Thursday, July 30, 2020

Speech After Removal Of The Larynx

Folkways Records ‎– FX 6134

Recorded by Harm A Drost at the Phonetic Laboratory of the Ear, Nose and Throat Dept of the University Hospital, Leiden, Netherlands. Comes with booklet, detailing the history of artificial larynges and various speech techniques for throat cancer patients or those who've had their voice boxes removed.

Full album+booklet

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

South Of The Border

Angie & The Saints

South Of The Border
Kennedy & Carr, Shapiro-Bernstein ASCAP

Dwain DWR 807

Angie & the Saints were Italo-Americans perhaps? You know me, if I knew something about Angie or about The Saints, I would tell you. But no, nothing to say. At the time of this release, the label was managed by Billy Martin, a songwriter.  Dwain was underwritten by an investment firm from Wall Street. I don't think they made much money out of it. This New York label lasted only two years.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Tarzan & Jane

 Roger Price & Fay Dewitt

Roger Price (comedian) (1918–1990), creator of Mad Libs, Droodles and elephant jokes, Roger Price was an author, jokester, cultural critic and truly original voice in American comedy.

Tarzan & Jane is a track from his LP, The Elephant Record, produced in its entirety in a real jungle by very creative elephants, on The The Elephant Elephant Record Record label in 1963.

Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch
The cover art for the Frank Zappa album shows the classic Droodle, by Roger Price

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Well, Don-Cha Know

Ken Carlisle

Robert Iser, Kenneth Belt, Anne Willet(t),
Jungle Music, Inc. BMI
Arr. Mathias-Church
Jungle Records   Box 5883
Dallas, Texas

The Ken Carlisle trail goes cold as soon I found "box 5883" listed in 1974 as one FROZEN FOOD EXPRESS, INC. 

Unmoved by the ballad on flip, "Gently", which doesn't grow on me, despite what said the Cash Box review.

Billboard, March 28, 1960
Cash Box, April 2, 1960

Thursday, July 23, 2020


You guessed it, it's a compilation of songs about Tarzan.

The famous Tarzan yell has been featured in several songs, one of the earliest that I known of is found at the opening of "See You Soon Baboon" by Dale Hawkins on Checker in 1958. (not included here).

The origin of the iconic Tarzan yell, first heard in 1932’s Tarzan the Ape Man, has been the subject of much debate over the past. And yet no one could say for sure how the yell originated or who was responsible for it.  Captivating mystery, isn'it?


Artie Wilson - Tarzan - (Cannady, 1959)
Bobby Williams And His Nightlifters - Tarzan - (Cort, 1958)
E. C. Beatty -  Tarzan (Colonial, 1960)
Eddy Bailes - Tarzan - (BJ, 1967)
Glenn Reeves - Tarzan - (Decca, 1958)
Glenn Willings - You Tarzan, Me Jane (Combo, 1960)
The Greystokes - The Ballad Of Tarzan - (Tri Con, 1966)
Jack And Jim - Tarzan And Jane - (Brunswick, 1959)
Johnny And The Roccos - Tarzan Boogie (xx, 1984)
Lee Tillman - Tarzan - (Sonora, 1962)
Little Gracie - You're My Tarzan - (Band Box, 1961)
Matthew Reid - The Tarzan Twist (Bwana Ungaua) - (ABC-Paramount, 1962)
Ray Stevens - Gitarzan - (Monument, 1969)
Shorty Rogers - Tarzan The Ape Man - (MGM, 1959)
Sonny Day - Tarzan -  (Jubilee, 1966)
The Ape Quartet - Tarzan - (Phalanx, 1966)
The Apemen - Tarzan - (Circus, 6x)
The Apes - Tarzan's Monkey - (Mercury, 1964)
The Castaways - Tarzan - (GNP Crescendo, 1963)
The Chuck-A-Lucks - Tarzan's Date - (Jubilee, 1961)
The Del Saints - Tarzan (Whirl, 1960)
The Pygmies - Don't Monkey With Tarzan - (Liberty, 1963)
Titus Turner -  Tarzan - (King, 1959)
Unknown (Tamil Artist) - Tarzan (xx)
Willie Mae Thornton And Elroy Peace - Tarzan And The Dignified Monkey (Peacock, 1955)

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

All In The Name of Love

Jenny Jamison

All In The Name of Love
(Betty Sue Perry, Sure-Fire Music, BMI)
Gateway Records GR-1003
Also released and distributed nationally by Dot Records
Jenny Jameson (1932-2014)

Born Virginia I. Wineinger in Carryville, Arkansas. At the age of three, she moved to Kenneth, Missouri where she attended grade and high school. Moving to St. Louis she started professional entertaining with her own group, The Rimshots. Virginia was the first female disc jockey in the Midwest and worked at KSTL radio since 1965 for 25 years.

She was married to LeRoy Kemp, a steel guitar musician, she met while entertaining the troops in Thule, Greenland. Together they raised 7 children.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Wallace in "68"

Stoney Carlisle
& The Plaquemine Playboys

Wallace in "68"
(Stoney Carlisle, White Cliffs, BMI)
Prod. A.J. Landry and Stoney Carlisle
Deep Delta 7

Stonewall Jackson "Stoney" Carlisle (1927-1985)
A country music singer and musician, active in Texas and Louisiana, Stonewall Jackson "Stoney" Carlisle, recorded many records from the mid-1940s until his death in 1985. He performed at clubs, dance halls, festivals, and events, beginning his career in towns such as Kilgore, Gladewater, and Longview during the golden period of East Texas dance halls during the oil boom of the 1940s and 1950s. He also performed at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas, a venue that was held every Saturday night at the Sportatorium. Selected parts of the performance were then broadcast on Dallas station KRLD and through the CBS radio network to more than forty states. In 1959 he and his family moved to Gretna in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, where he continued performing and creating records. He sang his own original compositions as well as the works of other artists such as Roy Acuff and Ernest Tubb. Though he may not have been aware of the relationship, he was a fourth cousin to Elvis Presley who also performed in dance halls in East Texas in the early 1950s. Stoney's wife Earlene played drums with his band which had various names during the years such as the Plaquemine Playboys,the Country Boys,the Western Men, or the Texas Playboys.

Friday, July 17, 2020

White Christmas

The Drifters - White Christmas

Students of George Mason University were duped into signing a fake petition to abolish the festive classic White Christmas from radio stations because it is 'racist'. MRC-TV reporter Dan Joseph hit a campus with a clipboard to see how many students could be convinced the song is laced with micro-aggression.

He told passers-by that the lyrics are insulting to people of color because it 'perpetuates the idea that white is naturally good' and ignores 'other kinds of snow'. The song also fails to mention climate change, Joseph pointed out to students.

“Tell Local Radio Stations to Stop Playing the Song ‘White Christmas’ as it is Insulting to People of Color and Perpetuates the Idea That Being White is Automatically A Positive Attribute in Our Society,” the petition stated. The fake petition received 18 signatures in about an hour, according to MRCTV.

It happened in 2015. I wonder how many people would sign such petition (fake or not) today?

Thursday, July 16, 2020

I Know The Lord

Katy Richards

I Know The Lord

Giant Records 1805 (GT-100)

This is the same Giant label founded in Texas by Bill Beasley, when he moved there from Nashville for a short period of time in 1957/1958, with his wife Jean Norris. In Tennessee, Bill Beasley previously operated the Tennessee and Republic labels. Katy Richards was Jean Norris' best friend. Her name is later found on some other Beasley's labels such as Hit, Country and Western Hits and Modern Sound. But these later songs were possibly by a different singer using her name, (the voice sounds quite different),  just as it was also used as a pseudonym for Bill Beasley at some point when he composed songs.
Artists recorded by Beasley when in Texas were : Jay Holiday, Dave Baucom, Ben Sharon, Don Eee and Johnny Houston & the Capitals.

Monday, July 13, 2020

I'll Be Lonesome From Now On

Monte Davidson
I'll Be Lonesome From Now On
M. C. L. Records No. 5811

Monte Davidson was an Ozarks regular since the early 1960s, and led the house band at the Lodge Of The Four Seasons, in Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri. He also toured regionally, did Vegas, and eventually retired the band sometime in the 1980s.

John Drake Robinson in his book Coastal Missouri: Driving On the Edge of Wild recalls:
(...) I miss seeing Monte Davidson, who sang country songs at a bar in the underbelly of Harold's resort, a little cantina called the Wild Times Saloon. It isn't Monte's music that I miss. I miss his barroom persona, his bull-in-a-china-shop style. Every night he rode into the saloon on Gomer, a real live Brahman bull. The bull would sway through the crowd, between tables with drinks and hors d'oeuvres and patrons, some amused, some petrified. Monte wore an electric cowboy suit that lit up like a movie marquee, and he'd sing and strum his guitar while Gomer moved through the crowded bar. I never saw Gomer get excited or kick a table over or spill anybody's drink. I think they must've kept Gomer pretty happy. I know everybody else seemed sedated (*) when Gomer plowed through. And when he left the building, I can't recall that I ever saw any Gomer piles. But that was years ago, and I assume Gomer is glue, or stuffed, and the wild times are mostly outdoors now.
(*) there were no reports of the bull being under the influence while performing, but Gomer was known for his penchant for beer and peanuts, according to Davidson.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Secret Of Losing The Blues

Kenny Price

Secret Of Losing The Blues

Boone Record Co. #1024

Few today remember Kenny Price as a country music recording star for Boone and RCA records. A solid journeyman performer, known as ‘The Round Mound of Sound’, he charted 34 singles during his 15 year chart run, but never had a number one record. 
This is his first solo single since his two singles for X Records (a RCA subsidiary) issued nine years earlier in 1955. Few discographers seem to be aware of the singles he recorded as a member (and leader) of the Hometowners on Sage, Fraternity and King records.

James Kenneth Price (1931-1987)  
Standing six-feet tall and weighing well over 300 pounds, Kenneth James Price is remembered by fellow performers and fans alike as one of the nicest individuals to ever sing a country song. 

Friday, July 10, 2020

You're Just Too Good Not To Stalk

Bruce Kerr
You're Just Too Good Not To Stalk

Loose Bruce Kerr opened for "Weird Al" Yankovic back in the day and is heard today nationally as an irregular feature of the Doctor Demento Show and Jim Bohannon Show.. Loose Bruce Kerr records and performs his videos and audio tracks in his garage, singing and playing the instruments one at a time. Bruce took 20 years off from his legal career to write and perform music. After resuming his career in law, Bruce has become Assistant General Counsel of high tech company, Sun Microsystems in Northern California's Silicon Valley.

Go see him here or here; also for his early days as member of The Five Bucks/Five Bucs see

I've extracted some mp3 from his videos. Zipped file can be found here
Tracklist: Any Lane  / Black Magic Marker  / Hotel Minnesota / I Wasn't Born In America / Jimbo-The Ballad Of Jimmy Swaggart / Like A Polling Stone / Safe From You / The Big Bobbitt / The Times They Haven't Changed Much / When I'm 94 / You're Just Too Good Not To Stalk / Sittin' On The Dock Of Dubai .

Very funny!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

My Kind Of Guy

The Granadas
Vocal by Sandy Towry

My Kind Of Guy

Granada Records #1001

William P. Davis & Chuck Dewalt, the composers of "My Kind Of Guy", were most probably members of The Granadas.

Johnny Cale had made two singles with the Chan label in Oklahoma City at Gene Sullivan’s HiFi Studios in 1960 and 1961 and this obviously fired up the imaginations of many a local Okie about the possibilities in the music business. Davis was one of those influenced and in 1962, he finally got a new role model in soul singing sensation James Brown who performed at the Tulsa Civic Center. From then on, Davis started singing more soulful songs and wearing tight outfits, emulating the future ‘Godfather of Soul ‘. Davis then finally quit his job as a butcher.

Bill Davis set-up a fledging recording studio in his garage at home sometime in 1965. In late 1969 his studio, which was called Derrick, moved to a larger premises and incorporated as Granada Enterprises with business partner Dale Watts. Davis and Watts, who was a qualified teacher, kept the business going with funds from their own careers and established a studio that became known as ‘the largest walk-in facility’ for local musicians.

Sandy Towry

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Without Your Precious Love

Norman Kara
with Henry Jones Band

Without Your Precious Love
Sanders-Karajulles, Tulane Pub. BMI

Cimota Records

One of the first songs published in 1959 by Tulane Music Publishing recently incorporated by Tony Conino who started in 1961 a new distributorship  in New Orleans called Central Records Distributing Company, the appointed distributor for the southern market for the Nashboro, Excello, Concert-Disc, Lute, Conversaphone, Joy, Stand, Frolic Dodge, Hollywood, Playtime, 90th Floor, Smart, Lucky Four, and Ivory labels.

Monday, July 6, 2020

It's Like a Snow Globe When You Shake Your Head

Daniel Boucher - Le vent soufflait mes pellicules
Devang Patel & Sunidhi Chauhan  - Dandruff song    
Jeanne Hayes - Somebody Else's Dandruff            
Sam Adams - Oh Dandruff Dan                        
The Toilet Bowl Cleaners  - A Song About Dandruff
(It's Like a Snow Globe When You Shake Your Head)

dandruff (first and last volume?)

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Pal Mal Rock

Velvet Voice 58 (EP, 1958) : Pal Mal Rock -Mal-3D's Starring Arnie Ginsburg in his first (and last) singing appearance / Arnie's Theme - 3D's / Ginger - Wayne Parker / Bonnie - Dal-Tones

Arnie W. "Woo-Woo" Ginsburg (1926-2020)

American Top 40 radio DJ known by his nickname, "Woo Woo" Ginsburg. Active from the 1950s through 1980s, popular for his zany on-air personality and use of sound-effects. Worked primarily in and around Boston, Massachusetts at stations WBOS, WMEX, WRKO and WBZ, among others; he was a member of the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Johnny B. Goode

Frank Salinas
with the Johnny Rushing Orch.

Johnny B. Goode / Witch Doctor

Moonglow 5083x45 [Belgium]

Johnny B. Goode

Two "hit of the day" covers by the unknown Frank Salinas backed by the equally unknown Johnny Rushing orchestra. Same track of Johnny B. Goode also issued on Tops Records as by Steve Todd while Witch Doctor has been issued in France as by the Allegrettes on the Pacific label. I wouldn't be at all surprised that the Witch Doctor track also came on Tops Records as by Ross Barbour

The history of Moonglow Records goes back to the 1950s in Belgium, although most know Moonglow as a 1960s Los Angeles-based label. Albert van Hoogten was owner of Ronnex Records in Belgium, and sent his brother, Rene Jan van Hoogten, to the United States in the mid-1950s to set up a label here. The first version of Moonglow Records was run out of Woodside, New York.



Addenda (2 July 2020) : obviously something more powerful than me and you has his hand on the file sharing thing.  OpenDrive and Mediafire don't allow any direct download for these two Frank Salinas files. So, Amazon has the right to sell something they probably don't own?