Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'm Wondering

Mike Haskins
with The Valeneers

I'm Wondering

Shadow Records #105

Group rocker on the Shadow label out of Bristol, Tennessee owned by Joe Morrell.   The Valeneers were also featured on the following Shadow release, backing Sam Thomas (Bowling Twist/ Trust in me)
The flip, in the doo wop vein, can be found indeed on YT  

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Angie Monaco

On White Top Recording (1962-1963)  he was Angie Monaco, on Kable (1963-1964) and Mickay's (196x) he was Mel Anton.  His real name is Angelo Stocchi from Michigan, vocalist with The Checkers (1964-1965) who played locally in Detroit, Michigan in the mid-sixties.  File under "teener", I guess.

1 -Angie and the Monoco's-True Love-White Top        
2 -Angie and the Monoco's-Sad As I Can Be-White Top  
3 -Angie Monaco-Confess-White Top                    
4 -Angie Monaco-Hey Love-A Love-A-White Top          
5 -Angie Monaco-Heart Breaker-White Top              
6 -Mel Anton-Third House Second Block-Kable          
7 -Mel Anton-Don t Treat Me This Way-Mickay's        
8 -Mel Anton-Love Is Born-Mickay's