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The Little Monster


Russ (Big Daddy) Blackwell

The Little Monster

G. Norris, R. Blackwell, V. Chiarelli
Brandom Music Co. ASCAP
Arr. & cond. by Cliff Parman
Prod. by Bud Brandom

Vincent Records (VR-117)

Audio above is from Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands Vol. 8 Please Don't Go Topless Mother

You've had a long, bad day at work, after being stuck in a traffic jam, you finally get home. Your wife left you a note saying she will be home late because she has a tango class with your best friend. How she always hated to dance ! The dinner is cold, the beer hot. It's time to relax yourself listening to Russ Big Daddy Blackwell telling a little story titled "The Little Monster".

Back in 1937, on a cold, frosty morn,
in a little four room farmhouse, was a baby boy born.
Had his parents known the grief and shame this child would bring to them
they would have traded with a devil for a child to replace him.
But of course, they couldn't know what kind of monster was their child.
As a baby, he was normal, though his eyes were bleak and wild.
And until his 7th birthday, he'd done nothing really wrong.
Then he killed his little sister with a broken pitchfork prong.
And as his sister lay there dying in the awful crimson flood,
he noticed how his hands and arms were stained with drops of blood.
Well, he couldn't face his mother, couldn't tell her what he'd done.
So he crept into the house, got his father's old shotgun.
Now, the gun was always loaded with a heavy powder charge.
It was used to kill the vicious beast that roamed the hills at large.
When the boy's mother happened to step out the kitchen door,
he pressed down upon the trigger and his mother lived no more.
With the echo of the shotgun flash still ringing in his ears,
little killer watched his father find his mother and shed tears.
He crept up behind his father with a razor sharp,
just like Lizzie Borden gave his father 40 whacks.


Thursday, June 20, 2024

Homer (Scadillac) Taylor

Homer (Scadillac Taylor's second single on Ro-Al-Ta


Ro-Al-Ta Record Co.
P.O. Box 85, New York 39, N.Y.

1/2 Homer (Scadillac) Taylor
Fool’s Gold (w. Nick A. Kenny & Charles F. Kenny, Goldmine Music) 4May54
Wonderland Dance (w. & m. Homer H. Taylor, 22 July 1958)

3/4 Homer (Scadillac) Taylor
Boom Boom Boomerang Baby (w. Nick A. Kenny & Charles F. Kenny, Goldmine Music) 4May54
Relax Your Lips; w&m Homer H. Taylor. © Homer H. Taylor; 22jul58;

From Homer (Scadillac) Taylor, I have only two clips from his two singles issued on Ro-Al-Ta probably in 1958. These clips come from sales on ebay. 

1/2 : great sax rocker and..the flip is a great r&b, but kind of a bopper with yodelin' and a great sax, piano, guitar mixed break.. unlisted in my books

3/4 : great rare R&B rocker on thick heavy vinyl pressing,

I'm looking from all his tracks. Perhaps someone is willing to share them.

Homer Taylor (possibly born in 1923) copyrighted some songs in 1957-1959. Among these songs : The Cadillac Mobile Deal  & Those Reinstating Blues. But that's all I can find on this obscure artist.

Nick Kenny is mainly remembered today as the lyricist of the 1931 popular song standard, "Love Letters in the Sand", a 1957 gold record hit for Pat Boone. Kenny's next big success, "Gold Mine in the Sky," inspired the Gene Autry movie, Gold Mine in the Sky (1938) and enabled Kenny and his brother Charles to launch their own music firm, Gold Mine in the Sky Publishing Company. His songs included "Gone Fishin'" and "Scattered Toys" recorded by The Three Suns, which has lyrics somewhat similar to one of his "Patty Poems".

Nick was a syndicated entertainment columnist for The New York Daily Mirror and a poet and songwriter on the side. Bandleaders and singers often performed his songs in hopes of getting a column mention. Many of his songs were mediocre. Woody Allen managed to hit Nick Kenny's column several times.

Edit: 20 June 2024 : added both sides of Ro-Al-Ta 3/4 with thanks to Apesville

Learn To Speak Fluent Broken English



Does anyone have this record they could share?

Singing-instrumental duo, Laura & Bill Paer, appeared at the Steak Pit in Paramus, N.J in 1962 before recording this album, issued in 1963 or 1964 on their own Adjill Records. Bill Paer moved to Costa Rica in the seventies. Now Dr. William E. Paer Fairmont, he presents himself like this :

I'm a clinical psychologist, television personality, and author of several books. The most recent ones are We're Having Sex Right Now!, The Lollypop Factor and A Much Better Way (available as an audio book and in printed version). I have practiced in San Diego, California and am currently practicing in Costa Rica, Central America where I have been on television for the past 28 years.

I am passionately interested in communicating my findings based on more than 40 years of experience, and discussing with others who have read my books. At this time I'm intensely involved in getting my message out there. I feel it is most needed and unavailable in conventional circles.

Specialties: Psychotherapy, no nonsense psychology, author, guest speaker

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Nashville Streaker


Deb Hyer
One Man Band

Nashville Streaker

From his eponymous Lemco Records album released in 1976.  

Cecil J. Jones started the Lemco label in 1962 and opened his own recording studio in 1965 at 2518 Southview Drive, Lexington, Kentucky where he recorded many of the premier bluegrass acts throughout the Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana region. Cecil Jones passed away in early December 1981.

Deb Hyer is not listed in The One Man Band Encyclopedia, a Roctober special issue (#34).

Obit : 

Delbert “Deb” Hyer, Jr., 78, of Flemingsburg, left this earth peacefully on Thursday, August 31, 2023.

Born in Chillicothe, Ohio on December 8, 1944, his parents were the late Delbert Sr. and the late Betty Hart Hyer.

Deb grew up in Chillicothe until his family moved to Flemingsburg in 1962. Deb began his career at U.S. Shoe in Flemingsburg in 1962 and retired in 1995. Deb’s musical career began in 1963. Deb started the band “The Debonairs”. A self taught musician who could play any instrument put in front of him, he had a voice and stage presence you could not forget. In 1967, Deb discovered he could play drums, guitar, saxophone, organ, as well as sing at the same time. This is when “The One Man Band” came to life.

Deb enjoyed performing and playing music more than anything. In minutes he could sit and write an entire song. Deb was an inventor and could make and fix anything. He was an artist, and loved to sit at the kitchen table and draw pictures, cartoons, and projects.

Deb is survived by the love of his life, Evelyn Sloas Hyer. They met at the water fountain inside U.S. Shoe in 1964 and it was love at first sight for them both. They had 58 wonderful years together.

See Discogs

Sunday, June 16, 2024

There's A Great Day Coming


 Chip Young

A: There's A Great Day Coming
B: Just As You Are
Both wr. Joe South, Joe South Music (BMI)

    Esco 200 CY
Sept. 1959

It seems that the Billboard reviewer sensed insufficient promotion from Esco for this Chip Young record ("could step out with plugs" and "could create interest with exposure").  And he was not wrong, at least regarding a national promotion. 

The Esco label (and its Escophonic sound proudly printed on all the labels) was the offshoot of Esco Artists, a local booking agency located at 112 Nathan Rd.,in Atlanta, recording members of its stable [except Joe South] to ensure a regional promotion. At  Esco, the star was Joe South, a NRC recording artist, who penned almost all the songs recorded by the label, which were all copyrighted by his own publishing company, Joe South Music (BMI). Still under contract with Bill Lowery as a recording artist, Joe South didn't have a record issued by Esco. Did he owned that booking agency ?

Guitarist and producer Chip Young died Dec. 20 2014 at the age of 76 in Nashville, Tenn., a month after undergoing triple bypass surgery at St. Thomas Hospital.

Young, a.k.a. Jerry Marvin Stembridge, was born in Atlanta, Ga., on May 19, 1938, and began his remarkable career in the 1950s, playing with guitarist Jerry Reed and singer-songwriter Joe South. In the '60s and '70s, Young lent his notable thumb-picking talents to Dolly Parton's hit 'Jolene,' Elvis Presley's 'Guitar Man,' Charley Pride's 'Kiss an Angel Good Morning' and many other fan-favorite songs.

He was a regular member of Presley's studio band from 1965 until the King's death in 1977. Young worked with other talented artists as well, including Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lee Lewis, Kris Kristofferson, Porter Wagoner, George Jones, Willie Nelson, the Oak Ridge Boys and Reba McEntire, among others.



Friday, June 14, 2024

Chloe Harris


Chloee Harris (1964)


105 Lizzie / Grandpa  - 63
107 Love, She’s Wonderful / Saturday Night Slide  - 63

45-1253 Little People / Mama, I'll Be Good – 04-64
45-1302 I'm Having A Party / My Daddy Said – 03-65

According to The Tennessean, a Nashville newspaper in its issue dated May, 24 1964 Chloee was a sixteen years old sophomore at Cohn High School |Nashville) where she was taking bookkeeping, biology, english and choir. English gives her the most trouble, she said. Her manager Jay Rainwater had big plans for her. But the person with the biggest plans was Chloee. Standing something under five feet tall, she was reaching for what she said she wanted. Reaching Up "I always wanted to sing but everybody said I couldn't, mainly because of my age," she said. "To me I wasn't too young. I wanted to do it.

I'm pretty sure her first records were done as Chloe Harris at the Nashville Globe recording studios, singing four songs penned by Frank Lyle Buck, amateur songwriter living in Copperstone, New York. Other known singers on the Frank Lyle Buck/Buck label are Sonny Marcel/Sammy Marshall and Mary Kaye, names well-known to the song-poem music collectors and singers who have never recorded elsewhere than in Nashville at that Globe Recording studios. That's why I'm pretty sure that Chloee Harris recorded her first records as Chloe Harris.

Edit (16/6:2024) : added Granpa soundfile, with thanks to Apesville

Wednesday, June 12, 2024


  Bubba Jordan


Showboat 1503

Bubba Jordan had previously recorded with The Red Counts at the Delta Records studios in Jackson, Mississippi. These tracks remained unissued until the publication by Bear Family of the CD "Diddy Wah Diddy ... Ain't A Town, Ain't A City (Rock 'N' Roll And Hot Country From Jackson, Mississippi).

At the time of the Showboat release, the label was still located in Nashville and still owned by Murray Nash and Ray Scrivener, before the latter took it over with him to Santa Claus, Indiana, where he bought the Santa Claus Castle, new headquarter of the label.

In 1962, Bubba Jordan was the vocalist on "Snake Eyed Woman" issued by The Sundowners and in 1963, there was a single on Buccaneer as by Bub Jordan (with The Del Solds on one side).

Fulton Anderson Jordan (1941-2024)

From his obit :
Fulton Anderson Jordan, known to many as "Bubba," passed away peacefully on April 4, 2024, in Jackson, Mississippi, at the age of 83. Born on March 25, 1941, in Jackson, Ms, he was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, and friend.

Fulton, a proud Air Force veteran, served his country with honor. Following his military service, he embarked on a successful career path. Starting at IBM, he later transitioned to Gainey and Associates, where he excelled in insurance sales. Eventually, he established his own agency, Jordan and Associates, serving as a general agent until his retirement in 2009.

His passion for music was evident throughout his life. Fulton was a talented musician and singer, having produced two records. He shared his musical gifts at First Baptist of Jackson, where he worshipped, sang in the choir, and devoted his time to teaching Sunday school to high school boys.

Monday, June 10, 2024

Orchid Records (1960-1962)

 Orchid Records was operated by Thomas J. Pingatore. Located in Bronx, NYC from 1960 to 1962, the label issued only 5 singles. 

For label listing see 45cat


Saturday, June 8, 2024


The Storey Sisters

Ann & Lillian Storey first recorded for Al Browne's Peak Records. Their single was picked up by Cameo (shortening the intro by the way on the "Bad Motorcycle" side.  Jimmy Spruill on guitar.

The sisters were probably from Brooklyn and not from Philadelphia as some sources claims.

Friday, June 7, 2024

Peek-A- Boo Lou


 Van Preston

(Preston John Vanicor, 1939-2007)


Goldband unissued from the Ace (UK) CD "Boogie In The Mud: Southern Swamp Guitar"). 

Born into a Cajun family in Lake Charles, Van Preston auditioned around 1959/1960 for J.D. Miller with his self-penned "Mama's Little Girl", but nothing came of it; later he would try out for Eddie Shuler, when once again the song was recorded and issued as the top-side of his first of three Goldband releases. No further information about his career.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Songs About Real Problems For Real People : Volume 2 : My Wife Can't Cook



1    Lonnie Russ
2    The Blue Satins
3    Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band
4    Paul Revere & The Raiders
5    Phantom Blues Band
6    Lloyd Jones
7    Doc Rodgers & The Rock Dodgers

My Wife Can't Cook

If it wasn't for the beans
That come out the can
Or the peas and beets
To ripen
The milk and bread
At the grocery store
I couldn't eat no more
Let me tell my wife
(His wife, she can't cook)

Lord, if I thought she could read
I would buy her a book
But all she knows how to do
Is fuss and holler
She don't even know
How to boil water

Let me tell ya what we had last night
On the dinner table
A tomato
The nastiest stuff you ever wanna see
And she was tryin' to feed it to me

Let me tell ya
I think that woman is downright
'Cause here the sister
With coldcuts and gravy
Now coldcuts and gravy in a
I thought I'd choke but I got through
Well she said
(Spit it out, spit it out)
What you say? woo hoo
Oh but I guess I'm gonna eat this slop
Any old way

So don't you get me wrong
I love that girl
I guess I'm about craziest old man in the world
But I got to love her
'Cause I got no friends
Aww, here she comes
With red beans and onions again
And she say...

What you say?
Ohh, woo hoo
One two three four
Five six seven eight
Nine eight seven six
Five four three two
One more time, come on

Early in the mornin'
Woah, hoo
(His wife, she can't cook)
Cook them beans, cook 'em clean
Put 'em in a pot and let 'em stink, come on
(His wife, she can't cook)
What you say?
Woahh, wooo

Come to the doctor
You wonder why
I just ate them beans
And I'm about to die, come on

Hey baby
(His wife, she can't cook)
Ohhh, wooo hoo
(His wife, she can't cook)
Aww, just a little bit louder, come on

Tuesday, June 4, 2024



Orchard Enterprises & Raffletout Ltd Presents
Figure de Style
Volume 1 : Assonance


Bo Diddley - Silly Willy (unissued.)
Bob Denton  - Skinny Minnie (Dot)
Bobby Angelo & The Tuxedos - Skinny Lizzie (Electrola)
Bobby Darin - Silly Willie  (Decca)
Clayton Watson & The Silhouettes - Tall Skinny Annie (Lavender)
Dee & Di - Silly Billy (Acclaim)
Don Edwards & The Dukes - Fancy Nancy (Singular)
Don Ray and The Hornets - Silly Dilly (Hornet)
Dossie (Thunderbird) Terry - Skinny Ginny (Amp 3)
Goldie & the Gingerbreads - Skinny Vinnie (Spokane)
Jerry McCain - Juicy Lucy (Jewel)
Jimmie Maddin - Shirley Purley (Imperial)
Jo Ann Campbell - Crazy Daisy (ABC-Paramount)
Joe Colombo & The Fi Kanes - Skinny Minnie (Domino)
Larry Williams - Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Specialty)
Lee Diamond - Hattie Malatti (Vee-Jay)
Lee Pickett -  Fatty Patty (Jolt)
Ocie Smith - Fancy Miss Nancy (Citation)
Patti Mack - Handy Andy (Cinema)
Paul Peek - Sweet Skinny Jenny (NRC 001)
Ray Gerdsen And The Yello-Jakets -Fatty Hattie (Trey)
Skip and Flip - Fancy Nancy (Brent)
Skip Drinkwater - Silly Sally (Karate)
Terry and Peggy - Silly Dilly Willy (Yolo)
The Four Aces - Bahama Mama (Decca)
The Gents - Golly Golly Dolly (All Boy)
The Jiv-A-Tones - Flirty Gertie (Felsted)
The Kingsmen  Annie Fanny (Wand)
The Lancers - Cindy Dee (Imperial)
The Ox Tones - Fatty Patty (Phonograph)
The Unknowns - Crazy Daisy (Hi-Hat)
Tony Sheridan - Skinny Minnie (Polydor)



Saturday, June 1, 2024

You've Left A Broken Heart


Bobby Sikes and The Rhythm Rebels

You've Left A Broken Heart
(B. Sikes, Old South Music)
Rebel PA-101A

Rolling Stone
(B. Powers, L. Lacy, Old South Music)
Rebel PA-101B

 Robert Gale Sikes

You can find some info about The Rhythm Rebels at lonestarstomp blogspot
About Bobby :
...aside from his being a Rhythm Rebel little else is commonly known of his life as a musician, which would in all likelihood be overshadowed by his brother's part-time exploits in casing banks while touring Texas.

Overshadowed by his brother Rick,that's also the impression I got.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Please Buy Me A Dolly Mommy


Raymond Swartz & his Guitar
Web Records


Issued just in time for Christmas 1956, Raymond Swartz wrote some other tunes, including "Loneliness In My Heart" which was recorded on Carellen (by Betty Jayne) and also on Mona-Lee by the same singer.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

That's My Desire


 The Krazy Kords

American Records
Box 1051, Muncie, Indiana

The Krazy Kords revisiting the classics. Other tunes on this EP are : Malaguena, Return To Me and Ol Man River.  That's My Desire was first recorded in 1931 by Russell Wooding and His Grand Central Red Caps.

You probably want to hear the 3 other songs and also know who were these Krazy Kords ? Yeah, me too.