Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Now Hear This



Gwenn Johnson
and the Rick Jones Quartet
Galanlads, vocal group

Now Hear This
Rick Jones-Bob Moody
Monzahalla Music Publ., BMI


I've found so much discordant information about this recording, that the best thing to do is probably to just relax and listen again and again to this bewitching love song.

Song was first issued in 1956 on Steve Riggio's PIV label. Arjay is probably a second issue from the late sixties/early seventies issued by Rick Jones on his own label [my guess]. Gwenn Johnson may be or not the sister of Plas Johnson.

On the PIV single, the vocal group is credited to The Mad Hatters, but co-composer Bob Moody was member of The Galanlads, credited on this Arjay release. Go figure !


Saturday, August 15, 2020

Take Me To Your Leader

"Take me to your leader" is a popular catchphrase said by an extraterrestrial alien who has just landed on Earth in a spacecraft to the first human it happens to meet. . It started, presumably, with a 1953 cartoon by Alex Graham in The New Yorker magazine. This showed two aliens telling a horse “Kindly take us to your President!”.

I was quite surprised to find, during a research, a profusion of songs copyrighted in 1958 and 1959. The very first, by Timmie Rogers, obviously inspired by Chuck Berry, was on Cameo Records.  What has stimulated that music craze in the late fifties is not known.  Perhaps a popular sci-fi sitcom or a TV show ?


Credits© date
Not recorded?

w & m Carl Kent;

Jan. '58
Take Me To Your Leader
w Kal Mann m Bernie Lowe 

Timmie Rogers       
Cameo  C131
Feb. '58
Take Me To Your Leader
w & m Eddie Safranski & George Spota © Erica Music

Jonathan Winters With The Martians     Coral 9-61988

Apr. 58
 Not recorded?
w & m Berdie Abrams & Hank Levine; 12 May58

May '58
 Take Me To Your Ladder
(I'll See Your Leader later)
w & m Robert H. Babcock & Marvin Milligan
Buddy Clinton
Madison M144

Jul. '58
Not recorded?
w & m Nathan Starr; 11aug58

Aug. '58
 Take Me To Your Leader, Cha Cha Cha
w Mel Mandel, m Danny Davis © Knollwood Music Corp.

Sam Space And The Cadets
Cabot CA-127

Dec. '58
Take Me To Your Leader
w & m Marc Mittendorf & Dee Da Costa ©Alan-Edwards, Inc.

The Lancers
Imperial X5564
Jan. '59
Take Me To Your Leader
Nick Smith and Rae Temple
Arr. Nick Smith

The Vi-Counts
Donick DR 100

Mar. '59 (or earlier)
 Not recorded?
m Hugh Halliday & Homer Denison 27Mar59

Mar. '59

Take Me To Your Leader
w, m & arr. Ben Hunter & Steve Steventon (G.H. Steventon)

Bernie Parke on Dynasty

Apr. '59
 Not recorded?

w & m Everett J. Welsh  22Apr59

Apr. 59
Not recorded?

Not recorded?

w & m Stephen Ondek, 23may61

Louise Waller & Leslie Waller. 1961-07-26

May '61

Jul. '61







Friday, August 14, 2020

He's Got The Whole World In His Hands


Wanda Schafer

He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

Mighty as He is, surely He will do something about the poor state of the world. 
And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Genesis 1:28-31
But, in the other hand, are we sure about the translation? . Was He really speaking to Man ?

Anyway, thanks to St. Peter's Church for the picture.

Song is from the album "An Evening With Wanda". And thanks to http://themotellounge.blogspot.com/2019/07/an-evening-with-wanda.html for the following information:

Production and Engineering: Jan Eden
Photography: Bob Doeppers
Liner Notes Notes: Art Harris
Jacket Design: Jane Ford
Garden Of Eden Records - Indianapolis, Indiana

Jan Eden Recording And Sound, Inc.
pressed by Mus-I-Col Recording Services, Columbus, Ohio

From the back cover: Across from the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway on West 16th Street where the 500 Mile Race is held each May is the unofficial home of one of Indiana's best-known supper club songstresses... Wanda Louise Schafer. Wanda, who belts out songs like the late Sophie Tucker while accompanying herself on the piano, has worked with some of the great names in music... Jack Teagarden and Dizzy Gillespie... "Even Dan Rowan and Dick Martin when they were making $500 a week apiece. "One of her memorable engagements was in the Mermaid Room of the Park Sheridan, in New York.

Beginning in Anderson, Indiana, Wanda started singing on radio station WHUB when she was ten. Her stage career began at fourteen in Anderson with her uncle Wanda describes as a "stand-up vaudeville comic."

The entertainment career began so early was postponed while she raised six children. The urge to sing again was song, and she resumed singing at the Shamrock in Anderson where she played for nine years before coming to Indianapolis in 1957. There were seven great years at LaRue's Supper Club before she moved to Al Myers. Later she went to Fort Wayne, Indiana to be the songbird in the Gilded Cage.

Wanda "retired" in 1965 to marry Otto Schafer, a well-known Indianapolis Motor Speedway figure. It was through him she began her "love affair" with the Speedway and its personages. This close association with the Speedway was on of the reasons Wanda decided to "stay close to the track" when she returned to the Indiana entertainment scene.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Little Miss Heartbreaker


Vocal : Ronnie Byrd

Little Miss Heartbreaker

W.M.C. Records #101
1421 Southgate Center,  Waco, Texas

Some info from garangehangover  :
Jack Benner, drummer with the Veskants and the Silvertones wrote to me about his career:
I worked part-time at Waco Music Center in Southgate for a short time. Later we formed a band called Veskants with Larry Nichols (keyboard/sax), Ted Richardson (guitar), Richard Travis (bass), me [Jack Benner] on drums and Ronnie Byrd as vocalist. We recorded “Little Miss Heartbreaker” and “More Than Love” at Goodson McKee’s recording studio. Songs were written in part by Byrd. “More Than Love” was supposed to be the “A” side of the record but for some reason “Heartbreaker” got the most request/play, go figure. Pressed a few hundred records on W.M.C. label. Sold a few – gave away most. I still have a couple. Larry Nichols made up the name Veskants … who knows what goes through that mind of his!
Goodson Mckee Recording Service was one the three major recording studios in Waco in the 60's which gave the bands plenty of options to record and release their music.

Modrel Goodson McKee passed away in 2013.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Johnny B. Goode


The Mudd Family

Johnny B. Goode

Scepter 12151

"A highly unusual reading of the while back Chuck Berry hit" (Cash Box, June 4, 1966). Surely enough, like you never heard before.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Shake Hands, Buddy, So Long

Carol Stivers
Featuring the trumpet of
Jim Steinkircher

Shake Hands, Buddy, So Long

WI-4011 From the Wilbee Album "the Many Voices of Carol Stivers"
Wilbee Music Co., 160 Wood St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18702

Personnel on the record is:

Trumpet - Jim Steinkirchner
Piano - Richard Rome
Guitar - Robert Walter
Bass Guitar - F. Kirk Hamilton
Trombone - C. Dudley Lowden
Drums - Ronnie Di Stefano

Written by Marie S[tivers] Rice, born around 1918, who seems to have been the main force behind the Wilbee label. Label "topper" was her younger brother Bill Stivers. Carol Stivers was her niece.  A family affair.

Marie S. Rice, writer, speaker and musician, is the author of "Michelle Danielle Is Dead" (1985), a biography of ex-trans Michelle Danielle and her transitions from man to woman to man. After this book, Michelle would transition back to woman.  Ex-ex trans, then. The term is perfectly defined here

The anti-transgender movement claims that many trans people, especially Christians, regret transitioning and go back to living in their birth gender. These people are often paraded as proof that transgenderism is unfulfilling.  However, many of these ex-trans people later become ex-ex-trans and transition back into a transgender identity. Years later, gender defenders still hold these people up as if God had changed their gender identity.
Oh my head...

Carol Stivers
Carol Stivers

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Send me to the electric chair

This is NOT an electric chair

Dinah Washington ...Send me to the electric chair

Happy birthday, Gertie. 130 years old and still going strong !

On August 6, 1890 the State of New York executed William Kemmler in the nation’s first use of the electric chair, (also known as Old Sparky Yellow Mama, Gruesome Gertie, Sizzling Sally or Hot Seat...
Kemmler had been sentenced to death for killing his common law wife with a hatchet.  After officials strapped him into the chair, the electricity was applied for several seconds.  During that time, Kemmler strained against the leather straps.

When attending doctors thought Kemmler was dead, the warden had the electricity turned off. But Kemmler’s body continued to twitch, causing observers to faint.

After doctors confirmed Kemmler was still breathing, the executioner sent 2,000 volts through Kemmler’s body.  Kemmler’s mouth foamed and blood vessels ruptured.  Witnesses smelled burning flesh as Kemmler’s body caught fire.

After the electricity ceased, Kemmler’s body went limp.  Doctors confirmed that this time Kemmler was dead. Following the execution, about twenty newspapers in New York called for a repeal of the law that allowed execution by electrocution.
With the exception of the (rarely performed) firing squad execution, the electrocution will stay the most effective way to perform the death penalty, the one with the best success rate anyway. See "botched executions" stats below.

*Botched executions are “those involving unanticipated problems or delays that caused, at least arguably, unnecessary agony for the prisoner or that reflect gross incompetence of the executioner.”

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Spoof ?

Twelve parodies of Elvis songs found at YouTube.

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AfromtheJ - SpaghettiOs                                    
ApologetiX - Found God                                     
ApologetiX - Jailhouse Rock                                
Brad Westmar Show -  In The Butthole                    
Elvis Banta - Don't Pick Your Nose                         
Jimmy Pavaroddy - Can't Help Calling in Sick With the Flu  
Kenny Novack - Did You Eat Beans Tonight                   
Paul Shanklin - In a Yugo                                  
Radioactive Chicken Heads - Burning Lathe                  
ros7age -  Love Me Tinder                                  
Sal 1959 - Return to Sender                                
Unknown - All Dug Up         

Last track (All Dug Up) is by the unnamed winner of a contest at a radio station in Eugene, Oregon in the mid-90s

As the snow flies
On a cold and grey Chicago mornin'
A hungry young man has a craving
for some SpaghettiOs

and his stomach growls
'cause if there's one thing
this world don't need
it's a hungry young man
denied a chance to eat
Some SpaghettiOs

People don't you understand
he's just trying to open up a can
but no can opener is in the house today
he takes a look under the sink
opens all the drawers
stares and blinks
then he slowly turns his head
and sighs in dismay
and his hunger burns
and a hungry young man with a runny nose
goes to the store but the store is closed

no SpaghettiOs

still his hunger grows
he knocks on all his neighbor's doors
but no one answers
so he goes back home

no SpaghettiOs

then in a fit of desperation
the young man grabs a knife
he stabs at the can but he cuts his hand
tries to stop the bleeding but the cut's too bad then
his Mama calls as his life ebbs away,
a hungry young man face down in the kitchen
with a knife and a can of SpaghettiOs

and the answering machine records
message from this mother, she's on her way
with the can opener she borrowed yesterday
and SpaghettiOs........

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Twistin' The Hoochie Coo

Al Steward;  arr. Chuck Sagle

I Want That Man To Be You
Joel Hill;  arr. Eddie Newmark

A Newmark-Skouras production

The first release of Harmon Records formed, according to Cash Box (March 24, 1962), by Ted Harmon. Heading up the outfit were Freddy Edwards, Eddie Newmark and Bill Skouras.

The same  snippet also advise us that Ted Harmon is the "manufacturer of the new Chubby Checker sweater." (?).  Isn't that a fascinating fact or what? This makes research so rewarding...

Sunday, August 2, 2020

London Bridge Is Falling Down

Jae Judy Kay

I Can't Change A Thing

London Bridge Is Falling Down

Film Records F-1107

Artist from North Carolina. on a label owned by Charlie Adams (not the hillbilly recording artist)

The Jae Judy Kay Show extended beyond the boundaries of the U.S., as the group has performed throughout Europe and the Far East. It was in the Orient where Miss Kay was honored for “Outstanding Entertainment” by the Department of the Army, and she was the only female to date to merit that award. Backing up the songstress were band members Jimmy Woods on piano and organ. Terry McClendon playing lead guitar, bass and harmonica; and Glen Campbell’s drummer, Bob Phelps.