Saturday, July 17, 2021

Tiffany Twist


Mike and The Bel-Airs

Holiday Records HD-3001
N.R.C. Productions
San Antonio, Texas


Tiffany Twist
Vocal : Nyalia Moore

Everyone Knows
Vocal : Charles Virgil

Band named after the Chevy Bel-Air of singer Bud Harper. Mike Villa. Mando Lucio, Alfred Pinckney, Charlie Virgil, Nyalia Moore and others. After Mike Villa left The Bel-Aires, Al Pinckney took over as lead vocalist and renamed the band to The Exclusives.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Oom Cocka Mau-Mau

Ace Oom And The Eons

Oom Cocka Mau-Mau
D. Eskenazi, J. Dunham, R. Taylor, T. Cook
recorded Summer 1974 Seattle

This is actually the Lamar Harrington Band. Formed by University of Washington art students and friends in the early 70s for an event at the Henry Art Gallery, they named themselves after the gallery director, a good person named Lamar Harrington. The band continued to play events around the U of W area and gained some noteriety. When the real Lamar was not pleased with some of the antics and events that her name was being subjected to, she said the band had to change its name; from now on  they were the "Formerly Lamar Harrington", also know as "Hedy Lamar Harrington".

They were known for spontaneous and wild performances with 5 to 50 people "in the band".  These drug-crazed hippies were at one time or another : 
Danny Eskenazi (bass, horn, vocals), Neville Pearsall (guitar, vocals), Phil Miller (vocals, horns) Rick Tollefson (drums), Ted Cook (vocals, radio) Homer Spence (trumpet, radio), Joby Fairchild (flute, vocals), Paul Dorpat (vocals, percussion), Michael Trullinger (drums), Dorothy aka Jan Wachter (vocals), Louie the Sax aka Jim Healy (sax, vocals), Sammy (vocals, dancing), Auggie the dog (dog), Taster aka Bill Haden (sax, vocals) Bill Burden (vocals, percussion) Peter Barnes (moral support), Ben LaFebvre (vocals, guiar) Johnny McGuire (vocals, percussion), David Owens (vocals, percussion) Justin Gelle (guitar), Steve Speckelmeyer (drums, vocals), Kathy Hope (vocals & percussion), Doug Schauer (piano), Leslie (vocals, percussion), Lucy Dunsmore (vocals, percussion), Jan Gordon (flute), Virgil (percussion), Jeff Jaison (vocals, guitar), Vinny Oreski (friend), Paul Bates (friend), Ken Levine (documentation, friend), Laura Mack (vocals, percussion), Patty Ojendyk (vocals, percussion), Karen Ekval (vocals, friend), Janet (vocals, percusion), Allen Goldman (vocals, percussion) . . . and surely others  . . .

Dan Eskenazi, who has collected oversized footwear for more than 30 years, opened the Giant Shoe Museum in 1997.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Japanese Cheese

Billy Adams

Cannonball Records CB-101
(Another Sound On The Ball)
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742


Yes, this is Billy Adams, of "Rock, Pretty Mama" fame, who left the rock 'n' roll arena in 1964 to pursue a career as a singing evangelist.

According to UPI News, Sept. 23 1982
....Adams, a 1950s singer-songwriter who became a born-again evangelist, reached the high moment of his two-week revival in this small town north of Columbia, Nort Carolina, with a record-crunching and book-burning.

More than 200 members of the Holiness Pentecostal Church -- many of them children -- turned out to learn from Adams that 'Rock has a heavy, incessant demonic beat. It's the same beat used in the rites of primitive tribes.'

'At the base of the brain there's a small gland called the pituitary gland,' he said. 'The rock beat beats on this gland. Rock music has a direct effect on the pituitary gland.
'It distorts it and sends too many chemicals into the brain. It causes a complete wipeout of the moral inhibitions.'
After his 90-minute sermon, the crowd adjourned to the parking lot to burn books, T-shirts and cassette recordings he said were inspired by the devil. A plan to heap rock 'n' roll and country music records into a pile and burn them in a bonfire was aborted. Instead, the albums were smashed with sledgehammers.

Adams noted that RCA records in New York had warned that burning records would release deadly polyvinyl chloride gas.  'RCA came out and said there's poison gas in these records,' he cried. 'Well, we knew that, that's why we're going to break them and burn everything else.'

He agreed that some critics would call his career as a recording artist hypocritical, given his attacks on rock music. "You'll have a few who'll say, 'Aha, look what he's done,' " Adams said. "But my big fight with rock music was when they went beyond selling records and filled it with drugs, sex, hidden messages and Satanic things."

Rock, Pretty Mama (live)

Born in Redbush, Ky., on March 6, 1940, Mr. Adams was one of 14 children and the son of a coal miner who worked in the Van Lear coal mine, the same place that Loretta Lynn sings about in “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”

Other songs he recorded in the late ’50s include “You Heard Me Knocking,” “True Love Will Come Your Way” and “You Gotta Have a Duck Tail.”
He was inspired to write “Rock, Pretty Mama” listening to the sound of trains near his home.
Billy Adams died March 30, 2019 in Westmoreland, Tenn. He was 79.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Jazz Vs. Rock And Roll

Woody Byrd

Jazz vs. Rock And Roll

R. Bloomberg - L. Barr
Bettina Music Co., BMI
Jaro International J 77000

Initial release on this Top Rank International Records' subsidiary.  Masters were probably bought in Philadelphia from unknown independent producer(s), or perhaps from Leonard "Chick Barr (Dean Martin's uncle?) and Ron Bloomberg, a songwriter duo active between 1958 and 1960.

The only known record by Woody Byrd, perhaps a pseudonym.

Acknowledgment : Andreas Michalke


Thursday, June 17, 2021

I Want A Fair And Square Man

 English actress Honor Blackman (1925-2020)

 I Want A Fair And Square Man

From her LP "Everything I've Got" issued in 1964 on London Records in the USA (Sticker: "A sultry new voice... The sexsational star of the latest James Bond film Goldfinger".and on Decca (UK)

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Wallace For President

Earl (Country Boy) Pettijohn

Wallace For President

Let’s All Back George Wallace 

Both wr. P. Bolstein & E. Pettijohn
Published by Moss Rose

Heart O' Dixie Records

According to "one multiculturally sensitive" seller several years ago on a well-know buy & sell website :

I have listened to the record several times to find any racial remarks and there are non. The music fits the turmoil of the 1960s and that all familiar theme to return to conservatism even though Wallace was a third party candidate. 
No racial remarks in these songs, what a relief !

No info found on the artist, but he recorded at least another single as his "Sinner's Fate" has been compiled on Small Town country - Vol. 1.


George Wallace, Conservative governor of Alabama, ran for President in the 1968 election as the American Independent Party candidate,

    "George Wallace forged an alliance with many country singers, such as Autry Inman, Hank Snow, and the Wilburn Brothers, who participated often in his campaigns for the Alabama governorship and for the presidency.  Racism was certainly one factor which contributed to Wallace's popularity, but his southern rural/populist roots also made him appealing to many of the "good old boys and girls" who picked guitars and sang.  Wallace identified with country music, but he also spoke the same language, ate the same food, and responded to the same cultural traditions (both good and bad) that most country musicians understood.  He linked his southerness with their own, while also tapping vaguely understood, but often legitimate, feelings of alienation that many Americans everywhere felt.

    The George Wallace-country music alliance was a major factor which contributed to the music's rediscovery by the media - the belief that at worst the music represented reactionary and racist politics, or that at best it spoke for alienated American working people."
 From "The Reinvigoration of Modern Country Music", in Country Music U.SA., by Bill C. Malone

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Where Is God ?

DeadWax followers, I am sure of it, are interested in all the great debates of society which fascinate so many people: what am I, where am I going, marriage for all, the right to have children, the right to die whenever you want, what's for dinner...

Today we are going to focus on a bigger question: where is God? Like a lot of people, I have his phone number, but I always come across an answering machine: "please wait, an advisor will answer you". So turning to a few people who have an answer.

Gay Sisters

God Is On Our Side (Evelyn Gay)
as inspired to Joe Louis and Jersey Joe Walcott
(Savoy 4027, 1951)

Sav-O-Flex, unbreakable under normal use)

Al Barker with Melody Makers

God Is Everywhere (A. Barker)
Q-Cue Records, Barberton, Ohio, 1962

Norm Burns & The Five Stars

God Is On The Moon (Vivian B. Walton)
Sterling Records, 1971

Tex Roby

God Is On The Road (O. B. Tex Roby)
Charter Records, 1975
(vanity label at Gibson Studios / Ripcord Recording, Vancouver, Washington
Vivian Walton

God Is On The Moon (V. Walton)
From her LP "There's A New Hope In America" on Morning Son Records, 1977


 Blue Sky Boys (Bill & Earl Bolick)
God Is Still On The Throne
From "Precious Moments", LP on Starday Records, also on Pine Mountain Records)


 Cecil Surratt

God Is Near
From his LP "God Is Near" on Upper Room Records
date unknown

I'm sure The Gay Sisters are right,
unbreakable under normal use