Saturday, October 17, 2009

Norty Beckman labels

Norty's Records
Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca.


500 The Story Tellers
501 Jody Berry
502 The Nortones


103 The Chanticleers
105/6 Bobby Breen
107 Freddie Flynn and the Flashes


1000 Paul Paree
103 Benny England


100 Jess Davis with Freddy Flynn and the Flashes
With All My Heart and Soul
Come What May
101 Eddie Freeman
Red Roses For A Blue Lady
There's A Tree In Meadow
102 Jess Davis
There Is No Greater Love
Do You Love Me

* - * - *

Correction (Thanks Steve) :

The two records below were originally (but erroneously) included in the Bob-O-Link label discography (these records are listed in my copy of the McGrath R&B Indies discography, first edition).

They were issued actually on the Boogie label
and there is no relation to Norty Beckman.

101 Little Arthur Mathews & Joe Usury band
Now you Got To Go
Let's Do The Slop

102 Jimmy Gresham & Joe Usury band
Love and Devotion
Good Rollin'

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog at

    BTW, there's a large Bob-O-Link (Zenith, Lyric, etc.) & Norty's back-story; you've mixed in 45s on Boogie (Jimmy Gresham & Little Joe Mathews) with Bob-O-Link, entirely different labels.

    Have a lot of Mel Williams, but not "Burn Baby Burn" - wow. Have Harmad 104, which was always a mystery label to me, so thanks for that. Would like more info. on Bobby Jenkins on Vistone.