Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lennie Lacour labels

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Night Train CD

Lucky Four

Nu Sound



Dynamic Sound

Busy Bee




Magic Touch

The Busy Bee label

1001 The Bossmen
A - Fever Of Love (Jimmy Carver, Acquarius, ASCAP)
B - Good Lookin' Woman (Jimmy Carver, Acquarius, ASCAP)
1001 The Bossmen
A - (Don't Let Her Use) That Ticket To Ride
B - I Can't Help It (Jimmie Carver, Acquarius, ASCAP)
no number - Dino Perrone & the Suspicions
Story Of A Dream (Dino Perrone, Lennie Lacour Music BMI)
Jum Type Ballad (Jimmie Carver, Acquarius, ASCAP)


The Score label

1001 The Bossmen
A - (Stewed Bird) & Mashed Potatoes (Dub Stewart, Shish-Kebab, BMI)
B - Bad Boss Man (Jesse Perales, Acquarius, ASCAP), instrumental

Originally from Texas, these Bossmen relocated to Chicago. The Score and Busy Bee labels were owned by Lenny LaCour. He would later be involved in the Milwaukee scene, which had led to the erroneous assumption that this group hailed from there. Some of their 45s are powerful rockers and two examples, I'm Ready and Fever Of Love, can be heard on Highs In The Mid-Sixties, Vol. 5 (LP) and Highs In The Mid Sixties, Vol. 6 (LP) respectively.

1003 The Bossmen
A - Self Pity
B - I'm Ready (Bartholomew, Alan Edwards, BMI)
1005 Oscar Hamod and his Majestics
A -Come On Willie (O.Hamod, Acquarius, ASCAP)
B -
1006 Dee Robb & The Robbins
A - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
B - Say That Thing

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Norty Beckman labels

Norty's Records
Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca.


500 The Story Tellers
501 Jody Berry
502 The Nortones


103 The Chanticleers
105/6 Bobby Breen
107 Freddie Flynn and the Flashes


1000 Paul Paree
103 Benny England


100 Jess Davis with Freddy Flynn and the Flashes
With All My Heart and Soul
Come What May
101 Eddie Freeman
Red Roses For A Blue Lady
There's A Tree In Meadow
102 Jess Davis
There Is No Greater Love
Do You Love Me

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Correction (Thanks Steve) :

The two records below were originally (but erroneously) included in the Bob-O-Link label discography (these records are listed in my copy of the McGrath R&B Indies discography, first edition).

They were issued actually on the Boogie label
and there is no relation to Norty Beckman.

101 Little Arthur Mathews & Joe Usury band
Now you Got To Go
Let's Do The Slop

102 Jimmy Gresham & Joe Usury band
Love and Devotion
Good Rollin'

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Address : 401 So. Lake St.
Burbank, California
Owner : Joe East (?)
Publishers : Teenager BMI, Teen Ager BMI, Axis Music BMI
Year : 1958

Day-Z-Bel 101 [58/2]
Stephen Day

Your Lovin' Arms (Henry Bacmay, Axis Bmi)
Oh Elsa, Elsa

Day-Z-Bel 711 [Billboard Oct. 20, 1958]
Jimmy Crawford and The King Kobras

Blabbermouth (Henry Bak-May)
"Zany novelty is handed an okay reading by Crawford on this side"

Little Rock (Joe East, Teenager)
« Little Rock » (published by Teenager Music) is in the bouncy rock and roll groove. The lyric maintains that Arkansas’ segregated school controversy could be settled in an amicable fashion, if the students were allowed to rock and roll ; lyric-conclusion being that all that dancing would make them « too darn tired to fight ». (from Billboard Magazine, Oct. 20, 1958 issue)

Day-Z-Bel 711
Jimmy Crawford and The King Cobras

Blabbermouth (Henry Bak-May)
Mabel Mabel Mabel (East-May, Teen Ager BMI))
Second issue of #711. This time Blabbermouth is backed with "
Mabel Mabel Mabel". Note the different spelling of the backing band : King Cobras (instead of King Kobras)

Day-Z-Bel 712

Henry May with Tommy Wright on Guitar

Hold Me And Kiss Me Goodnight
Sailing On A Blue Lagoon (Joe East-Henry Bakman, Axis)

Day-Z-Bel 713 [Billboard Nov. 24, 1958]

Buddy Oliver

Only A Street Light
Song of The Wedding Chimes