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Oh Mona

Wayne Pav & the Orphuns

Oh Mona

Pav Records 650

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Doodle Doo Doo

Doodle Doo Doo

Born Martha M. McBride in Montana in 1914.  Martha was one of the “McBride Sisters” famous 1930’s Portland singing trio heard on network radio. Other McBride Sisters were Virginia, born in 1913 in South Dakota and Hazel McBride, born in Timberlake, South Dakota in 1915.

Martha married in 1940 George Edward Bruns, a musician. They had met while performing. Her solo stage name was then Jean Porter. George would become KEX Musical Director in the 1940's and they would move to Los Angeles about 1950, craving a bigger music scene than Portland could offer.  George played tuba in a jazz band (you heard that right, tuba and jazz in the same sentence), created a night club act with his wife.  Jean Porter would record for Capitol Records as Jeanne Gayle.  In 1953, George was asked to write the music for a short over at United Productions of America, Little Boy with a Big Horn. His work was impressive enough to grab some attention over at the Walt Disney Studio and he was hired the same year to arrange Tchaikovsky’s ballet music and write new score for the upcoming feature Sleeping Beauty and becoming the studios Musical Director in 1959, co-writing hit songs like The Balled of Davy Crockett. Martha recorded for Disney records as well.

Jeanne Gayle (Cash Box, Feb. 26, 1952)

Jeanne Gayle (18 tracks) 
I gathered here all the tracks I was able to find

Jeanne Gayle & The Gin Bottle 4 (Good Time Jazz Records)
01 - Doodle Doo Doo (1950)              
02 - Angry (1950)   
Bob Crosby and the Bopcats, Vocal Duet by Bob Crosby & Jeanne Gayle (Capitol Records)
03 - Cryin' Shame (1951)       

Jeanne Gayle (Capitol Records)
04 - Wondering (1952)                                       
05 - (The Angels Are Lighting) God's Little Candles (1952)  
06 - Mr. Fly-By-Night (1952)                                
07 - I'm Movin' On (1952)                                   
08 - Bim Bam Baby (1952)                                    
09 - It Takes Two to Tango (1952)                           
10 - Butterflies (1952)       
Duet with Tennessee Ernie Ford (From radio shows)
11 - Detour                 
12 - Hit And Run Affair     
13 - Potatoes Are Cheaper        
14 - Shoo Shoo Baby     
KABC-TV, Stars Of Jazz, TV series, hosted by Bobby Troup 
15 - Some of these Days (1956)    
16 - Angry (1957)                                           
17 - How Come You Do Like Me Like You Do, Do, Do (1957)    

From Walt Disney's cartoon "Noah's Ark", voice of Mrs. Hippo
18 - Don't Mention His Name To Me (1959)           


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Theme From The Krack Potters Suite


Address: Los Angeles, CA
Proprietor: Jimmy (Nunnie) Moore

711 Jimmy Moore And The Peacocks  

    NO-601 Tender Love (Moore, Noble Music Co.)
    NO-602  I Want To Know

712 Jimmy Moore
    603 When I Am Lonely (Moore - Bordors, Noble Music Co.)
    604 You Better Stop It (Moore, Noble Music Co.)

713 Jessie Pipkin And Band (Vocal Solo: Levoid Harts)
    NO-605  Cry, Cry, Cry (Moore, Noble Music Co.)
    NO-606 Work With It (Pipkin, Noble Music Co.)

714 Krack Potts

    607 All I Need Is Your Love (Krack Potts, Casual Pub. BMI)
    608 Theme From The Krack Potters Suite (Krack Potts, Casual Pub. BMI)

715 The King Bees   - Vocal Clyde And Rand

    609 What Would Have Been, Can't Be (Thomas, Casual Pub. BMI)
    610 Tender Love (Moore, Casual Pub. BMI)   

716 Ray "Happy" Easter

    612 Baby Please
    611 Don't Know How To Break The News



718  Jimmy Moore

    615  I Must Tell The World  (Moore, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)
    616   Lonely Lonely Night  (Moore, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)  

719 The Tabs (also issued as by The Marquis) - 1959

    617 Rock And Roll Holiday (Saxton, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)
    618 Never Forget (Forbes, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)

720 The Tabs - 1959

    620 My Girl Is Gone (Forbes, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)
    621 Oops (Johnson, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)

721 The Laurels

    UR-4340-A Don't Just Stand There
    UR-4340-B Rhythm
722 (45X722) Jimmie Moore

    Love (NR-625) (Moore, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)
    So Glad (NR-626) (Moore, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)

723 Arthur L. McDonald
    Produced In Charlotte, N.C. 9542 Felbank Dr.

    A Hump In The Back (NR-629) (Moore And Mcdonald, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)
    My Creation (NR-630) (Mcdonald, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)

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If It Wasn't For The Kids - Volume 6

On cover: Father Trailhoff

I'm greatly indebted to Father Trailhoff whose baton has educated
so many children in the past. His hand never trembled
when it came to calling back the rules to all these little bastards.


Keith Green - A Go-Go Getter (Decca, 1965)                                   
Little Jeannie - My Little Dog Has Gone To the Moon For Christmas (Spann)    
Little Leon Payne - History Of Love (Daco, 1962)                             
Little Miss Darlene - Daddy-O                                                
Little Sammy Swinger - Hot Pastrami w Mashed Potatoes (Essar)                
Little Suzie - Young Love (Burbank)                                          
Lucky Peterson - 1,2,3,4 (1971)                                              
Phillis & Jeffrey Carlyle - Santa Claus Looks Like My Daddy (Esquire, 1953)  
Reggie Pitassy - Easter Bunny Bring My Daddy Home (Pitassy & White Cliffs)         
Ronnie Reno - Lasses (Reno)                                                  
The Singing Crowes -  Grumbles Medley (His LP)                               
Toni Harper - Candy Store Blues  (Columbia, 1948)                            

Keith Green 
Born in 1953, Keith Green took to music at a young age, as he "began with the ukulele at three, the guitar at five, and the piano at seven". Green played the role of Kurt von Trapp in The Sound of Music starring Janet Blair in the opening production at the Valley Music Theater, in Los Angeles when he was 10.  Green and his father Harvey signed a five-year contract with Decca Records in February 1965, with Harvey as business manager, having written 40 original songs already. The first song released on disc was A Go-Go Getter in May 1965, produced by Gary Usher, which he had composed and published before signing with Decca. He became the youngest person ever to sign with the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) upon publication of this song at age 11.

Little Jeannie
Daughter of Dr. David Shapiro, a physician, poet and lyricist from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  "My Little Dog Has Gone To the Moon For Christmas" was released just before Christmas 1958 by the little Spann label, out of Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1958.

Little Leon Payne
Albert Leon Payne, son of Dusty Payne, who had recorded two collectible rockabilly singles in 1956-1957.  Little Leon started recording when he was 9 or 10, toured, played for years and.retired from music around 2000.   Little Leon had further records on Radco, Genini and Ben Hur

Little Miss Darlene 
Little Miss Darlene was the daughter of Esther Casteel, a three-quarter Sioux Indian .  She performed  in the early fifties on many programs from Los Angeles to Portland and recorded for the Western Ranch Music Record label which was owned by her mother.  She was known then as Baby Darlene.  "Daddy-O" was issued on the Star-light label (a Rite custom press) in 1959. I will  not refrain from posting the flip (Huddle Me, Cuddle Me) which has a remarkable ressemblance to "Money" by The Flying Lizards.(!?!)

Little Sammy Swinger Nothing about the kid. Research will go on. As the officials often say "no track is left out", meaning "we are in the most complete fog".  "Hot Pastrami w/ Mashed Potatoes" was issued on the obscure Essar, a Midwest label, possibly from Michigan owned by one S.R. Gardiner.

Little Suzie
"Young Love", the Ric Cartey well known song from 1956 was issued on Renco & also on the  Warner-Bros distributed-Burbank label. A George Motola production & also possibly Russ Regan.
Who is Little Suzie?

Lucky Peterson
Born in Buffalo, New York in 1964, the son of James Peterson, a blues guitarist and owner of “The Governor’s Inn”, a popular roadhouse club in the city and regular stop for some of the most famous bluesmen of the day. At the age of 3 Little Lucky Peterson gave his first concert and,was hanging around the club learning from and starting to play with the numerous artists that passed through. One of the top artists of the day – Willie Dixon, who recognized his talent and produced Little Lucky Peterson’s first record in 1971.  " 1,2,3,4 " was issued on Today (a subsidiary of Peception Ventures) and on Yambo Records.

Phillis & Jeffrey Carlyle
Phillis and Jeffrey, her seven years younger brother, were the children of Russ Carlyle, a well-known band leader in the Big Band era.  Phillis (or Phyllis), born in Cleveland, moved to Chicago and started a talent agency for commercials, handling models for catalogues and print ads and actors for voice-over work. After 10 years she sold her agency, A-Plus, and moved to Los Angeles. "Santa Claus Looks Like My Daddy" was on the Esquire label in 1953.

Reggie Pitassy 
The son of Jody Pitassy, who ran the small Pitassy label in New Orleans. From 1964, " Easter Bunny Bring My Daddy Home " was available on Pitassy Records and also on White Cliffs.

Ronnie Reno

Son of Don Reno, banjo pioneer and one-half of the Hall of Fame duo Reno & Smiley. In 1955, seven-year-old “Little Ronnie Reno” climbed atop a milk carton, stretched up to the mic, and performed for his first national audience on “The Old Dominion Barndance.”    He earned a reputation as a fine utility player and picked up additional work with groups like the Louvin Brothers, or whoever needed him. With the desire to spread his own wings, Reno joined the famed Osborne Brothers and provided part of the trademark trio harmony during the height of their commercial success. In 1971, they were awarded the coveted CMA Vocal Group of the Year. "Lasses" was on the King custom pressed Reno label, at an unkown date (mid to late fifties)

The Singing Crowes 
Not to be confused with Singing Crowes from Lansing, Michigan. These Crowes were the seven children of pastor and Mrs. Glen Crowe, from Dorchester, Ontario.  On Grumbles Medley, you will hear successively the solos of Brenda, Lois and Jonathan.  This is from an album issued on the His label (""Making music in His name" located in Thamesford, Ontario. From circa 1967.

Toni Harper
Born in 1937, Los Angeles, California, Toni Harper learned dance under Maceo Anderson. Harper was cast by the choreographer Nick Castle in Christmas Follies, at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in 1945. She later went on to perform on stage with Herb Jeffries and Cab Calloway. Harper recorded "Candy Store Blues" which became a platinum record, appeared twice on Toast of the Town (later The Ed Sullivan Show) in 1949, and made her third and final appearance on the show in 1950.
After success as a child singer, Harper recorded her first album, Toni, for Verve Records in 1955, with the Oscar Peterson trio. She made two further albums, arranged by Marty Paich, Lady Lonely (1959) and Night Mood (1960) for RCA Victor. Harper toured Japan with Cannonball Adderley in 1963 and appeared in the film How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965) before retiring from performing at the age of 29 in 1966.

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Orange Blossom Special

Annette Funicello

From her 1984 (and last) album "Annette Funicello Country Album" on Starview Records (Bakersfield, Calif.).

    Lead Guitar: Phil Baugh
    Piano: Pigg Robbins, Bob Patin, Roger Morris
    Bass Guitar: Henry Strzelecki
    Rhythm Guitar: Pete Wade, Steve Chapman
    Steel Guitar: Buddy Emmons, Paul Franklin
    Violin: Buddy Spicher, Hoot Hester
    Harmonica / Percussion: Terry McMillan
    Drums: Kenny Malone
    Background Singers: Phil Forrest, Hurshel Wiginton, Lisa Silver, Diane Tidwell
    Engineer: Randy Best

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New Proposed State Songs

Chuck Jones

Found 21 proposed state songs at the website of Chuck Jones, a Chicago artist, who composed most of these songs.  The artist has not yet found the inspiration for all other states or he don't really care about these.. What they have in common is that they have zero chance to be adopted one day as state song, that will be clear as soon as you listen to the first song or read the lyrics which are included at the Chuck Jones' website.  Remember, this is ART...
For instance, here is the Indiana song :
Everybody Indiana loves slide whistles.
Slide Whistles!
All the people Indiana love slide whistles .
Slide Whistles!

Our state is flat and boring and the people aren't so nice.
We have staked our happiness on this one device.
Whistling slide whistles can give us inspiration.
Nothing in America can break off the temptation of...

Slide Whistles.


(Slide Whistle Chorus of "What goes on" by the Velvet Underground)

Everybody Indiana loves slide whistles.
Slide Whistles!
The people Indiana love slide whistles.
Slide Whistles!


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When Oh When

Honest Jess
And His Western Cavaliers

When Oh When

Honest Jess Records
both sides


Out of Amarillo, Texas. The vocalist is uncredited. But is not Honest Jess. I do believe the vocalist was Jerrell Messer who wrote the lyrics, while Virgil Hume composed the music of the flip side titled Suzanne, Quit Rocking To The Can-Can.  Jerrell Winfred Messer (1924-1975) was born in Memphis (Hall County, Texas). A WW II veteran, he died in California of a massive heart attack. 
Honest Jess Williams was a Western Swing guitarist in the 40s and 50s, with “Billy Briggs and the XIT Boys” and “The Sons of The West”.
Williams was lastingly grateful to be back home in Amarillo after his wartime-combat experiences. His European Theatre service had left the genial extrovert with a chronic-to-acute case of shell-shock anxiety that could be triggered by something as commonplace as an automobile’s backfire. In becoming ever more the local celebrity, Williams branched into television, beyond the X.I.T. Boys’ radio-and-teevee appearances, as an after-school kid-show host. He furthered his “Honest Jess” moniker as a Chevrolet salesman and a horse-trainer and riding coach. And he raised musically inclined offspring, including guitarist Ron Williams and drummer Lynn Williams, who would become prominent sidemen on the rock-band scene around and beyond Texas’ Panhandle region.

The 1950s found their ensemble sound essentially unchanged from the progressive fusion of idioms they had developed during the 1940s. Neither Briggs, with his taste for coaxing bizarre, stinging chords and a jazz-rooted shuffle-boogie pattern from his long-leggéd and homemade nine-string steel, nor Williams, with his blues-based heartbeat strumming, could be pegged as a typical hillbilly artist.

But Briggs and, especially, Williams found rhythm-and-blues and prototypical rock ’n’ roll appealing enough to explore, even within the resolutely anti-rock confines of their principal showplace, a diehard honky-tonk nightclub called the Avalon Ballroom, out on the wild-side-of-life northeastern fringes of Amarillo, Texas. The X.I.T. Boys’ 1947 independent-label recording of “X.I.T. Song,” combining a romantic complaint with a salute to an annual reunion of cowhands from the historic X.I.T. Ranch, proves downright subversive in retrospect: A review in the show-business tradepaper Billboard characterized “X.I.T. Song” as “very close to playing race swing.” It helps to know that Briggs and Williams were frequent after-hours sit-in players at the La Joya Hotel, a black nightclub and gambling den at the northwestern edge of Amarillo.

Jess Williams demonstrated a willingness to rock out with such local-label 45-r.p.m. releases of his own as “Suzanne (Stop Rockin’ to the Can-Can)” and a variant thereof called “Suzanne (Quit Twistin’ to the Can-Can).” These oddities surfaced while Jess was still holding forth at the Avalon Ballroom with a post-Briggs band called the Western Cavaliers, descended from the X.I.T. Boys.
Acknowledgment : Michael H. Price

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Man Hunt

Dodie Randle
Decca 9-30173


Man Hunt

I Fell in Love Again

Dodie Randle
Credit :

Dodie Randle, born Roberta Jean Flournoy in 1927, has recorded four songs on November 15, 1956. The Decca session was held in Los Angeles with Barney Kessel on guitar.  Two songs remained unissued : Gone, Gone, Gone and I'm In Distress.

Her only known single.  But she has been more active as a songwriter, as Dodie Randle but also as Bobbie Flournoy, Roberta Jiroudek or Dixie Philpott.  
Patsy Cline has recorded at least one of her song : I Cried All The Way To The Altar.   How Do You Learn to Love? written with Ray Whitaker and Dolores Hampton was sung by Barbara Bostock in the Universal Pictures "Girls On The Loose" (1957).   "Kiss Me Hello (But Never Goodbye)" was recorded by Ginny Greer for Decca Records (1957). 
Dodie Randle was also involved with the earliest known records of Nooney Rickett in 1959/1960 : Heaven On Earth (MGM Records) and The Bowling Song / How Now Brown Cow? on the Know label (a record by the way she also produced her only production as far as I know). Dodie Randle zipped file below includes her two Decca sides, plus the Barbara Bostock track, The Bowling Song and Heaven On Earth (both by Nooney Rickett)


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The Rats, Where To Find Them

Where it be a Rattus Norvegicus or a Rattus Rattus or even a Rattus Exulans, rats can be found anywhere. But these singers found them in specific places :

☙  In their room : Leona Anderson, Joey & Danny , Herman and the Exterminators and NBRQ
☙  In their kitchen : Sleepy John Estes , Roy Gaines, Silas Hogan (has roaches as well) and Lester Quitzau   

☙  In the bedroom : Dave MacKenzie
☙  In the closet : The Georgia Crackers and Bob Newman
☙  And The Amazing Delores, she can't do anything like everyone, found them in her trailer

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If It Wasn't For The Kids - Volume 5

"Another batch of twelve tracks by junior performers"

Jerry Naill - Barbecue Rock (1961)
From the Signal Pictures' Tomboy & The Champ. Jerry Naill found his true calling early in his life.. He discovered music as a child and was cast in the 1961 movie “Tomboy And The Champ”. Not only did Jerry have a singing part in the film, but he also had the opportunity to record six songs for the movie’s soundtrack.  A single released at that occasion paired "Barbecue Rock" and "Love Valley". 

"Barbecue Rock" was penned by Elsie Wilks, owner of Hitt Records out of Baytown, Texas.
La-Konya Smithee - Saturday Night Down South (La-Konya, 1983)      
Six year old singer and fiddler from Jonesboro, Arkansas. La-Konya Smithee was just six years old, but she was well on her way.  Fiddling and singing, the vivacious tot had landed a cast membership on the Memphis Grand Youth Opry show.  Mama Billie Smithee was never far away. "Little La-Konya won't be new much longer: Charlie Daniels has promised to put her on his Volunteer Jam, according to an article published by The Tennessean from Nashville in June 1983.
 Lena Zavaroni - Ma! (He's making eyes at me)  (Philips UK, 1974) 
Lena Hilda Zavaroni, a British child star, born on November 4, 1963, was discovered at the age of ten by winning a British TV talent hunt. Died of anorexia on October 1, 1999.

Her parents were The Zavaronis, who hailed from Genoa, father was an accordionist, her mother was a singer. They owned ‘Zavaroni’s’, a fish and chip café in Rothesay town in the Isle of Bute, Scotland.
Maria Sacco - Dollys Are For Kids (Rene, 1968) 
Maria Sacco, a 12-year-old recording artist from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, was a student of the Vella School of Dancing, and 7th grader at St. Patrick's School when she recorded her single for Rene, a label established by Charles Edward Edwin, better known as Chuck Edwards, who had been recording in the fifties for labels such as Duke, Apollo and Alanna.
Patricia Honeycutt - What a Happy Day (Cabut LP)
Patricia Lynne Honeycutt was the eleven year old daughter of Cecil & Amy Honeycutt, who formed The Gospel Enlightness, a gospel family group from Indiana. This is from their Cabut Recording Co album pressed in 1969 by Rite Records. Label based in Shelby, Ohio.
Shirley Temple - Polly-Wolly-Doodle (1935)
From the movie The Littlest Rebel.

Shirley Temple (1928-2014) Everybody knows her as the most famous child star in the 1930s. Shirley could do it all: act, sing and dance and all at the age of five! Four years in a row, between 1935 and 1938, she was the top box-office draw for Hollywood. As an adult, she entered politics and became a diplomat, serving as United States Ambassador to Ghana and later to Czechoslovakia.  Temple began her film career in 1932 at the age of three.   She died in 2014 in Woodside, California.
Brenda and Brian – Good News (1972)
2 Year Old Brenda and 4 Year Old Brian MacMurray. From the album The Singing McMurrays "Jesus Is Coming Soon", a private recording pressed by Rite Records in 1972. Pastor McMurray and his wife and his two young children were from Federal Way (Washington).  The good news here is that the song is clocking in just under fifty seconds.
The Little Stinkers - I Farted on Santa's Lap (1999, Itunes)
In 1999, The Little Stinkers, fronted by seven-year-old Mary Beltrami, fanned the winds of Christmas with I Farted on Santa's Lap (Now Christmas is Going to Stink for Me). 

On their way home from a family vacation at the beach with a carload of kids, Gina Beltrami turned to her husband, Tony, and said, "Wouldn't 'I Farted on Santa's Lap' be a great title for a Christmas song?" To fight the boredom of the long drive, they began tossing out funny lines, and by the time they pulled into their driveway, they had written a hilarious Christmas song. Eventually, Tony sat down at the piano and put together music to accompany the lyrics. The song became a family holiday standard.

One year, Gina decided to book some time at a local studio to record the song to give to friends as Christmas presents. On the day of the recording, Gina and Tony enlisted their 7 year-old daughter, Mary, their son Anthony, their nieces, Hannah and Emily, and friends Olivia and Lauren to sing "I Farted on Santa's Lap," and The Little Stinkers were born. 

The recording was such a hit with family and friends that Gina decided to bring it to local D.J., Ken Matthews, at WAEB-FM/B-104 in Allentown, PA...

The Rhodes Kids - Land of 1000 Dances (live, 1974)
The seven Rhodes Kids were the children of an Exxon engineer and a concert pianist, and had already been playing together casually before relocating to Houston in 1970. Soon they were performing at the Las Vegas Hilton alongside Elvis and B.B. King, appearing on Jack Paar and Michael Douglas' TV shows, gigging on American Bandstand and in a Walt Disney World special, and hobnobbing with Wayne Newton and Sammy Davis, Jr. The family group released 4 LPs and 7 singles between 1972-75.

Land of 1000 Dances is from a live recording found at Youtube. This is probably from a July 4, 1974 two-hour concert presented by General Recording Corporation (GRC). The concert, held at Central City Park, was broadcasted live by Atlanta's WSB-TV. The Rhodes Kids were one of three acts featured that day.

At the time, The Rhodes Kids were GRC artists. The label released several singles and one album ("Rock 'N' Rhodes Christmas") featuring some blurb from the owner of the General Recording Corporation, Michael Thevis, better known as "The King Of Porn".  The beginning of the end for Thevis came in 1976, when he was convicted of conspiracy to commit arson, and distribution of obscene materials; Thevis was sentenced to eight years and six months. He died in prison in 2013.

According to Gary Rhodes, currently a worship pastor in Waco, the Rhodes family had very little idea who they were really doing business with in the early '70s. "We (including our parents) were totally unaware of any ties the record company owner had with the porn industry," . As we had doubt...
Calvin – A Cowboy For Jesus (Diadem, 1968) 
From the album "Aunt Bertha Presents Singtime" (Diadem DLP-268, Grand Rapids, Michigan). Main singer on the album is seven-years old Little Lady Linda, about who Aunt Bertha is giving details, but she has only few words about Calvin : "tiny tots Calvin [and Rachel] add sparkle in their winsome way."
Drusilla & Susanna– I’ve Found a Hiding Place (1964)
From The Humbards privately pressed album "Suppertime". The 4 year old twins Drusilla & Susanna are the daughters of Rex Humbard and Maud Aimee, television evangelists of the Cathedral of Tomorrow programme, from Youngstown, Ohio. Humbard was Elvis’s favourite preacher.
Judy Adams - I Slipped And Fell (Process, 1968)
From the album Little seven year old Judy Adams sings for the little girls and boys, backed by Gordon Sizemore on guitar.  On the Process label, out of Franklin, Pennsylvania.

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Teach Me Tonight

Jane Landee

Teach Me Tonight

Record arranged and conducted by Bob Florence.  Jane Landee was a supper club/lounge singer active in the sixties in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. In the late sixties, Miss Landee has teamed with singer John Wade, formerly with Modernaires singing group,  and drummer Burt Karl.  
No date, but probably mid-sixties. The only other release on the same Sherman Oaks label that I know of is Buddy Worth at the Fireside Inn,  album playing jazz piano bar lounge style music review by Billboard in January 1965.

John Wade, Jane Landee on piano and vocal
and Burt Karl on drums (1969 ad)

Talk To Me

Dawn Owens
and the Rhythm Kings

Talk To Me

Flip of Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes, as requested by Aidan B.  


Friday, March 6, 2020

It's Because Of Love

The Fowler Sisters

 It's Because Of Love
A. Fowler, Whole Note Pub. BMI

(ESP) by Special Request

Produced by George Fowler.  George Fowler was an organist, session player and GospeI and Blues and R&B songwriter and producer at Motown Records. He produced virtually ALL Motown's Gospel releases (first on Tamla and Motown Records, and then was the producer who ran Motown's Divinity Records.

Aside from his duties with the acts on Divinity, Fowler also wrote and/or produced songs for La Brenda Ben, Mable John, Eddie Holland, Henry Lumpkin, Liz Lands, Marvin & Mary, the Supremes, the Contours and Marv Johnson from 61-64. Oddly, he also produced "Everytime I Feel The Spirit" for the Supremes in 1967, several years after his departure from the label.

Other releases on his own ESP label were :

ESP 6132 : The Status Quo – World Of Trouble (background Fowler Sisters)
     Forward Productions, Highland Park, Michigan address
ESP 6523 :  (Lady) Liz ‎– Make Your Future Come Right Now

George Fowler passed away on April 13, 2016.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

If It Wasn't For The Kids - Volume 4

Augie Rios -  The Teacher Walked Out of the Room  (Metro, 1959)
Born in New York City to Puerto Rican immigrants, Augie Rios was a child actor and singer who performed the hit song "¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?" in 1958 on Metro Records, a MGM subsidiary.
Brucie Weil -  Little Boy Blues (Barbour, 1953)
Wanting to exploit their own child's talent, Brucie's parents contacted the songwriters Tom Murray and Tony Burrello (Anthony Tamburello), who came up with the song "God Bless Us All." These were the guys who started the Horrible Records label to release bizarre novelties.  WNEW disk jockey Martin Block called it 1953's "biggest turkey of the year," but many people still fondly remember this unusual record today.
More at Music Weird blog
Katie Sweet -  I Love To Rock (Deck, 1960)
Born in 1957, Covington, Kentucky. Hollywood child star Katherine Marie "Katie" Sweet was discovered in 1959 by Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, who needed a precocious two-year old for a part in one of their upcoming television shows.  From there, Sweet's career blossomed and she appeared on television in numerous shows including Ben Casey, Bonanza, The Lucy Show. Her acting career had ended at age 13, in 1970. 
Little Denise Stevenson -  Would It Be Me (Voice, 1973)
Little Denise Stevenson - 12 years old with 50 years of soul - was discovered in Oakland, Calif. by veteran blues singer Jimmy McCracklin. So impressed was West Coast nightclub owner Irving Labee that he invested $75,000 in a record label to make her a future star. Composer Beulah Facyson is Beulah McCracklin, wife of Jimmy McCracklin
Little Gary Ferguson -  A Mother's Love (Mothers, 1970)

Produced in Hollywood by H.B. Barnum for Mothers Records & The Snarf Company. This Dallas talented child wonder started recording in 1966 for Pam Records, label launched by Pat Morgan, a businessman-turned promoter and Little Gary manager.
Little Kristy McIntyre -  I Want Someone Who Needs Me (Ranger, 1985)
She's only 6 years old, says the label.  From Norman, Oklahoma. Kristy Mclntyre was the talent winner in the 1986-87 "Little Miss of America Pageant" and "Stars of the USA Pageant." She has made television appearances on "Stairway o the Stars" and "Nashville Copycats" and has made personal appearances at entertainment parks and events n several states.  In 1985, 1986 and 1987 she was one of five top finalists or "best female singer in Oklahoma under the age of 18." 
 Little Rita Faye - I Fell Out Of A Christmas Tree (MGM,1953)
Born 1944 in Whitesboro, Texas.  Rita Faye is the daughter of musical parents, Smiley and Kitty (Carson) Wilson.  Later on, her parents happened to be working with the Martha Carson troupe at WSM in Nashville, Tennessee. When Ms. Carson had heard Rita Faye, she got the attention of Fred Rose, who in turn contacted Frank Walker at MGM Records. Her first record was "Wait A Little Longer" b/w "Rock City Boogie". She then went on to make guest appearances on the stage of WSM's Grand Ole Opry and the "Sunday Down South" programs. By the end of 1953, she was making regular appearances every Saturday night on the "Midway Jamboree" that was broadcast over radio station WGAD in Gadsden, Alabama, keeping in mind she was only nine years old or so at that time.   In the early 1960s, Rita was a 17-year old recording artist for Capitol.
Marvin Short - Lovesick Blues (Little Dixie,xx)
From Keota, Oklahoma, the youngest of four, Marvin was raised on a steady diet of country and rock ‘n’ roll music. His dad worked for a US Army munitions plant that was a 6-hour drive away, but performed on nights and weekends with his Country/Western band, Ken Short and the Drifters. “My Daddy made sure to call it Country AND Western,” Marvin said. As Marvin’s singing talent became more obvious, his dad put Marvin on the stage and let him front the band more and more.

By the time Marvin was 10 years old, his dad got him gigs on morning TV shows in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and introduced him to the recording studio where he cut his first track on a record. At the age of 12, he won several honors including “Under 16 Male Vocalist Award” and the “Under 16 Male Instrumentalist” from the Oklahoma Opry Association.
 Melinda Sloop -  He's Got The Whole World in his Hands (Justice,xx)
A custom recording done at Justice Record Co, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. No known date, but no earlier than October 1965, when Calvin Newton founded the studios.  Calvin Newton has enjoyed several careers in his 50 years in music, including success as a gospel singer. Born in West Frankfort, Illinois, Newton was the son of a coal miner who was also a Church of God preacher and founded churches in Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  The Justice label has issued gospel groups and small combos.  From this now, long defunct and highly collectable label comes some of the best and most sought after recordings among the Garage bands collectors.
Stacey Lynn Ries -  Johnny B Goode  (Nu-Sound, 1981)

Born in 1970, Stacy Lynn Ries is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ries of Fort Wavne, Indiana.  The youngster began appearing on television at age 3 and recording records at age 4. when she also began appearing with her own band.   She has appeared twice at the Indiana State Fair, and in 1976 she performed before President Gerald R. Ford at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Indiana.   She also sang on her own weekly radio program. Stacy has appeared with such well-known singers as Ernest Tubbs. Faron Young. Justin Tubb. Loretta Lynn and Rex Allen Jr.   Her records include. "The Kindergarten Class Convoy." Be My Valentine" and "The Easter Bunny Hops Along." and several others.
The Collins Kids -  Beetle Bug Bop (Columbia, 1955) 

The Collins Kids were a duo featuring Lawrencine "Lorrie" Collins (1942–2018) and her younger brother Lawrence "Larry" Collins (1944-).  Born and raised in Oklahoma, the Collins Kids came with their family to California in search of a better life. Larry & Lorrie began performing together as teens and became immediate sensations on the Town Hall Party radio program where Larry often dueted with guitarist Joe Maphis. The Kids were signed by Columbia, where the pair recorded some hot rockers. Larry and Lorrie were big stars in the California country scene.                  
The Spades - When I Get To Goin' (Spade, 1965)
Randy Clay has been playing since the age of 6. Playing with his family based band in the 1960's he co-wrote, sang and drummed on the songs, "When I Get To Going" and "I'm So Happy", which were recorded at Arthur Smith Studios in Charlotte, NC. At age 8 he began learning to play the guitar which added a more melodic element to his music. 
Record pressed by Kay-Bank in 1965.

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