Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shaggy Dog

Roberta Shore

George-Smith, WDMCo ASCAP

Disneyland Records

Roberta Jymme Schourop (born April 7, 1943, Monterey Park, California) was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Roberta never took singing lessons, but appears to have inherited her talent from her father, who once played in a western band.  At age ten she sang at a local supermarket opening, and was noticed by Tex Williams.   He suggested shortening her family name to "Shore", and invited her to join his weekly local television show at Knott's Berry Farm.  After eighteen months of live performing, she next joined NBC's daily childrens program, The Pinky Lee Show, at the suggestion of the departing singer, fourteen year-old Molly Bee. . . .

More about Roberta Shore :

The Lawrence Welk Show: The Banjo`s Back In Town
Roberta Shore and Buddy Merrill on banjo (1959)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Charlie's Got a Horn

 Melvin Morris

M.Morris, Jim Dandy Music Inc. BMI

Jim Dandy Records

 Melvin Morris discography

Snow Cap (1960)
KB-601/2 — Heartaches Of A Love Untrue / Please Hear These Words

Jim Dandy (1961)
JD 1004 — Charlie's Got A Horn  /  Remember You're Mine – (Bb rev. 11 December 1961)

Starday (1962)
605 — Spending Nights In Nashville / Still – 10-62

Guitar Record Company (1962)
1100 — The Pauper's Dream / Tell Mother That You Love Me   

  •  Melvin Morris picture credit  : from CD "Ice Cold" (Buffalo Bop 55162) 
  • Melvin Morris page at Rockin' Country Style here 
  • Jim Dandy Records discography here

Friday, April 26, 2013

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Dora Hall

Calamo Records

Produced and recorded in Hollywood ( probably by H.B. Barnum ).   What is the most remarkable about Dora Hall is her perserverence...  She was not good, she was not bad, she was just... boring.

All about Dora Hall here :
DORA'S WORLD: The Unofficial DORA HALL Website
Paying loving tribute to the Queen of Solo Cups -- and of "vanity entertainment"!
DORA HALL was the undisputed queen of vanity entertainment. Dora's husband was Leo Hulseman, the founder of the immensely successful Solo Cup Company, and a man who was quite happy to delve into Solo's apparently bottomless coffers to finance dozens of record releases by his wife, all of which were given away free of charge with packages of plastic cups and plates during the 1960's. Not content with her "success" in the record business, in the 1970's and 1980's Dora branched out with several full-blown Solo-financed TV specials designed to make her a star--despite the fact that she was an elderly grandmother with limited show business experience.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some Day You'll Need Me

Joe Barber
Joe Manganice -  Glad Music BMI
Dash Records

Houston, Texas.   D Records related (in the same masters series)

Joe Barber real name is Joseph John Barberine and was born in 1931.  Joseph lived, and still live there hopefully, in Sun City, California,  He is listed as president of Califco Publications, Inc.,  located in Van Nuys, Ca.

He wrote songs, most notably "I Can't Get Over You" recorded by George Jones and Melba Montgomery (United Artists, 1965). 

No further info on Joe Barber.

This Dash label is not related to any other labels of the same name :
  • Huntsville, Ala, —  Slim Lay And Happy Wilson
  • Ft Worth, Tx — Bud & Stan
  • South Greesburg, Pa (Fee Bee sub. with bogus Hollywood address on label) —The People,  Buddy Carle
  • Detroit Mich. — Bunny Paul
  • Chicago, Ill.  — Frank York Orch., Nikki North
  • Memphis, Tn (rec. location) — Leon Mitchell And His Kentucky Valley Boys
  • Phoenix, Az  —Square Dance label
  • Hollywood, Ca.  — Willie Egan


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Send Me Baby

Ralph Jay

Send Me Baby
Jay, Forshay BMI

Orch. & Chorus Directed By Ray Ellis

Royal Roost Records

 Label owner, Jack Hooke, born Jacob Horowitz,, who managed some of the biggest names in jazz, rock 'n' roll and Latin music during 51 years in entertainment, died in 1999.   He was 83. 

Trained, like his four older brothers, as a tool-and-die maker, he decided in the late 1940's that he couldn't stand that line of work.    He and a partner bought Royal Roost Records, a tiny jazz label that recorded the likes of Stan Getz, Erroll Garner, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker.    Mr. Hooke became a plugger, traveling to radio stations around the country to promote Royal Roost's records.

In 1952 he and a friend, the pop music plugger Juggy Gayles, paid a call to WJW in Cleveland where a young D.J., Alan Freed, was playing the latest rhythm 'n' blues for a loyal following of black listeners and a growing number of white fans. Freed and Mr. Hooke hit it off immediately, and soon Mr. Hook became the D.J.'s manager.

 Royal Roost Records

"That was my thing, it didn't sell twenty copies, but I loved it."   But Hooke's access to Alan Freed inevitably caused the label owner to try his hand at rock & roll.  Starting late in 1955, Roost periodically recorded and released songs by local groups, but despite radio airplay from Freed, the records did not sell in any significant quantity.  "I went into bankruptcy twice, and I was struggling".

Then in the summer of 1956, Roost released a song called "Priscilla," sung by Brooklyn-born songwriter Eddie Cooley (who had recently written "Fever" for Little Willie John) and three women who called themselves The Dimples.   By the fall "Priscilla" had risen to number twenty-six on Billboard's national "Top 100" chart.  Jack Hooke finally had his rock & roll hit and "paid off all his bills.     From John A. Jackson, "Big Beat Heat", Alan Freed and the early years of rock and roll.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mae West Walk

 Rick Ronson

Mae West Walk 
(Why Don't You Come Up And See Me Sometime)

Marc Paull, Raincrest Publishers 

Sean Records

Sean Records issued a second record (w/picture sleeve) on Rick Ronson coupling a Bob Gallo production, "Bouquet Of Roses", originally recorded by Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plow Boys in 1947 and  "Look My Way", from the prolific pen of Jerry Fuller.
"Look My Way" can be found on Teenage Time, Vol. 8 (CD Classics 720) and on YouTube.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Semi-Automatic Bop (?!)

Pic on cover : Reesa Marchetti (of Reesa and the Rooters)

 36 lo-fi tracks, mostly uncomped!  A tribute to Cees Klop!
Without the participation of Yoko Ono (thanks Yoko!)
Some were previously here on Dead Wax, some weren't.


Al's 1503 -Link Davis - Johnny B. Goode
Arroya- The Cat - Syncopated Rock
Bedford -Don Miller And Carolyn Day - Telephone Baby
Bell 118- Jay Stevens- Tiger
Bray - Jackasses- Sugaree
Breeze- Sharlet Sexton - Since My Baby Put Me Down
Byeric - Art Erikson- Baby I Don't Care 1&2
Cadillac 163 Millionaires -Shimmy, Shimmy, Shimmy (Do The Coca Minny)
Canton 1786-The Phantoms- Birdland Pt I
Claudra 110 -Walter (Arlie) Bittle - Teen Age Blues
Clef 1107 Bob Cathey - Johnny B. Goode
Cue 1053 The Moore Twins (Larry & Garry)- All Thru The Night
Day-Z-Bel 711-Jimmy Crawford - Blabbermouth
Dot 15784-Johnny King- Rock-Meeting
Garrett 4001_Chuck Howard - Johnny Be Good
Gateway 1236-Bradley Arthur- Stood Up
Gold Master -The Rocks- Love City
Gold Master -The Rocks- Terri
Gold Standard 292-Jimmy Hydrick- Trip To The Moon
Horizon 1002_Johnny Redd _Tell Me Why
JFJ - The Creations- Girl Of My Best Friend
Kudo 665 Barbara Tennant- Rock Baby Rock
Madison 101 Jimmy McBride- Rockin' Guitar
Maynor- Venus- Walkin-And-Talkin
Nork-The Trophies- Somethin' Else
Orbit 4889 -Tommy Love- Half Past Midnight
Pathe 1001-Glory Kennedy And Her 3 Electric Guitars- Dixie's Land
Reesa And The Rooters- Nervous Breakdown
Ridgeway 113_Niki Stevens_ The_Bop
Rogo-Ralph Miranda & Deltoros - Don't Leave Me Now
Rose- We're Not Sisters - Oh Baby, Whoa Baby_
Scottie 1326_Spider Webb_ ()-A-Doodle-Doo
Twin Star1011  Mike_Mitchell- Mike's Riff
Vanco- Jim Mackelberg  - Baby Sittin  Blues
Wing 2002 The Allen Sisters -Cha Cha Hop

RockLector 005

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Ring Around A Chain

The Cruisers

 Loyce Whiteman-Marti Barris
Meadowlark Music ASCAP

Arr & Cond Danny Gould

Era Records

Songwriter Loyce Whiteman was vocalist with Gus Arnheim and His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra.  You can listen to her duet with Bing Crosby (his first duet with a female singer), singing "Ho-Hum" HERE on YouTube.  In 1931, Loyce married  Harry Barris, a songwriter, musician, and actor, who worked a lot with Bing Crosby.  (they divorced in 1946)  They had only one child, Frances Maurine, also known as Marti.
Marti Barris  (1938-1995)  recorded pop songs in the late 50s and 1960s but never had a big hit.  She was a guest on several variety shows in the late 50s. She appeared on "The Bob Crosby Show," "American Bandstand," "Music on Ice" and "The Lawrence Welk Show" as well as being a regular cast member of "Howdy Doody" playing the character "Peppi Mint."

Who were the Cruisers, I don't known.  Two singles by The Cruisers were issued, the following year,  on the newly formed Doré Records, but it's a different group comprising LA session men (?).  'Rendezvous 22'  (Doré 500) was purchased from Wayne Shanklin. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Teen Age Queen

J.J. Barnes

Mickay's Records


James Jay Barnes was born on 30th November 1943 in Detroit, Michigan. He is known as J.J.Barnes and has released over 25 singles including his big hit ‘Baby Please Come Back Home’. He is a respected singer and songwriter on the northern soul scene.

J.J.Barnes began his musical career in gospel. He sang with his sister, Ortheia Barnes, in The Halo Gospel Singers....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Crying In The Chapel

Little Richard

Atlantic Records

This is for Lee who searched and searched. 

This Little Richard version was a minor hit in Hartford, Connecticut in March/April 1963.