Saturday, July 31, 2010

Satan's Got you (By The Hand)

Writer is Ray Whitt, a.k.a. Floyd Whited.

Formerly of Springfield, Ohio (where he was president of the Spangle Record Company), and now headquartering in Dayton, Ohio, Floyd Whited is back in the music field after a two years’ absence, and is again working hand in hand with Murray Nash of Nashville. Their initial release under the renewed venture is « Sing, Little Bluebird » b.w. « Satan’s Got you by the Hand, », as done by Lenny Davis on Nash’s Do-Ra-Me label. from Billboard July 31, 1961

Lenny Davis had at least another record, on the Dayton-based Prism label the following year :

Prism 1003/1004
Lenny Davis and The Megatones
My Only Girl (One Night) / The Beginning (And Not The End)


The Blue Angels - Money

The Blue Angels


Recorded by Arthur Smith Studios, Charlotte N.C.

From 1965, according to the Kay-Bank pressing number code.

A lot of Arthur Smith Studios recordings were pressed by the Kay-Bank pressing plant located in... Minnesota. It's not exactly in the proximity of Charlotte. It must have been some special relation between Kay-Bank and Arthur Smith Studios, but I've not yet found any details.

See Kay Bank custom pressings discography


Friday, July 30, 2010

Billy, Billy, Billy

From their third release on the Chess/Checker Argo subsidiary. Produced by J. C. Hill in Cleveland (Ohio) at the Audio Recording Studio.

From the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame :

The Kendall Sisters, Dolly & Polly

Vocal Duet
Polly Kendall (1925 - 2005)
Dolly Kendall (1928)
Inducted on November 27, 1993

Growing up in Pennsylvania listening to Slovenian songs emanating from their father’s accordion, Dolly and Polly Kendall came to Cleveland in 1945, taking the town by storm with their outstanding Cleveland-Style vocal stylings. Joining Ernie Benedict’s Range Riders and Polkateers, the Kendalls performed daily on radio and weekly on television for six years. In a career spanning 30 years, Dolly and Polly worked with Benedict, Johnny Pecon and Lou Trebar, Kenny Bass and the Polka Poppers, and other Cleveland-Style greats on television, radio and in person. Some of the Kendalls’ most memorable renditions were captured on record with Benedict and Bass, including "Over Three Hills," the "Jolly Lumberjack Polka," "Polka Dots and Polka Dreams," and "Beautiful Eyes."


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Walking With The Blues

Jerry Ballad

Walking With The Blues

American 1000
American Music Associates Inc.

From 1958.

Dallas, Texas label, possibly owned by Bill Lindsey. American 1001 is by Jackie Hurst. Both label releases are listed in Rockin' Country Style.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Red Rooster

A cover of the Griffin Brothers song (vocalist Margie Day) which reached # 5 on the R&B chart in early 1951, unrelated to the Willie Dixon song, by the mysterious Sonya, produced by Noel Ball.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Some Boy's Dad

Pat Spencer

Some Boy's Dad



The Boys


#1 Records
6087 Sunset Boulevard

Instrumental (Plas Johnson on sax) written by Bob and Dick Sherman and Bob Roberts


This is the B-side of Barbara and the Boys : "Hooty Sapperticker"


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saturday Night Fish Fry

Charles Tucker Trio

Staff 802

Recorded and produced by Idessa Malone

Saturday Night Fish Fry


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Hawkeyes

Someone, Someday

Sky 122733

A student quartet from the State University of Iowa that called themselves the Hawkeyes. They were signed by Capitol Records in Hollywood and were selected by Billboard Magazine as one of the ten most promising vocal groups in America. Tom Ecker wrote the song. He co-penned, also on the same label, the rockabilly classic "Crocodile Hop" (sung by Dale Thomas).


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Five by Elsie

Elsie Trusty CHILDERS. b. 26 Sep. 1924, Henderson, Kentucky, USA . Businesswoman, music publisher, song writer. Hospital secretary, 1953-1956, clerk (US Department of Agriculture) 1956-1980. Built Recording Studio on own 135 acre farm, in Nebo, Kentucky.

Five songs that Mrs. Elsie T. Childers wrote, that is. That's just five of the numerous songs that Elsie Childers wrote (the BMI online database is listing 275 Elsie Childers songs). Songs #1 and 2 were the results of her collaboration with Chaw Mank (Blue Ribbon and Blue J, out out Stanton, Ill.)

1. I Don’t Want A Bunny Or Dolly (I Just Want Elvis Instead)

2. I Don't Want A Bracelet Or Diamond (I Just Want Elvis Instead)

3. I Can't Decide (If It's The Beatles, Elvis Or Rick)

4. You Really Knock Me Out

5. I Get The Message

Chaw Mank, of Blue Ribbon Music, Box 30, Staunton, Ill., is agenting Bobbie Jean Ferandes, 11-year old singer who is making appearances on WOKZ, alton, Ill. He advises that the youngster will soon cut a new tune titled « I don’t Want a bunny or Dolly (I Just Want Elvis Instead ») … {Billboard, March 16, 1959)

Blue-J 3: Mary Kaye -- I Don't Want A Bracelet Or Diamond (I Just Want Elvis Instead) (Chaw Mank-Elsie Childers. Another Chaw Mank label.

Film City 1052 : Rod Rogers with The Swinging Strings -- I Can't Decide (If It's The Beatles, Elvis Or Rick) (Chaw Mank-Elsie Childers); next release on Film City (1053) was also a Childers song : A Kiss Can Tell (see pic).

Jerry & the Night Trains with the Masters Three (Trusty 100)
The flip is an instrumental as by the Night Trains and credited to Faulk, Dorris, Rice and Rice)

The Interpreters
I Get The Message
Gemini 00 (1965)

“I Get the Message” was featured on Vol 1 of Girls in the Garage! Girl duo from Frankfurt, Germany. Was issued with a picture sleeve 

As said Mimi La Twisteuse : "Not much is out there about who Sylvia and Beate were, or how this record ended up on American shores. If anyone has a clue, do tell!"


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hank Cochran (1935-2010)

Garland Perry "Hank" Cochran
(August 2, 1935 - July 15, 2010)

Hank Cochran died peacefully at home in Hendersonville, Tenn., this morning (7/15) surrounded by family and friends.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Darrell Tatum

When Dave Travis of Stomper Time Records bought the Fernwood and Santo masters from Wayne McGinnis (Meteor recording artist), he had some masters he has bought on an artist named Darrell Tatum. He asked to Larry Manuel if he can find information about the label and on Darrell Tatum :

"I've checked all my sources here in Memphis and have come up with almost nothing. Stan Kessler remembers a Santo label but never heard of Darrell Tatum. " said Larry.

The two first Santo label releases involved Darrell Tatum. A full page ad in Billboard contains a bit of info that is not found on the label of Santo 500.

Billboard ad, detail

So the Holidays were a trio and Darrell Tatum was the guitarist. "Dark Valley","a twisting instrumental", was backed by "Desperate" another instrumental.

The second release on Santo ("Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Dixie ") was credited to Darrell Tatum.

Santo 501

Three years later, he was on Fernwood ("My Darling Wears White Today / Best Man Always Wins", Fernwood 141, '64).

Fernwood 141

And, finally :

Billboard, Nov. 18, 1967 picture
showing (center) a Darrell Tatum of Big Foot Music in Flint, Mich.

Is he the same Darrell Tatum?


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Melvin Nash : True Lovin' Woman

Melvin Nash

True Lovin' Woman

wr. Wilcox, Little River BMI

Shore Bird 1001


"True Lovin' Woman" appears on "The House Of Cashalikes, Vol. 1", a CD compilation of Johnny Cash sound-a-likes.

That was the first release on the Shore Bird label :
In the mid-1960s, Bobby Warren decided to try his hand at record production and promotion. Because he found no local studios to his satisfaction, Warren built his own recording studio in the back room of Carl and Bob's Music on the corner of Porter and Grey streets in Norman, Oklahoma.. Warren used the contacts he had made while playing on radio and television programs to promote the singles and albums he released for many artists under his Shorebird and Impel record labels. Shore Bird's first release was "In Front of Your House" backed with "True Lovin' Woman" for singer Melvin Nash. This single did not sell very well but taught Warren much about the independent record distribution system. [from Oklahoma Musicians and The Broadcast Frontier, Chapter Five: The Consolidation and Corporatization of the Oklahoma Broadcast Industry]

In 1963, Melvin Nash had previously at least one release on the Okladoma City Dee Jay label :
"Take A Good Look / Mister Heartache (Dee Jay 1007)

And in 1973, Melvin Nash, was still in Oklahoma with Bobby Warren, as "he was one of the firm’s writers, and has had songs recorded by Norma Jean and Wanda Jackson."


Friday, July 9, 2010

Joseph Yore

From It's Greet Shakes blog (Brian Marshall, 2005) :

(audio links added)

"Scream, Mother, Scream." You get an off-key, drunken chorus bellowing at several points "Scream, mother, scream," while the lead vocalist bellows about his mother yelling at him to get to school. "You scream, 'change those way-out clothes you wear/Better cut off that long, dirty hair.' Meanwhile, he fires back 'You don't like any of us, do you ma?' The screaming never stops, so finally our hero goes 'Okay ma, I'm up! Don't hit me! Don't hit me!' and presumably gets his butt to school.

On "Sgt. Ralph," the vocalist recites the words while an accoustic guitar and primitive drumbeat provide sparse background. He relates how his buddy of the title gave up his women and booze to go serve his country. He also urges America to stand up and get behind the government and LBJ. Today, this could probably pass as a performance art piece the way this country gets ridiculed, both here and abroad. But it's still fascinating in its stumbling charm and for its pre-1968 pro-Vietnam views.

From Endeavor come this short bio of one Joe Yore, who is likely - it's my belief - the same Joe Yore who wrote these songs and quite possibly also the singer of Sur Royal Da Count The Parliaments :

Who is Joe Yore?

Former Marine and Korean War era veteran. Actor, singer, songwriter, career movie extra, dabbler in property and career autograph hound.

Enter his home and you walk into a Hollywood backlot of the mind. Images of Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe abound on the walls covered with photographs, figurines, dolls, statuary and masks.

The Hollywood bug bit Yore early as he made his way west in the late 1950s from Cameron County. During his Hollywood period, spanning about 30 years, he collaborated with Debbie Reynolds on "Am I That Easy to Forget?" He was an extra in Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas" and "The Greatest Story Ever Told."

Over the decades, Yore managed to amass a collection of movie posters and memorabilia that a museum curator would envy. Then he donated 1,050 movie posters to the library of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences.

"You get to a point in your life where you've collected enough and you want to give something back," Yore said. "When I die, I don't want my stuff trashed. It's not junk."
There was also a record credited to Joseph Yore on the Silvertip label (Selma Avenue, Hollywood) produced by Rene Hall, famous guitarist and arranger :

Was Joe Yore also involved in the following release on the same Villa-Yore label?

Villa-Yore JY-201
Marc Haven and the Aquarians

(Dave Osterhout,, Raljo BMI)

Hey Senorita

Produced by Dale Bobbitt

In 1982, some twenty years later, he co-wrote PacMan On Her Mind with Gary Revel who recorded it on his own TOP'S label. Gary produced this record with Irfan Mirza and some of the Mac Davis backup band were the session musicians. Gary Revel is a musician and a Martin Luther King assassination researcher. For more information about Gary, see his own website.

PacMan On Her Mind

Words and Music by Joe Yore and Gary Revel


I Never Thought The Day Would Come
When I Would Lose At Love
Lady Friends And Good Time Lovers
I Had More Than Enough

Now That I Have Settled Down
With One True Love I Find
I'm Talking To Myself
She's Got Pacman On Her Mind

Pacman On Her Mind
Pacman On Her Mind
I'm Losing At The Game Of Love
Pacman's Makin' My Time
Pacman On Her Mind
Pacman On Her Mind
Video Games Are Her Desire
She's Got Pacman On Her Mind

I Try To Get Her Attention
But She's Too Busy To See
I Will Give Her All My Love
Forever And A Day

If I Could Just Find A Way
To Make Our Feeling's Rhyme
Maybe I'll Just Play Along
With Pacman On Her Mind

Pacman On Her Mind
Pacman On Her Mind
I'm Losing At The Game Of Love
Pacman's Makin' My Time
Pacman On Her Mind
Pacman On Her Mind
Video Games Are Her Desire
She's Got Pacman On Her Mind

Retired, Joe Yore is now resident of Palmdale, California where he's also a local environmental activist and a selfproclaimed City Hall "agitator" .


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Janie Moss and the Epics - We Belong Together

Janie Moss and the Epics

We Belong Together

The Epics 1963 (top row) Wayne Glore, Tommy Johnson, Art Mengel, Larry Walentachik, Bill Majors and Chick Becker; (bottom) Lynn Cline, Lindy Best Gruneisen, Jane Moss Williams, Pam Bertoli Boyd, Bobby McDonald

In 1959 Lynn Cline was so impressed with The Sultans, he wanted his own group and The Epics were formed. The members were originally all males coming from Atherton High School. The Epics first record, "Diamonds and Pearls", was recorded on their own label in 1960. In 1962 the Epics added girl singers, one of the first Louisville groups to do so.

The Epics were soon signed by the Joni Agency, a Louisville booking agency owned and operated by Gene and Vi Snyder. In 1963 the first release on the newly formed Joni label was The Epics recording of "We Belong Together/Baltimore." Both sides of the record received airplay. "We Belong Together" went to number 2 on WAKY radio and number 1 on WKLO radio. It was only the third Louisville record to reach the number one spot.

The group's follow-up record, "Theme For Janet", went to number 9 on WKLO. The Epics toured regionally and appeared with such national groups as the Beach Boys and the Lettermen and remained together until late 1965. [...] From The Epics own website


Suzanne Goddard - It's Too Bad

Suzanne Goddard

It's Too Bad

The Orlando-based Tener label (and the Bee Jay label as well), the Bee Jay Booking Agency (later J. Bird Booking), and the Bee Jay Recording Studios were formed by Eric Schabacker, from Buffalo, NY, a member of Little Willie and the Adolescents, and The Starfires.

Bee Jay and Teener discography


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bobby Bernell on Fortune

Bobby Bernell with the Dreamtones

Stay Away From Me

Thousand and One Dreams

Fom 1962.

Bobby Bernell is probably best known for "Move Over Big Dog " on Hi-Q (a Fortune Records subsidiary out of Detroit, Michigan).


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Peso" Dollar & the Counterfeit Bills

Label picture credit :
Al Turner
(Rockin' Country Style)

Law enforcer and entertainer, Warlick O'Dell Dollar was a country singer in his own right. He had a morning show that was live and ran for 15 minutes each morning on KIKO. He called himself Peso Dollar and his band was the Counterfeit Bills. He played around Phoenix and the Wickenburg area.

He passed away in 1998. His son, Mark, took over the Peso Dollar Band for his Father Peso. The Peso Dollar Band added Bandstand All-Stars to their name after Peso’s death to honor all of the great musicians and people who worked with him thru the last 50 plus years...... Peso Dollar Band@MySpace

Picture credit : Peso Dollar Band@MySpace


Monday, July 5, 2010

Reesa and the Rooters : Nervous Breakdown

Reesa and the Rooters, Philadelphia, 1982

"Reesa Marchetti was born in Philadelphia, where she received classical music training as a child. Her family moved to Cherry Hill, N.J., when she was in grammar school. Later, she joined her high school folk music club and began playing in local coffeehouses.

In the 1980s, Reesa scored international underground punk-rock hits with two 7" vinyl singles: The Rooters' "TMI/Ultraman in Surf Villa" and "Casual Cat at a Laundromat" by her female rock trio, Suburban Wives Club. Both bands toured along the Eastern seaboard and were well known in the Philly club scene."