Thursday, March 26, 2020

Theme From The Krack Potters Suite


Address: Los Angeles, CA
Proprietor: Jimmy (Nunnie) Moore

711 Jimmy Moore And The Peacocks  

    NO-601 Tender Love (Moore, Noble Music Co.)
    NO-602  I Want To Know

712 Jimmy Moore
    603 When I Am Lonely (Moore - Bordors, Noble Music Co.)
    604 You Better Stop It (Moore, Noble Music Co.)

713 Jessie Pipkin And Band (Vocal Solo: Levoid Harts)
    NO-605  Cry, Cry, Cry (Moore, Noble Music Co.)
    NO-606 Work With It (Pipkin, Noble Music Co.)

714 Krack Potts

    607 All I Need Is Your Love (Krack Potts, Casual Pub. BMI)
    608 Theme From The Krack Potters Suite (Krack Potts, Casual Pub. BMI)

715 The King Bees   - Vocal Clyde And Rand

    609 What Would Have Been, Can't Be (Thomas, Casual Pub. BMI)
    610 Tender Love (Moore, Casual Pub. BMI)   

716 Ray "Happy" Easter

    612 Baby Please
    611 Don't Know How To Break The News



718  Jimmy Moore

    615  I Must Tell The World  (Moore, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)
    616   Lonely Lonely Night  (Moore, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)  

719 The Tabs (also issued as by The Marquis) - 1959

    617 Rock And Roll Holiday (Saxton, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)
    618 Never Forget (Forbes, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)

720 The Tabs - 1959

    620 My Girl Is Gone (Forbes, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)
    621 Oops (Johnson, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)

721 The Laurels

    UR-4340-A Don't Just Stand There
    UR-4340-B Rhythm
722 (45X722) Jimmie Moore

    Love (NR-625) (Moore, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)
    So Glad (NR-626) (Moore, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)

723 Arthur L. McDonald
    Produced In Charlotte, N.C. 9542 Felbank Dr.

    A Hump In The Back (NR-629) (Moore And Mcdonald, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)
    My Creation (NR-630) (Mcdonald, Casual Pub. Co. BMI)

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