Saturday, September 30, 2017

Thanks Pat!

Pat Boone Presents

10 Golden Hits

Billy Adams and the Pedal Pushers  - Daisy Belle (KoKo, 1962)                                        
Bobby O'Brown  - Hometown Music (Gateway, 1965)                            
Diana Cole - The Yodelin' Blues (Josie, 1956)                             
Hitmakers - Cool School (Original 1, 1959)                                
Johnny and Ted - Naughty Little Lulu (Vee Jay, 1959)                  
Mohammad Ba Sarish - Since I Met You Baby (Gateway Parade Of Hits, 1956)  
Roy Kildaire  - What About It (Blue Beat) (UK, 1964))                      
Spo-De-Odee - Crashing The Party (Verus, 1960)                        
The DeMires - The Spider ( Lunar, 1959)                               
The Keystoner's - T.V. Gal (Riff, 1957)     

From the back cover :
"Some old RnB non-hits I didn't covered at the time of their releases.  Some are well known (?), some are not.  Specially compiled for my friend Bob for his DeadWax blog.  Sorry, I don't have the time to write some liner notes, next time perhaps..."   Truly yours, Pat

Thanks Pat!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I'll Tell It

Calvin Wills

I'll Tell It

Just One More Chance

[Gray Ant 107]

A Vernon Wray production, no doubt.  Of Calvin Wills, nothing is known. Possibly recorded in Washington, D.C. or at Vernon's studio in Accokeek, Maryland.

A short list of Vernon Wray productions from 1965-1967 
(RCA masters) (Label) (Artist)
SK4M 1829 Bella 1000 - Bob Rubino   
SK4M 1830
SK4M 8479 Vermillion 107-  The Sting Rays
S4KM 84??
SK4M 0973 Gray Ant - Calvin Wills
SK4M 0974

T4KM-7477 Gray Ant  - The Hard Times
T4KM 9689 Gray Ant  -  The Dead Beats
T4KM 96??

U4KM 4979 Vector 211 -  Mister's Virtue    
U4KM 4980
UK4M 2375 Vermillion 1951 - Jimmy Eller And His Little People  
UK4M 23??

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I See The Water

Patricia Oberhaus

I See The Water

Oberhaus DV-001

Patricia Oberhaus was a Berkeley artist and avant-garde filmmaker known for her erotic drawings and illustrations that appeared in counterculture books  and underground newspapers of the period

Patricia Oberhaus had 3 children (two daughters, Robin and Sue and one son,) and one long-term partner and step-father to her girls of 14 years, Peter Neufeld.  She was an “unusual character”.

Her art speaks for itself. She was bold in her assessment of American culture, as in her article and accompanying drawing about Beatlemania which captured the liberation of women’s sensuality in real time, published in the Barb 9/10/65. The original was purchased for $5,000 by a Mr. Daniel A. Kildare for $5,000 shortly afterward. 

Despite some early financial success, Patricia seems to have died without any resources and hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of artwork are unaccounted for. If still in existence, they would likely be found in the Humboldt area, where she lived until her death in the early 90’s.

Patricia Oberhaus, “Artist Tells of Virgin Rites
at Beatle Bacchanal,”
Berkeley Barb, Vol. 1, No. 5, September 10, 1965

Friday, September 22, 2017

Little David

Pentecostal Travelers

Little David

N.J.P. 45-34

From Covington, Kentucky.  The Pentecostal Travelers comprised guitarist Pete Nantz, better known for his rockabilly platter on the Clix label (see Rockin' Country Style)  and possibly James Walter Penny. Other members are unknown

Pete Nantz first (?) recorded in 1955 with Luke Thompson and Jesse Kidd on Excellent Records (he is the credited vocalist on the "You Promised My Heart" side).   After his Clix recordings in 1956, he became a Pentecostal preacher.  Backed by The Travelers Quartet, he released at least two sacred EPs on the Jewel Records imprint in 1967, just before his untimely death.

Orville (Pete) Nantz died in December 1967 at General Hospital, Cincinnati.  He was 37 yr. old.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sorry 'Bout That

Curly McIntyre
and the Cimarron Cowboys

Sorry 'Bout That
Henderson Publishing Co. ASCAP

HAP Music Productions, Inc.
Box 5044 San Angelo Texas 76901



Floyd P. McIntyre is his name.  He recorded two singles in 1968 (probably in Nashville), one for Stop Records with "Sorry 'Bout That" (backed by a different flip) and another for Plantation Records.

This Hap label is rather obscure and the usual sources of information about Texas music are of no help.
Four singles on this San Angelo label are listed here and obviously a dozen of singles still missing

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Let It Rock

Ronnie McFarlin
and the Javamen
Let It Rock

Slim Slo Slider SSS 230

Late 60s/early 70s

Hollywood-based country rocker Ron McFarlin came from Michigan where was first based this Slim Slo Slider label which was perhaps his own label as further releases by Ron on the label had an address in Hollywood, Calif.

He released three albums on the Round Robin label and  a number of singles for a number of labels (Corby, Sequoia, K-Ark, Solar, Mystic) including one single in Nashville for Stargem Records proudly "dedicated to the unknown singer and songwriter" as printed on the label

Friday, September 8, 2017

Johnny B. Goode

Stacy Lynn Ries
(10 yrs. old)

Johnny B. Goode

Nu-Sound Records 81N-447

Born in 1970, Stacy Lynn Ries is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ries of Fort Wavne, Indiana.  The youngster began appearing on television at age 3 and recording records at age 4. when she also began appearing with her own band.   She has appeared twice at the Indiana State Fair, and in 1976 she performed before President Gerald R. Ford at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Indiana.   She also sang on her own weekly radio program. Stacy has appeared with such well-known singers as Ernest Tubbs. Faron Young. Justin Tubb. Loretta Lynn and Rex Allen Jr.   Her records include. "The Kindergarten Class Convoy." Be My Valentine" and "The Easter Bunny Hops Along." and several others.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Zabethe Wilde (China Doll Dickerson)

Elizabeth Dickerson, Waxmate of the Month (not yet known as Zabethe Wilde)
Capitol Records (1961)

Betty "China Doll" Dickerson, who possessed a rare knack for interpreting the blues with her body,  introduced a sparkling new brand of eurythmics to night-club audiences. 

China Doll Dickerson changed her name to Zabeth Wilde when she became a singer. She recorded at least two singles for Capitol Records in 1961


 possesses a rare knack for interpreting the blues with her body


Covers her torse with balloons and lets male customers at ringside pop them . 
When the last ones burst , she runs offstage nude


Zabethe mimicking Elvis

Monday, September 4, 2017

Baby, Don't Do It

Jim Westerfield
with orchestra directed by
Mark Liberstein

Baby, Don't Do It


Marlo 1526


Jim Westerfield

Jim was born on March 8th, 1935 in East St. Louis, IL. He was the youngest of eight children. He was an accomplished musician and composer.  He loved to share stories of his early days in music, including sharing coffee with Ike and Tina Turner at Technosonic Studios, and meeting his idol, Al Alberts of the Four Aces, in the 1950’s, and continued a close friendship with him until Al’s passing in November 2009.

Jim and his wife Marilyn had been married for over 55 years and turned their passion for history, food, and each other by creating The Westerfield House in 1984.   Visitors from across the country (and around the world) came to enjoy the experience of the bed & breakfast/restaurant until the Westerfields’ retirement in 2002. Also during the Westerfield House’s incredible run,  Jim turned his extensive knowledge of botany into another amazing chapter of his life. He cross pollinated mints and created a “new child of nature” (as Jim so eloquently put it) called Dulcia Citreus, or better known as ‘Hillary’s Sweet Lemon Mint’, which he also held the patent on. (The mint was delivered to then First Lady Hillary Clinton in 1993 and planted in the White House garden.) At the time of Jim’s passing, he had created over 60 unique culinary mints.

Jim Westerfield passed away at home on November 22nd, 2013 with his wife Marilyn at his side.

The Westerfield House was listed in Conde Nast Traveler magazine (4/95) as one of the top 250 restaurants in the US

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Motorcycle Michael

"Motorcycle Michael" has been issued on CD by Cees Klop on his Collector label in 2000 on a double CD titled "50 Early Rockin' Tracks".  The accompanying booklet had a picture on a single on the Mesquite label, a single that never was, as it was another of these fabricated images sometimes found on the Cees Klop's releases' booklets.

The song was issued on "Hollywood On The Pike" (Mesquite Records) an album presenting 13 tracks by various performers and recorded from the bandstand at the Hollywood On the Pike, a Long Beach show club (no dancing) located on West Pike.

Cindy Carson was mainly a Long Beach club performer, vocalist, bassist, and yodler. According to a musician who worked with her " Ol' Cindy had a great set of pipes and played a solid country bass. At one point she was with Capitol Records. We worked together a good bit over the years, mostly private stuff....."

Motorcycle Michel
was a minor hit for Jo Ann Campbell in 1961. 
Peter Udell wrote the lyrics and Gary Geld the music.  Born in 1935 in New Jersey) Gary Geld was a writer and producer for Connie Francis, Brian Hyland, Jackie Wilson, Gene Pitney, and Skeeter Davis.  His main collaborator was Peter Udell. Geld-Udell team's greatest hit was perhaps "Sealed With a Kiss".

Cindy Carson
Motorcycle Michael 
Mesquite Records,   1965

Jo Ann Campbell
Motorcycle Michael 
ABC-Paramount 10200,    1961

P.S. I've just learned today the passing of Mr Klop (See this blog)
Sure, a controversial figure. But how many obscure recordings and artists were saved from the oblivion thanks to him and other music collectors from Europe. He will be forgiven for his [minor] sins. I fondly remember these wonderful albums with so many obscure artists I've never heard before... 

R.I.P. Cees