Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Now Hear This



Gwenn Johnson
and the Rick Jones Quartet
Galanlads, vocal group

Now Hear This
Rick Jones-Bob Moody
Monzahalla Music Publ., BMI


I've found so much discordant information about this recording, that the best thing to do is probably to just relax and listen again and again to this bewitching love song.

Song was first issued in 1956 on Steve Riggio's PIV label. Arjay is probably a second issue from the late sixties/early seventies issued by Rick Jones on his own label [my guess]. Gwenn Johnson may be or not the sister of Plas Johnson.

On the PIV single, the vocal group is credited to The Mad Hatters, but co-composer Bob Moody was member of The Galanlads, credited on this Arjay release. Go figure !


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  1. Gwenn Johnson sang a great background on my only solo 45 on Tide Records in 1963. Since this is also an L.A. label, I'm guessing it's the same Gwenn Johnson (tho I have it as "Gwen"), and yes, it's my understanding that she was the sister of Plas.