldband (#1036) as Harold Bee featuring Wm. Floyd, lead guitar. (Late 40's "Rock & Roll" Vocal, says the label.) backed with "Love Me Mary Ann" by Don Mooring with The Yellow Jackets.

More than fifteen years later (again), a Goldband single (#1258) backing "Talk That Trash Drink That Mash" with "No Longer Care For Me" was issued as by Harold Bee with the Blue Velvet Country.

More tracks were recorded by Eddie Shuler in the seventies, among them "Hobo Man" (added to zipped file), but all were left in the can.

Old Ice Man + 6

Friday, February 12, 2021

Chuck Tillman Trio, vocal Helyne Stewart

Chuck Tillman Trio
Vocal Helyne Stewart

A) A Smile Will Drive You Frown Away
B)  I Want To Met Santa At Home

Nu-Tune Records; 11292
George Wood Productions
4346 McPherson  St Louis 8, Mo


Born in East St. Louis, Illinois, Helyne started singing popular songs with an a cappella choir at the Lincoln High School. In a higher grade at the same school was another youngster with an interest in music, a dentist's son who played in the high school band, his name was Miles Davis.

Read more below (excerpt from the liner notes of her album issued on Contemporary Records in 1962)

Helyne Stewart discography

As Helen Stewart, member of The Caldwells, see :