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Songs Our Mummy Taught Us


Songs Our Mummy Taught Us

Bob McFadden and Dor (Rod McKuen)
Brunswick LP (1960)

01 The Mummy
02 The Sheik Of Araby
03 Shake, Rattle And Roll
04 I Dig You Baby
05 Frankie And Igor At A Rock And Roll Party
06 Noisy Village
07 Son Of The Mummy
08 Hound Dog
09 Bingo
10 The Children Cross The Bridge
11 The Beat Generation
12 The Beverly Hills Telephone Directory Cha-Cha-Cha

Bob McFadden & Rod McKuen

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Baby Love

Baby Love

This is a track from the budget album Modern Sound "Straight From Detroit Via Nashville" comprising ten Motown covers by uncredited artists. 

Alpha Zoe Hall

Six are unmistakably by Alpha Zoe (two of these six songs were also issued on the parent Hit label. 
  Six by Alpha Zoe

For more info about Alpha Zoe see  Alpha Zoe Hall and Hit Records, Nashville by E. Mark Windle.

Extract :

“When we recorded at the Columbia studios, you wouldn’t believe the talent that played in there. Floyd Cramer, Boots Randolph and others. All union players. It was like music heaven. The musicians were very particular about getting the right sound. On one occasion the drummer went around the studio hitting the trash can and other objects so that he could get the sound needed for the record. We had some fun at those sessions. I never got to meet any of the white singers as we always recorded on different days. We didn’t even use the same doors; I came through the back along with the ladies that did back-up for me.”
Alpha Zoe discography (probably incomplete)

    Hit #31 Alpha Zoe - You beat me to the punch
    Hit #36 Alpha Zoe as "Gleams" - He's a rebel
    Hit #38 Alpha Zoe as "Dacrons" - Don't hang up
    Hit #41 Alpha Zoe - Keep your hands off my baby
    Hit #44 Alpha Zoe - Everybody loves a lover
    Hit #54 Alpha Zoe - Let's turkey trot
    Hit #55 Alpha Zoe as "Clara & Cleftones" - Our day will come
    Hit #57 Alpha Zoe as "Dacrons" - He's so fine
    Hit #61 Alpha Zoe as "Connie & Clara" - I will follow him
    Hit #65 Alpha Zoe - Da doo ron ron
    Hit #65 Alpha Zoe as "Clara Wilson" - Foolish little girl
    Hit #70 Alpha Zoe - Hello stranger
    Hit #80 Alpha Zoe as "Dot Hester" - My boyfriend's back
    Hit #81 Alpha Zoe as "Dacrons" - Then he kissed me
    Hit #121 Alpha Zoe as "Mary Jones" - Walk on by
    Hit #124 Alpha Zoe as "Peggy Gaines" - Every little bit hurts
    Hit #229 Alpha Zoe - Lover's concerto

Friday, December 31, 2021

Stairway To Love


Stairway To Love

The Poka-Dotts

Modern 945


Thursday, December 30, 2021

My Inspiration


The Four Plaid Throats -  My Inspiration
Mercury Records, 1953

No joke, a real group from California. Scarce record if you believe Jerry Osborne's "The 1.000 Most Valuable Records" (official guide to the money records) or a little more than 5$ if you trust one of the latest Tefteller's sale.
Oscar McLollie shared the stage with the Four Plaid Throats for a weekend at the 5-4 Club in Los Angeles in May 1953. As a comic relief ?

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas little quizz


Birgit Nilsson     
Bryan MacLean      
Buddy Ace          
Dean Martin        
Eartha Kitt        
George Michael     
George Rhodes      
James Brown        
Johnny Ace         
Louis Neefs        
Mighty King Kong   
Peter Schreier     
Tommy Blake        
Tony Rice          
Tristan Tzara      
Vic Chesnutt       

Can you find the fact, the common point, that connects these 16 artists?

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Dick Clark's Favorites - Vol. 1 : Payola, Don't Know


RIH, Dick

Debbie & The Ladds

Tardo Campaign song

Deborah Folse Chiasson has enjoyed a lenghty career in music touring with various acts and has even fronted the regionally popular band, Debbie and the Ladds as a teenager. She recorded her first single at the age of 11 with New Orleans piano man Mac Rebennack.

Cyrus Tardo is mostly remembered for trying to murder his successor as Sheriff of Lafourche Parish, Duffy Breaux [also known as "One-Eye"], with a pipe bomb some 13 years after the two were involved in a hotly contested election. Fortunately, Tardo only succeeded in blowing off Breaux's foot [which was apparently reattached]. Tardo later plead guilty to the charges and died while in prison.

A few years later, Breaux himself was convicted of defrauding the Parish of $100,000 and served 4 years in prison.


Judy Dunaway

Second Movement For Balloon and String Quartet

 I began using balloons as a preparation on my guitar in the late 1980s.  The idea to use balloons was rooted in the philosophies of John Cage, and influenced by the Fluxus movement, free improvisation and other avant-garde movements. ...

However, what drove me to make them more than just a sound maker in my arsenal of effects and to make them a singular focus was the AIDS crisis.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s I was living in New York City and many people, including my friends, were dying from AIDS.
No one knew how to prevent the spread of the disease.  Then it was discovered that latex condoms could prevent people from contracting HIV.  This was when my obsession with using latex balloons as sound conduits began.  Because repression had been a major factor in delaying the dissemination of proper information about prevention, I knew that I must approach my latex instruments without inhibition.  This non-judgmental aural relationship and its corporeal visual manifestation remains a cornerstone of my work


"Make Love To Me"

Sue Kilzer is backed here by the Speck-O-Rhythms on Philwood, a Memphis label.

L. Roppolo, P. Mares, B. Pollack, G. Brumes, M. Stitzel, W. Melrose, B. Norvas, A. Copeland wrote the song.

Eight composers!

Letter To Eminem

“I’m a very proud mother. I don’t think there’s anything [Marshall] can do to me that he hasn’t already done through the media.”
Eminem’s mom Debbie Nelson

Eminem has rather memorably called his mother a “crazy” “fucking bitch” who “does more dope than I do” and has “no tits.” He has also publicly joked about matricide and said, “I hope you fuckin’ burn in hell” in the giant fuck-you-mama of a rap song “Cleanin’ Out My Closet.” For her part, Nelson once told Marshall that she wished he’d died instead of Ronnie (“Of course, I didn’t mean it,” she has written, “It’s something I will regret to my dying day”) and sued him for defamation and emotional distress, a move she now describes as an accidental crusade waged by a predictably opportunistic lawyer.


"Rock Around Sandy Kane's [bleep] Tonight"

Early picture sleeve of Sandy Kane as "Sand" Dee when she was still fully clothed.

Born Sandra Brosky, this New Jersey native, who also sometimes bills herself as “$andy Kane,” “Naked Country Singer,” and “The Naked Cowgirl,” is a performance artist, a cable-access TV show host, a singer/songwriter.  Many of her jokes and lyrics, as you might expect from an adult-entertainment veteran, can not be reprinted in a family magazine. .
She's a regular on Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, and Jim Norton.

Pandora & The Males - Kiddie A Go Go

Elaine "Pandora" Mulqueen
Chicago Rock'n'Roll Kiddie Show Hostess.
Died in 2012

Tito Mambo and the Voodoo Men

Black Pepper

Tito De Lacruz (1934-1989)

While Tito Mambo was a little before my time, he was described as one of the most eccentric performers to ever play the Point by everyone who saw him.
He would walk on water this certain day behind Bay Shores where there was many was a long walkway over pilings but at high tide it was covered by water so Tito proceeds to  the back behind Bay Shores dressed as Jesus on the high tide followed by a few hundred fans watching this event and walks on this walkway covered by water.  His fans went crazy!
Wolly Bully

Joey Montanez, a.k.a. Sir Monti Rock III, fronting Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes who became 'the world's most successful failure' as a one-hit disco wonder

 The Sex-O-Lettes group included Bob Crewe, Cindy Bullens (later known as Cindy "Cid" Bullens), and Kenny Nolan.

“Oozing Cyst Blues”

Alan Seidler initial attracted widespread interest in 1975 along with his Blue Goose LP The Duke of Ook. On its cover, an unflattering caricature by R. Crumb gave the impression that Seidler was a frowsy nut-ball, and his “Oozing Cyst Blues” appeared to keep out that assumption.

"Look For Me With Flowers In My Hair"

Brandi Laine on Blossom Records, a Baltimore, Maryland label.

"Sputnik In Love"

Roy "Chicky" Arad (born 1977) is an Israeli poet, singer, script-writer, artist and political activist. Arad is the founder and former editor of Maayan magazine for poetry and a former journalist for Haaretz. he represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 as part of the band Ping Pong

"Whiskey Johnny"

Born in 1938 as Laurence B. Koback,  Sailorman Jack had a vast knowledge and love of pipes and tobaccos and never tired of talking about them, as well as sharing many stories from his own life experiences. He got his nautical persona from his love for sea shanties, salty songs of the sailing men of old which they sang to alleviate the boredom of their daily work aboard ship, and which he sang with revelry in the many taverns and night clubs of Manhattan.
Died in 2006

"The Faruk #1"

A mysterious recording done here by the unknown Arlene. The song was also issued as by the equally unknown Lucy on Pioneer Records, out of Philadelphia in 1965. (Kobe, Japan says the label)

Al & Ina Harris
Man In A Raincoat

Canadian musician Al Harris was married in 1960 to Ina Webdon, one of his students,  and they performed as Al and Ina Harris in many
venues. Ina died in 1990, but Al continued performing.

"The Circle Of Life"

Originally from San Diego, Jerry Solomon recorded several singles during the 1960s and issued three albums in the 1970s, all of which are completely insane; Jerry rambles, croons, hoots and shrieks through his material like a psychotic. Andy Kaufman was a fan, and Jerry made a brief cameo in the Jim Carry film about Kaufman, “Man on the Moon”.

Elton John live - I'm Still Standing - I'm dill danding

A very good friend of Diana parodying himself before (hopefully) his last farewell


Sunday, December 5, 2021

Christmas Date


Christmas Date

Resisting the "Happycracy": let me have a bad day thanks to Godfrey Muth Sextette (and above all to Doug Trotter, the uninspired vocalist) on Leo Records out of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

As Christmas descends soon on us with its annual obligation to be merry and supportive of consumerist nonsense, it's time to resisting the happycracy.  I believe there is some help online : be married, read the news or watch TV everyday, etc.. But all these tips will only provide a temporary or uncertain unhappiness.

For those who are seeking a permanent state of unhappiness, goodreads has a list of suggested readings.

Surely enough some of these books will depress you, but no other than E.M. Cioran (1911-1995) can do the job.  His "Short History Of Decay" is to the happiness what Roundup™ is for weed and grass.  The book, first published in France in 1949 as "Précis de décomposition", is THE definitive killjoy.  Strongly recommended.



Friday, December 3, 2021

Mad Cow Records presents "Diseases, Miss Lizzy"


Mad Cow Records presents "Diseases, Miss Lizzy"

A sick compilation

[Matt Farley] -  I Got Hemorrhoids Popping Out of My Butt Hole.mp3   
Antony and The Johnsons - Epilepsy Is Dancing.mp3                     
Big Inners - Ethmoiditus Cum Polyposis.mp3                            
Cal Brazier - Ballad of The Gall Bladder.mp3                          
Cal Brazier - Oh My Hemorrhoids.mp3                                   
Daniel Cormier - The Hemorrhoid Song.mp3                              
Dr. Wes Van Voorhis - Malaria.mp3                                     
Frank Zappa - Why Does It Hurt When I Pee.mp3                         
Global Youth Groove Band - Malaria Prevention Song.mp3                
Henri Salvador & Ray Charles - Le blues du dentiste (live).mp3        
Jim Wheeler - The Song Of Epilepsy.mp3                                
Jimmie Rodgers - T.B. Blues.mp3                                       
Lindy Michaels - Communicable Diseases.mp3                            
Roger Miller - Lou's Got The Flu.mp3                                  
Sam Adams - Impetigo Is A Bobo.mp3                                    
Sloppy Jane - They're Coming toTake Me Away.mp3                       
Tex Strange - I Caught It Form A Girl.mp3                             
The Greene County Boys - A Little Pentothol.mp3                        
The Singing Doctors - Hemorrhoids.mp3                                 
Weird Al Yankovic - Living With A Hernia.mp3                          

--> Got It From Me

Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question

After Midnight


After Midnight

Rick & Ray, Vocal by Ray Fleming on their own R&R label. Record number (255-08H) is typical of a pressing job from Magnetic Sounds of Columbus, Ohio. That would place this (unlisted) record in 1964, which is also the year of the copyright by Walter V. Laplante who wrote the lyrics, composed the music and arranged the record.

For a incomplete listing of Magnetic Sounds records, see 45rpmrecords

Monday, November 29, 2021


This Ava Electris Cannie in all her glory, when she was still young and fresh. That was on Bosstown Records. From 1981 according to discog, but reviewed in Billboard in November 1982?. Title unknown, but you can see the picture sleeve (above)

Ava and the Tidal Wave Tour were:

Ava Electris Cannie - lead vocals
Jon Butcher - guitar
Jeff Linscott - guitar
Ben Kay - keyboards, backing vocals
Chris Martin - bass
Derek Blevins - drums
Jerry Martin - backing vocals
Alex Space, now a Tom Jones impersonator (no kidding), produced Ava Electris on the Ava and the Tidal Wave Tour. According to the press notes, Orbits keyboardist Alan Fiske helped her out, although he is not credited on the record itself.

Among other bad company, Ava later did some backing vocals for GG Allin.  Last news from her courtesy of Google:

Cannie, Ava Electris was born 26 July 1952, is female, registered as Republican Party of Florida, residing at 12959 Hunt Club Rd N, Jacksonville, Florida 32224.

Ava, a female? I had no doubt. 


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tough Times


Marvin Ramey
and The Cama Rockers Band

Tough Times
(M. Ramey  R. Fouch)
Lupine & Cape Ann Music, BMI

RBM Records, Inc. #100

Marvin Ramey and Romeo Fouch, both born in 1941, attended the Booker T. Washington High School for Negroes. They were two among others named the winners of scholarships and prizes, according to The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia. (June 9, 1959 issue).  The Cama Rockers came also from the same high school and there is at least one mention of the performing band led by one Clarence Chandler.  That was probably the same band who had a record on the Fairlane label in 1961, backing George Hughley.

Marvin Ramey, Romeo Fouch and Henry Anderson (b. 1920) later composed several songs which were issued on James F. Brannon Jr & Martin Haley's Lou-Neita Records and on Minnie Records, nearly all were recorded by The Bishop. Aural evidence is suggesting that Marvin Ramey is indeed The Bishop.

Cape Ann Music was owned by famous Nashville DJ John Richbourg, perhaps an indication of a Nashville recording session for this RBM record. But, little mystery, I am not able to resolve the credit to Lupine Music.

Lupine Music was owned by Robert West who had a few record labels in the late 50s and was a pioneer of R n' B in Detroit : Silhouette (1956-57), Kudo Records (1958), Flick Records (1959), Bumble Bee Records (1959), Contour Records (1959-61), and owned LuPine Records, which he operated from 1960-1969 in Detroit.  Perhaps someone involved with the RBM release had some ties in Detroit.

According to a local Georgia newspapers dated Oct 4, 1997:
Marvin Wilson Ramey, 55, a truck driver from Atlanta, was traveling west on Edgewood Avenue at 12:30 a.m. when his truck veered right onto a concrete island. The truck, traveling at a high rate of speed, jumped the curb and struck a large oak tree. The impact threw Ramey, who was not wearing a seat belt, through the front windshield. A half-empty whiskey bottle was found at the scene.
A final note : the artist named The Bishop on the "Phone Call From Heaven" LP on Michal MR-249-isn't Marvin Ramey

Billboard ad from August 1970 for a LP
which was apparently never released


As Marvin Ramey
   Tough Times / Darling I Love You - RBM 101 - 1964

As The Bishop
   You Can't Take It With You / Minnie Skirt Minnie ~ LOU-NEITA 0207 (1968)
   Roll over Beethoven / Folsom Prison Blues ~ LOU-NEITA 0211 (late 60s)
   You can't take it with you / Roll over Beethoven ~ MINNIE 1522 (late 60s)
   Minnie skirt Minnie / Honky tonk woman ~ MINNIE 1971 (1971?)            

Achnowledgments : Sir Shambling, Evil Eye (YouTube channel)

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I'm Fat, That's That !

with the Olympia Brass Band

I'm Fat, That's That!
V.J. Boulet, Flat Town Music, BMI

Arranged by Milton Batiste

Maison De Soul 45-1028

This is Sylvia "Kuumba" Williams on Maison De Soul (House Of Soul), a Ville Plate, Louisiana label owned by veteran music man Floyd Soileau. Composer of "I'm Fat" is Valery Junior Boulet, pianist and songwriter, who was once a member of The Riff-Raffs, the Bobby Page's band.

Sylvia "Kuumba" Williams (1941-2001).

A native of New Orleans, graduated from Grambling State College. She travelled throughout the South with the Free Southern Theatre, assisting New York directors Gilbert Moses and Bob Costley.  Her profesional debut was with The New Orlans Repertory Theatre then run by June Havoc.  Havoc reportedly gave her the nickname “Kuumba,” a Swahili word for creativity.

Sylvia Williams, who starred as “Big Bertha” Williams in Vernel Bagneris’ musical One Mo’ Time. She stayed with the show during its three-year Off-Broadway run, which began in 1979, and then toured with it in London, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, Australia, Sweden and the Bahamas. In London, she met Queen Elizabeth II.

The show brought her other honors, including a portrait by Andy Warhol. Her image also graced the poster for the musical (see above the cover of One Mo'Time' Showbill cover). "Her face became our logo," Bagneris said.

Ms. Williams traded on her success in One Mo’ Time overseas by singing on the European jazz circuit. Like many jazz musicians before her, she settled in Sweden, living there ten years, learning how to speak Swedish and acting in classical plays with the likes of Max Van Sydow, the renowned Ingmar Bergman actor.  Eventually, though, she returned to New Orleans, where she spent most of her life

Big Bertha : You've Got The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole

(From the original cast album "One Mo' Time" issued
by Warner-Bros; artists on that album are not individually credited)

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Junior Jordan And The Rock-A-Boogie 7


Junior Jordan And The Rock-A-Boogie 7

Down Boy! Down Boy!

The Rock-A-Boogie Piggy (Booglie Wooglie)
Arranged and conducted by Stan Free

Roc Records #901
January 1958

Here is an intriguing record. Almost no information on the artist, neither before 1958, nor after. The only mention of Junior Jordan can be found the Billboard magazine (issue dated 27 March 1958) who teach us that he played club dates in a ski suit during the New York blizzard in the winter of 1957-1958 and has adopted the winter wear as his permanent performance garb. We also learn that Roc is his own label and that George Goldner distribute his platter.

Both songs were composed by Roy Jordan. The A-side, Down Boy! Down Boy!, on 16 January 1958, and the B-Side, also composed by Roy Jordan, is an old ditty from 1941 brought up to date : Booglie Wooglie Piggy retitled Rock-A-Boogie Piggy.


Credited to Roy Jacobs, a pen name pseudonym, The Booglie Wooglie Piggy has been recorded, among others, by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra, vocal refrain by Tex Beneke and The Four Modernaires (Bluebird Records), by the Andrew Sisters (Decca), and by Les Brown and his Orchestra, vocal chorus by Doris Day (OKeh Records).

Roy Jordan (b. New York 1916 - d. 1998) was a prolific songwriter.  Gene DePaul and Sid Bass were the main composers associated with him, as Roy Jordan or Roy Jacobs, from 1939 until the fifties. His songs have been recorded by Glenn Miller, The Andrew Sisters, Billie Holliday The Ink Spots, The Four King Sisters, Johnny Long, The Mills Brothers, The Merry Macs, Una Mae Carlisle, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Ella Mae Morse, The four Tunes, Eileen Barton, etc.

Not much is known about his life. And when his ex-wife Kappi Kaplan died in 2008 (then wife of Lenny Ditson), her obituary failed to have a word about Roy, yet the father of her daughters. I would think it the thing usually done ?

My first idea, considering the autorship of the songs and the last name of the artist and of the composer, was that Junior was the son of Roy, or perhaps a close relative.  I did find he married a young music agent/song plugger) named Kappi Kaplan [born 1917] around 1940. 

Downbeat Magazine published in August 1952 an article (This Jordan Rolls behind Patti's Pages) about Kappi Jordan, Patti Page's "disc jockey exploitation gal". On top of the article, there is a picture of Kappi and her three daughters, Kim, 10, Leslie, 8½, Noele, 7. No mention of a son.

If not a son of Roy, then could it be Roy himself?

I think it's a strong possibility. especially since Roy Jordan, essentially a songwriter and not a singer, has cut two originals for Manor Records, making his debut as a vocalist, so we are informed by Billboard (26 February 1949).

Record info found here

No need to say, this Manor 78 RPM is a quite obscure release and not available for a listening anywhere. Mention of "Lay Me Out In Me Green Suit, Mudder" can be found in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (January 31, 1949) :

Have you heard the title of the newest novelty song-one Tin Pan Alley expects to be a "sleeper?" Hold on, now. It's called "Lay Me Out In Me Green Suit, Mudder." Ray Jordon wrote it in two hours on a train from New York to Erie, Pa. Track followers are excited about a filly in Liz Whitney's stable. A potential world beater, they think.  

Audio files are from volumes 2 & 7 of Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wasteland, a CD series issued by Trailer Park, a compilation label run by Mark Lee Allen (a reference!)

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Rolling Like A Stone


Jerry Foucha

Rolling Like A Stone

b/w  If It’s Better

wr. & arr Herbert S. Jones, Shenell Publishing Co.
Directed by Eddie Williams

Trajon Records Co.
710 So. Galvez St.
New Orleans, La.


According to mickey rat (at 45cat) the label (and Trajon Pub. Co.) were owned by Gaspar L. Trapani & Herbert S. Jones.  Herbert S. Jones also registered something called The Galvez & Poydras Social & Pleasure Club as a business in 1963.

Jerry Fouche discography
Trajon 101 - If It’s Better / Rolling Like A Stone - 1963
Nola 728 - Music Time / Come On, Baby - 1966
Hot Line 913 - I Believe In Miracles / Wake Up - 1967

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

I ❤ My Mother In Law


National Mother-in-Law Day on the fourth Sunday in October honors that special woman who brought the love of your life into this world.  Gene Howe, the editor of a local Amarillo newspaper, initiated this holiday in honor of mothers-in-law. Modeled after Mother’s Day, the first observance was celebrated on March 5, 1934, in Amarillo, Texas.

Let's celebrate this special day right now, HERE

Champion Jack Dupree - Mother-In-Law Blues
Cuzzin Tom Graham - I'm In Love With My Mother-In-Law
Danny & The Country Penetrators - She-s My Mother-In-Law
Earl & Joyce Songer and the Rocky Road Ramblers  - Mother-In-Law Boogie
Gary Paxton - Mother-In-Law
Jamo Thomas & The Party Brothers - Jive Mother-in-Law
Jim Nesbitt - Mother In Law
Joedy Lea - The Devil Paid Me (With a Mother-In-Law)
Johnny Maxwell And The Rhythmmasters - Ole Satan's Mother-In-Law
Johnny Winter - Mother-in-Law Blues
Junior Parker - Mother-in-Law Blues
Little Mack Simmons - Mother in Law Blues
Mack McGuire - Mother-In-Law Blues
Martin Mull - The Mother In Law Song
Oboe - Mother-In-Law Trouble
Red Buttons - Oh- My Mother-in-Law
Rocky Volcano - Belle-Maman
Rod Bernard - My Old Mother In Law
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Mother In Law
The Volumes - Oh My Mother In Law
The Wallace Brothers - My Mother-In-Law