Saturday, February 13, 2021

Harold "Popeye" Broussard


According to the Early Cajun Music blog, Harold "Popeye" Broussard was one of Harry Choates's more colorful musician companions. 

Broussard by all accounts was an excellent piano man and singer.  His specialty was his rendition of the dance hall favorite "How Would You Like To Be The Old Ice Man".  Harry's fiddle and Broussard's piano complimented each other at times.  Other times, Harry and Popeye at times appeared to be in competition with each other to see who could raise the most hell.

Eventually Harry went on his way, leaving Broussard to his own devices in the Lake Charles musical scene.   Without Harry, Broussard left and started a family.  According to author Tim Knight: They were companions in deliquent behavior. If one was hired, both had to be hired; they were a matched set.

In 1940 , there was a ten-track recording session for Bluebird Records at the Jefferson Hotel, Dallas, Texas, . With Harry Choates on fiddle and Popeye Broussard on piano, their group consisted of Sandy Lormand on guitar, Pee Wee Broussard on banjo, Ray Clark on steel, and Happy Fats Leblanc on bass. The voice of Harold Broussard (uncredited) is heard only on "The Old Ice Man".  Issued on Bluebird 8537 in 1941, the single is credited to Happy Fats and His Rayne-Bo Ramblers, String band with singing.

Fifteen years later, Harold's voice is heard again on the Amos Como and His Tune Toppers' Starday release (Hole In The Wall / Heartbroken Lips), allegedly scheduled to be issued on the Goldband's subsidiary Folk-Star Records. Harold Broussard is still uncredited, instead the label states "Vocal by Amos Como".  From the same session recorded in 1955, a third song, "Baby Walk The Line", was issued much later on Goldband (#1036) as Harold Bee featuring Wm. Floyd, lead guitar. (Late 40's "Rock & Roll" Vocal, says the label.) backed with "Love Me Mary Ann" by Don Mooring with The Yellow Jackets.

More than fifteen years later (again), a Goldband single (#1258) backing "Talk That Trash Drink That Mash" with "No Longer Care For Me" was issued as by Harold Bee with the Blue Velvet Country.

More tracks were recorded by Eddie Shuler in the seventies, among them "Hobo Man" (added to zipped file), but all were left in the can.

Old Ice Man + 6

Friday, February 12, 2021

Chuck Tillman Trio, vocal Helyne Stewart

Chuck Tillman Trio
Vocal Helyne Stewart

A) A Smile Will Drive You Frown Away
B)  I Want To Met Santa At Home

Nu-Tune Records; 11292
George Wood Productions
4346 McPherson  St Louis 8, Mo


Born in East St. Louis, Illinois, Helyne started singing popular songs with an a cappella choir at the Lincoln High School. In a higher grade at the same school was another youngster with an interest in music, a dentist's son who played in the high school band, his name was Miles Davis.

Read more below (excerpt from the liner notes of her album issued on Contemporary Records in 1962)

Helyne Stewart discography

As Helen Stewart, member of The Caldwells, see :



Friday, December 11, 2020

Vicki Young (Capitol 1-593 EP)


Capitol 1-593

Vicki Young was born Wanda Cleo Stegall on June 26, 1925, in Vinson, Oklahoma, the first of four talented children born to Loda and Mintie Stegall. Descended from an early American family dating back to 1736, the Stegall family had a long history of birthing "Methodist preachers or musicians." In Vicki's case, her parents were musicians and had one of the first professionally performing family western style bands, "The Stegalls."

By the time she was four, little Wanda was singing and already playing the banjo, ukulele and drums. For seven years, the youngster and her family band could be heard live over station KASA (AM 1210) in Elk City, Oklahoma.

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Strontium 90


Bobbie Warren
Strontium 90
Ann & Marty Cleary, Candell Pub. (ASCAP)
Pamco-1501 A


Marti Cleary (University High School Yearbook, 1958)

"Strontium 90" was originally written by Ann and Marty Cleary. It expresses concern about the quantity of Strontium 90 , a highly poisonous element , released by exploding atomic bombs. Like the song on the flip, "Strontium 90" was a prize winner at a college contest (Stanford University).

Ann and Marty Cleary were the daughters of Ed Cleary, a law professor in Urbana, Illinois. It is not known if they recorded the song themselves but they performed it at musical reunions in colleges or universities around their hometown in 1960 and 1961.

The song was also recorded by Jerry Silverman, Ethel Ralm & Pete Seeger (Sing Out LP), Inman and Ira, Singing Spokesmen from the New Generation (Mercury LP) and The Johnson Boys (Bethlehem Records). These three songs plus the Pamco track can be found in this zipped file.


Last night I went to a party,
Danced so I just about passed out;
But just when the party was gayest
Some crazy guy began to shout:

Strontium, Strontium, Strontium Ninety fall-out
Will get you even underground;
Now if you want some Strontium, Strontium Ninety,
There's plenty enough to go around.

What will we get from radiation?
No necks, two necks or maybe three;
Each one will have his own mutation;
Nobody else will look like me! (chorus)

So drink to the course of evolution;
The next one may very well be you;
Clouding the air with pollution,
And we'll see you next year at the zoo! (Chorus)

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Walking In A Daze


Billie McAllister
with Bernard Hardison's Band

Walking In A Daze

Tennessee 112

Billie McAllister as Fertilizer in 1968





Monday, November 30, 2020

Crazy Man


 Crazy Man

Native of Portland, Oregon via Coffeyville, Kansas, Chi Chi (Treece) started in the entertainement field as a calypso dancer, appearing in some of the better supper clubs in the U.S.A. and Canada.  The Entree record seems to be her only single.  She also sings one track on the Bill Beau Trio album  "Live At The Blueport Lounge" which was produced by Andy Belvin and Louis Webb and issued by Misty Records in 1965. Her career (as Chee-Chee or Chi-Chi at least) seems to have been closely associated with Bill Beau. They were managed by Personality Productions (Buck Ram).

Bill Beau (real name William Chisholm) died of a heart attack in 1997. Bill returned to his native Canada in 1992 after living and working as a jazz musician keyboards across the United States, primarily in California, for over 35 years.

Both sides of her Entree 45, her track from the Misty LP, and an unissued cover of Lavern Baker hit are included in this zipped file.

Chee Chee - Crazy Man (Entree)
Chee Chee - Uncle Sam Ain't No Woman (Entree)
Chi Chi - Jim Dandy (acetate)
Chi Chi & Bill Beau Trio - Early in the Morning (Misty LP).
Bonus track : Dee Allen : Crazy Man (Pip). (original recording of the song issued on another Buck Ram label named Pip).

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Day Tripper


The Woofers and Tweeters Ensemble

Day Tripper


For info see Wikipedia here

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Wooly Booly

Melveen Reed

Bernie Hal-Mann Orch.

Wooly Booly

Ligaya L-5002

Melveen Leed - born Melveen Ku'uleipuanani Leed, "Da Tida", was born and raised on the island of Molokai. She attended Kilohana Elementary & Intermediate School,Molokai, Radford High School, Honolulu (1961 grad.), Honolulu Business College,and Maui Technical School, Kahului, Maui (1963). As far back as her early childhood she liked the art of music and especially to sing. As she developed her talent for vocalizing, there were many avenues for her to follow. The music native to her people and the islands was foremost, but also she liked to delve into jazz, country, and mainstream pop music. During the mid nineteen sixties, Leed was honored as Miss Molokai and at about the same time began her "long and winding road" as one of Hawaii's premier performers.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Satan Ain't Nothing But a Bomb

Sister Pauline Trotter

Satan Ain't Nothing But a Bomb

 J&B 102

                                                                    Sister Pauline Trotter
Evangelist in Kilmichael, Mississippi

Thanks : Discogs, ebay, Greg Adams (YouTube)

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Big Fat Mama

Barbara Lee Mac
Cuca J-6635 (1966)

Barbara Lee McKenzie (1938-2003)

Previously with Ardis Wells & the Rhythm Ranch Girls.  She also had 45s on Golden Wing & Bangar.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Glory Of Love


 "Honey" Brown
Tommy Jones Orchestra

The Glory of Love

Kiss Me Baby

M and M Records

Her last record, as far as I known, after few records on Derby (with Freddie Mitchell), Fortune (with Choker Campbell) and Club 51 (with the Lefty Bates Combo. 

For more info see

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

I Lie Too

I Lie Too

This is twenty years old Barbara Colson. Barbara also recorded singles for Voice Of Country, a label owned by her manager and songwriter Elizabeth Thorn (1956-2009).

From 1968. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Molasses : The Second Flood


You have certainly heard of The Great Molasses Flood that occured in January 1919 in Boston after a storage tank collapsed, sending more than two million gallons (eight million litres) of molasses flowing through the city’s North End. The deluge caused extensive damage and killed 21 people.

31 years later, the lesser known Second Molasses Flood flooded the airwaves and the record shops in the year 1950. The culprit was Larry Clinton who wrote words and music to "Molasses, Molasses (It's Icky Sticky Goo)" which was first released by Lenny Carson and the Whiz Kids on the Savoy subsidiary Discovery. Soon, the song made a loud splash in the disk business and a dozen artists recorded the song, among them Teresa Brewer, Ella Fitzgerald and Spike Jones.

The sonic deluge caused extensive damage to the most fragile ears but, fortunately, killed nobody.

Go, Get The Goo HERE


Beatrice Kay - Molasses, Molasses                        
Ed Wiley and His After Hours Band - Molasses, Molasses   
Ella Fitzgerald - Molasses, Molasses                     
Lenny Carson And The Whiz Kids - Molasses, Molasses      
Roberta Quinlan - Molasses, Molasses                     
Spike Jones and his City Slickers - Molasses, Molasses   
Teresa Brewer - Molasses, Molasses                       

Unfortunately Kenny Rogers (Coral), Judy Valentine (with Tommy Tucker orch., MGM) and The Galli Sisters (National) are still missing and have not yet been found.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

If I Were Only A Dental Hygienist

 Claudia Nygaard

Songwriter and performer, Claudia Nygaard has recorded several CDs, but only one 45, this one, in 1980, produced by Chris Gerold. Composer: Claudia Nygaard published by Swank Songs Music.

 Web Page: 


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mean Jean & other gals


Mean Jean,
             Skinny Minnie,
                    Crazy Daisy
                            ....& others gals


Andre Williams - Mean Jean                        
Bill Haley -  Skinny Minnie                       
Bill Haley - Lean Jean                            
Billy Lee Riley - Pearly Lee                      
Bobby Boston - Lazy Daisy                         
Bobby Darin - Plain Jane                          
Chubby Checker - Lazy Elsie Molly                 
Dale McBride - Prissy Missy                       
Dave Bartholomew - Messy Bessie                   
Dave Rich - Rosie Let's Cozy                      
Del Shannon - Don't Gild The Lily, Lily           
Doug Sahm with The Pharoahs - Crazy Daisy         
Everly Brothers - My Gal Sal                      
Freddy Cannon - Patty Baby                        
Jack Scott - Mary Marry Me                        
Jimmy Dee - You're Late Miss Kate                 
Jo Ann Campbell - Crazy Daisy                     
Johnny Bond - Sadie Was A Lady                    
Larry Williams - Dizzy Miss Lizzy                 
Lattie Moore - Skinnie Minnie Shimmy              
Lou Monte - You're So Bella Isabella              
Nino Tempo - Loonie 'Bout Junie                   
Paul Peek - Sweet Skinny Jenny                    
Red Sovine - Normally, Norma Loves Me             
Skip and Flip - Fancy Nancy                       
The Fireflies - Stella Got A Fella                
The Kingsmen - Annie Fannie                       
The Spades (Vocal Al Steele)  - Fatty Patty       
The Swinging Blue Jeans - Good Golly Miss Molly   
Wilson Pickett - Mini Skirt Minnie