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Run Willie Run


 Romeo Sullivan

Run Willie Run

 JB Records 1188 (1972)
Mobile, Alabama

The other side, "Don't play the slow songs", of lesser interest, is available on Youtube here


Romeo Sullivan [1936-2013] was a musician and music radio announcer for 42 years. He was inducted into the Country Radio DJ Hall of Fame in 2000 and of the Church of God faith.

Born in Wagarville, Alabama, Romeo Sullivan was a key figure in Country radio in the South Mississippi/Alabama area. His first stage appearance was at the ripe age of 5, when he sang Mule Skinner Blues and won five dollars and a cake. He laughingly says "bet that George Jones never won five dollars AND a cake." He had his own band at the age of 15, playing in places that he admits were really scary. Sullivan's first radio job was at WPBB, Jackson, AL where he begged the station manager to let him work week-ends for free. His first full time job was at WTUF in Mobile, Alabama, where he worked with Jack Cardwell, Boots Barnes, Luke McDaniels and Gene Leachman. In 1967 he landed the job as program director at WVMI in Biloxi, Ms. When Hurricane Camille hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast he kept the station on the air, providing information and entertainment to the victims of the sorm.1970 found him in Hattiesburg, Ms. at WBKH, where he later became manager, and WKNZ Collins, MS. Sullivan retired in 1997, after almost 45 years as a country disc jockey. Romeo was inducted into the Country Music D J Hall of Fame in 2000.

John Blackburn, owner of JB Records, formed offices in Nashville. That was announced by a&r director Pee Wee Maddux in May 1972. 


Friday, April 19, 2024

Bombs On England (Bomben Auf England)


Bombs On England (Bomben Auf England)

Unknown artists. Sung presumably by the Herman Goering music corps. Composed during the battle of  Britain. It tells of victory in Poland and France and now flying to bomb England.

From "War Songs Of The Third Reich: Historical German War Songs Of World War II" published on Our Times M-621 by Military Arms Research Service, P.O. Box 26772, San Jose, CA 95159

The full album is available here (Don't thank me!)


YT favorites vol 5 - MeMadMusic

YouTube Favorite Channels - Volume 5 : MeMadMusic

Address :
Subscribers :  1,180
Videos :  4,800
Views :  390 000
Active since :  2008

Sampler (16 tracks + labels)

Bily Snel - Queen Of Halloween.mp3                                                     
Dick Shawn - It's Not Easy Being White.mp3                                             
Jerry & the Landslides - Get Off My Roof.mp3                                           
Josephine -They Took You Away (I'm Glad, I'm Glad).mp3                                 
LooBeeDooBeeDoo DeeDee and The Javelin Catchers -  Please Take Your Love To Town.mp3   
Lynn & Mersey Maids Mrs Jones -  Your Song Gives Up To Easy.mp3                        
Mamie Van Doren & June Wilkinson - Bikini With No Top On The Top.mp3                   
Mel Blanc& The Starlighters -  Woody Woodpecker Polka.mp3                              
Merv Griffin - The Screamin' Meemies From Planet X.mp3                                 
Michelle Prehle - A Letter To Elvis.mp3                                                
Patti Carlson - I'm Not Cookin' Anymore.mp3                                            
Susan Christie -  I Love Onions.mp3                                                    
The Apemen - Tarzan.mp3                                                                
The Chesnuts - I'm So Blue.mp3                                                         
The Copycats - Chief Sitting Bull.mp3                                                  
The Incinerators - Disco's In The Garbage.mp3                                          

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YouTube Favorite Channels - Volume 4 : TheSouthPhilly

 YouTube Favorite Channels - Volume 4 : TheSouthPhilly

address :

"Forgotten records from the Philadelphia area archived from the lifelong and ever-growing collection of South Philly born disc jockey, Jimmy DePre."

Subscribers : 643
Videos : 331
Views : 178 167
Active since : June 2017

Sampler (16 tracks + labels)

Bill Martel - Now Or Never (Impala 1959).mp3                          
Billy Lane - Space Ship Blues (Taba 1962).mp3                         
Jimmy Testa - Yeh, Yeh! No, No! (Darrow 1959).mp3                     
Jimmy Wisner Quartet - Down By The Old Mill Stream (Grand 1955).mp3   
Jodie Sands - Love Me Always (Teen 1955).mp3                          
Johnny October - Little Boy Blue (First 1959).mp3                     
Lynn Mason - Baby Won't You Please Come Home (Best 1959).mp3          
Norma Mendoza - If It's Love (Firebird 1962).mp3                      
Royal Demons - Kiss Kiss (PEK 1961).mp3                               
Terri De Rose - Funny (Fahy 1964).mp3                                 
The Brigidi Sisters - I Wanta Be Left Alone (Crosley 1959).mp3        
The Camotions - Motown (La-Ro-Ke 1960s).mp3                           
The Cousins - Ding A Ling (1960).mp3                                  
The Five Lords - Oo-La-La (D&S 1956).mp3                              
The Mechanics - Co-Co Mo-Mo (Jamie 1965).mp3                          
The Top Kicks - Huh_ (Boolya Botten Booten Baby) (Guyden 1954).mp3    

YT favorite : Volume 4

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"Jackson" was first recorded by The Kingston Trio in 1963. Written by Jerry Leiber and Billy Edd Wheeler. Although Jerry Leiber co-wrote this song, his wife Gaby Rogers got the writing credit. For a list of cover versions see Second Hand Songs.

This version is from the album "Sunday Afternoon" by Reid and Bobbi Northrup and the New Arkansas Travelers, issued by Tarot Recordings. Recorded at Vibra-Sound Studio in Schenectady, Upstate New York. Date unknown (circa 1970?)

Joe Sixpack has excellently reviewed that album :
A charmingly rough-edged (yet ambitious) set of regional twang by a husband-wife duo who were active in the Northwestern country music scene. The Northrups were from East Berne, New York (near Schenectady) and performed with various backing bands for many years in the late '60s and early '70s, most notably this group, the New Arkansas Travelers. [...]
As far as I know, this was their only album, but it's a doozy. It opens with a gloriously flawed rendition of "Jackson," where both singers flub their delivery, and seem to forget the lyrics while their hotshot guitarist keeps the hot licks coming. [...] All in all, a fine example of "real people" regional twang, with some lively, committed performances, particularly my Bobbi Northrup, who combined a mousy little voice with a wicked, Wanda Jackson-style snarl. Fun stuff!
Born in 1939, Bobbi Northrup was the daughter of Clarence "Pee Wee" Overbaugh, a popular area musician, who passed away in 1945, at the age of 34. He sang and played tenor banjo with the Arkansas Cowboys band (who were from Schenectady, not Arkansas).

Roberta "Bobbi" Overbaugh Northrup, 76, passed away on August 1, 2015, at her home in Converse, Texas. She lived in Berne and Altamont most of her life, moving to Converse when her husband passed away. Bobbi and Reid opened Heldeberg Appliance in East Berne and later moved the business to Altamont. She was trained as a bookkeeper, and also managed the concessions for the Altamont Fair for a number of years.

Reid Northrup retired and moved to Florida, where he passed away in December, 2000.


Monday, April 1, 2024

Little Girl

Bob Dell

ML-23 Stars Come Twisting In (Del Giorno-Levandowski) S212-101
ML-24 little girl (Del Giorno-Levandowski) S212-102

 RD Records, 132 Boston St. Syracuse, N. Y.

This is Robert Del Giorno, then DJ on WOLF radio, in Syracuse as Bob Dell. The backing band (uncredited) is Paul [Levansdowki] and the Velvets.

Disc jockeys recordings have, most of the time, this uninhibited and amateurish quality that I like.

132 Boston St. Syracuse, once the home of
Robert Del Girono (and of RD Records)

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Nashville Moog


 Gil Trythall & His Nashville Moog


Nashville Moog
Produced by Rick Powell
Athena Records

Harry Gilbert Trythall (1930–2023) was an American composer, electronic music pioneer, keyboardist, pianist of jazz and contemporary classical music, a life long educator, and a multimedia enthusiast. He often collaborated with artists (notably Prof. Don Evans (Vanderbilt-Nashville) to create engrossing public experiences..... [Wikipedia]

Friday, March 22, 2024

Free Shots

Wolfman Jack - Free Shots.mp3   

Debbie Sabusawa- Something For Nothing 

CAVDA Records 333
Citizens Alliance For VD Awareness
222 West Adams St.  - Chicago

CAVDA : organization promoting prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

Arranged and conducted by Charles Colbert
Published by Star Point 7 (BMI)

In those heady days, when the worst sexually transmitted disease you could get was VD (venereal disease), which could be erased with a free shot, The Wolfman actually seems to be encouraging kids to sex it up. There is no mention here of preventive measures (condoms, foam etc.), but hey... it was a safer, cleaner world. "Safe Sex" wasn't even on the horizon.


Robert Weston Smith (1938–1995), known as Wolfman Jack, was an American disc jockey active for over three decades. Famous for the gravelly voice which he credited for his success. [Wikipedia]

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YouTube Favorite Channels : Volume 3 : Evil Eye 45's


YouTube Favorite Channels : Volume 3 : Evil Eye 45's

Address :
Active since  October 2013
Subscribers  :  3,57 K
Videos :  9,255
Views :  2 204 434
This channel features 45rpm recordings of all kinds of music and is intended for music lovers, the goal is not to wow you with with expensive records that only rich folks can afford, It’s to preserve forgotten and neglected music

Sampler (16 tracks) + label shots

Asbury Four - Goodbye World - (Gospel Bop Guitar Break).mp3                           
Cathy Bledsoe - Leave Well Enough Alone - Raven (VA Country Bopper).mp3               
Country Bopper with FUZZ 45 Moon Mullican -Big Big City.mp3                           
Dori Carroll - I Thouht I Told You - Grand (Chick Rockabilly).mp3                     
Estalee Norton - Life Gets More Confusing - Oak Leaf (Country Teen Bopper).mp3        
Evie Holmes - I Just Got Home - Big Mark (Chick Bopper).mp3                           
Jadean Davis - Tee Shirt Fever - King's International Records 45.mp3                  
Johnny Lidell - Bimbo - Studio City (MN Bopper).mp3                                   
Johnny Sharp & The Yellow Jackets - Bombie (Private TX Garage Rocker, Zombies!).mp3   
Kathy Lee - Look At Me And Smile - Syntar 45 (TN).mp3                                 
Rev. Bobby Grove - I Call Him - Oak (OH Gospel Bopper).mp3            
Sonny Cole & His Oakies - Hen Pect Feller - Wheel Deal 45.mp3         

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YouTube Favorite Channels : Volume 2 : ThriftStoreVinyl



YouTube Favorite Channels : Volume 2 : ThriftStoreVinyl

Address :
Active since  January 2016
Subscribers  : 6,11 k
Videos : 2,248
Views : 1 694 679
"Unearthing and archiving vinyl diamonds excavated from dusty donation mines."

Sampler (16 tracks)

Chester High Rhythm Rascles - Satisfaction (I Can't Get No) [1960s High School Band].mp3                   
Jean Richards, Lainie Cook, and Bob Thomas - A Rocket In My Pocket (excerpt) [1960s Children].mp3          
Jerry Jericho - Which Way You Going [1950s Rockabilly Gospel].mp3                                        
Little Evelyn Talbert - So Small Am I [1960s_70s Gospel].mp3                                               
Little Troy Hess & Little Angela Perry - Little Sister [1970s Dark Country].mp3                          
Marc Shaw - Elvis, An Overnight Sensation (Lyrics by Belinda & Bill Lege)[1970s Song-poem Elvis-ism].mp3   
Mossilene Miles - Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing [Whistling Gospel].mp3                            
Patsy Sexton - Girls [1970s Rock N' Roll Elvis-ism].mp3                                                    
Peggy Lynn - Goldwater Victory Song [1960s Political Pop].mp3                                              
Rev. Joe Freeman - Let Me Rise [1960s Rockabilly Gospel].mp3                                               
Roger Franklin - My Black Beautiful Woman (Lyrics by James Curtis Washington) [1960s Song-poem Rock].mp3   
Sherman Arnold - Suspicious Minds [1970s Impersonator Rock'n'Roll Elvis-ism].mp3                           
The Chmielewskis - The Laughing Song [1970s Polka].mp3                                                     
The George Garabedian Players And The Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms - Georgy Girl [1960s Novelty Jazz].mp3   
The Naughty Neighborhood Band - My Wife, The Dancer [1960s Stripper Vocal].mp3                             
The Three Cheers - All My Loving [1960s Vocal Jazz Beatles-ism].mp3   

Monday, March 18, 2024

YouTube Favorite Channels : Volume 1 : Mark Lee Allen


Here is the first volume of a new series intended to introduce you to some of my favorite YouTube channels deserving much more visitors. the first volume is dedicated to the Mark Lee Allen channel :

Active since February 2007
2.842 videos
1.050 suscribers
views : 414.229
main content : classic rockabilly, hillbilly, mostly obscure stuff

address :

Sampler (12 tracks with label shots)

HI PIE - Tail Towel Blues ECHO CLIFF NR 5608-1
JOHNNY WATSON -I'm Gonna Tie You With A Golden Band CACTUS 45-102

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Who'll Be The First To The Moon


The Jimmy Neil Trio
Produced and arranged by Jimmy Neil
Martin MR-102-B
(December 1968)
 Written by J. Ra-Fa and J. Neil.  The only other record on the label is credited to Jimmy Neil, the singing schoolteacher. Oregon apparently, as Jimmy Neil had two other singles on Lavender Records. No further info. Who was Ju-Di-Lin - Ra-Fa ?


New Dance Craze


Five Stairsteps & Cubie


New Dance Craze

From 1968. Vocals lead by Cubie, three years old at that time.  Quoting his obituary from 2014 found here


CUBIE BURKE – youngest member of 60s/70s soul group THE STAIRSTEPS – died on Wednesday 14th May. He was 49 and it’s believed that his death was as a result of a brain injury he’d suffered some years ago.

The Stairsteps (sometimes billed as the 5 Stairsteps and Cubie) were made up of various members of Chicago’s Burke family and music legend has it that Cubie debuted with the band when he was just 16 months old! The Stairsteps recorded for Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom label and Buddha and their biggest hit was the much loved and oft-covered ‘Ooh Child’. Cubie occasionally sang with the group but it was his dancing that brought the applause and he eventually left the group to become a professional dancer, working with Dance Theatre of Harlem, The Atlanta Ballet, Alvin Ailey, various Las Vegas theatrical shows and at the Olympic closing ceremonies in Barcelona and Los Angeles. He was also the choreographer for the 1997 Soul Train Music Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles 1997.

Cubie also attempted a solo recording career debuting in 1982 with the release of the single ‘Down for Double’ on the Rissa Chrissa label. A full album was never recorded, because of the breakup of the record company. Cubie then returned his energy back to dance. He also wrote numerous songs – most never recorded.

As an actor Cubie Burke appeared in the TV series ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Season 9’ and in 1997 he founded a production company called QBiquity Productions.

Cubie Burke is survived by his daughter Decoda Kareem, granddaughter Aaliyah Kareem, his mother Betty Burke, father Clarence Burke, siblings Rami (Alohe Burke), James Burke, Dennis Burke and Keni Burke.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

The Conner Family


The Conner Family : the four brothers and a sister recorded their first single in 1963. They were at that time : Jimmy 20, Otis Jr. 16, Larry 14 , Alan 9, and  Becky 15.

It was a cold September day in 1960 in Houston, Texas when Otis L. Conner, Sr. walked through the front door of the Conner home carrying an arm full of packages. His four sons, Jimmy, Otis Jr., Larry, Alan and his only daughter Becky came scrambling into the living room at his call. One by one the packages were opened. The first held an electric guitar, the second : an electric bass guitar, the third revealed a mandolin, the fourth: a snare drum and sticks, and the fifth : a tambourine, microphone and amplifier.

Within two weeks the Conner children had learned their first song - a rendition of "Milk Cow blues". Within a year the family had put together 30 minutes of material and the Conner Family hit the road. . .

the singles (all issued in Oklahoma)

1963 - The Swingin’ Conners (Boyd 122)
    Walkin' The Chalk / Milk Cow Blues

1966 - The Conner Family (Conner 001)
    Little Johnny Rhythm / A Lesson In Love

196? - The Conner Family (Captain 1005/1006)
    Talkin’ About You / The Pickup (both wr. Conway Twitty)

Note : missing from this compilation is "The Pickup"

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Studio B Productions


Very little is known about this obscure recording studio operated by Dan (Daniel) Nielson in the seventies. First based in Ashland, Oregon, the studio moved later to Jacksonville; not far from Ashland. Its productions were issued on a variety of labels : Studio B, First And Last Chance, Maryke, Derringer, Thunder Mountain and probably more. 

Artists : Sonny and the Wild Bunch, Julius And Thee Originals, Blue Max, Tomi Pemberton And The Blue Lites, Nashville Underground, Country Cut-Ups (and probably more).

Studio B