Saturday, October 31, 2020

Big Fat Mama

Barbara Lee Mac
Cuca J-6635 (1966)

Barbara Lee McKenzie (1938-2003)

Previously with Ardis Wells & the Rhythm Ranch Girls.  She also had 45s on Golden Wing & Bangar.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Glory Of Love


 "Honey" Brown
Tommy Jones Orchestra

The Glory of Love

Kiss Me Baby

M and M Records

Her last record, as far as I known, after few records on Derby (with Freddie Mitchell), Fortune (with Choker Campbell) and Club 51 (with the Lefty Bates Combo. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

I Lie Too

I Lie Too

This is twenty years old Barbara Colson. Barbara also recorded singles for Voice Of Country, a label owned by her manager and songwriter Elizabeth Thorn (1956-2009).

From 1968. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Molasses : The Second Flood


You have certainly heard of The Great Molasses Flood that occured in January 1919 in Boston after a storage tank collapsed, sending more than two million gallons (eight million litres) of molasses flowing through the city’s North End. The deluge caused extensive damage and killed 21 people.

31 years later, the lesser known Second Molasses Flood flooded the airwaves and the record shops in the year 1950. The culprit was Larry Clinton who wrote words and music to "Molasses, Molasses (It's Icky Sticky Goo)" which was first released by Lenny Carson and the Whiz Kids on the Savoy subsidiary Discovery. Soon, the song made a loud splash in the disk business and a dozen artists recorded the song, among them Teresa Brewer, Ella Fitzgerald and Spike Jones.

The sonic deluge caused extensive damage to the most fragile ears but, fortunately, killed nobody.

Go, Get The Goo HERE


Beatrice Kay - Molasses, Molasses                        
Ed Wiley and His After Hours Band - Molasses, Molasses   
Ella Fitzgerald - Molasses, Molasses                     
Lenny Carson And The Whiz Kids - Molasses, Molasses      
Roberta Quinlan - Molasses, Molasses                     
Spike Jones and his City Slickers - Molasses, Molasses   
Teresa Brewer - Molasses, Molasses                       

Unfortunately Kenny Rogers (Coral), Judy Valentine (with Tommy Tucker orch., MGM) and The Galli Sisters (National) are still missing and have not yet been found.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

If I Were Only A Dental Hygienist

 Claudia Nygaard

Songwriter and performer, Claudia Nygaard has recorded several CDs, but only one 45, this one, in 1980, produced by Chris Gerold. Composer: Claudia Nygaard published by Swank Songs Music.

 Web Page: 


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mean Jean & other gals


Mean Jean,
             Skinny Minnie,
                    Crazy Daisy
                            ....& others gals


Andre Williams - Mean Jean                        
Bill Haley -  Skinny Minnie                       
Bill Haley - Lean Jean                            
Billy Lee Riley - Pearly Lee                      
Bobby Boston - Lazy Daisy                         
Bobby Darin - Plain Jane                          
Chubby Checker - Lazy Elsie Molly                 
Dale McBride - Prissy Missy                       
Dave Bartholomew - Messy Bessie                   
Dave Rich - Rosie Let's Cozy                      
Del Shannon - Don't Gild The Lily, Lily           
Doug Sahm with The Pharoahs - Crazy Daisy         
Everly Brothers - My Gal Sal                      
Freddy Cannon - Patty Baby                        
Jack Scott - Mary Marry Me                        
Jimmy Dee - You're Late Miss Kate                 
Jo Ann Campbell - Crazy Daisy                     
Johnny Bond - Sadie Was A Lady                    
Larry Williams - Dizzy Miss Lizzy                 
Lattie Moore - Skinnie Minnie Shimmy              
Lou Monte - You're So Bella Isabella              
Nino Tempo - Loonie 'Bout Junie                   
Paul Peek - Sweet Skinny Jenny                    
Red Sovine - Normally, Norma Loves Me             
Skip and Flip - Fancy Nancy                       
The Fireflies - Stella Got A Fella                
The Kingsmen - Annie Fannie                       
The Spades (Vocal Al Steele)  - Fatty Patty       
The Swinging Blue Jeans - Good Golly Miss Molly   
Wilson Pickett - Mini Skirt Minnie                

Saturday, October 3, 2020

When The Saints Come Marching In


When The Saints Come Marching In
Rosalind Paige with The Nassau Jazz Seven

New Disc 1001 (1954)

The daughter of literay agent Ethel Paige, Rosalind Paige known in New York as a cafe and supper club singer made records between 1949 and 1957 (on Spotlite, Admiral, Adam, Dubonnet, Essex, Decatur Maestro, New Disc and MGM). In 1957, she married her manager, Carlton Cole, who was 25 years her senior. Carlton Cole died in 1959.

After her musical career ended, she became the agent of many well-known authors, actors, artists and celebrities, including Andy Warhol, Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, George Sanders and Sybil Leek. She was the author of books, including The Waldorf Astoria Cookbook. She also founded and produced the magazine Cookbook Digest, Rosalind Paige Cole lived for many years with her mother in the Algonquin Hotel, before moving into the Waldorf-Astoria in 1961. There she became the longest residing guest at 53 years.

She died of cancer on February 20, 2014 in New York City. She was 88 years old, owing nearly $1 million in rent and meal charges when she died, even though she was worth more than twice that.

Thursday, October 1, 2020



Killer Joe Piro
Cleopatra Records unissued

1963 or 1964?

Frank “ Killer Joe " Piro had it made . A Lindy Hopper in the thirties , teacher of Afro-Cuban dances at the Palladium in the forties and fifties , he became the favorite instructor of the jet set in the sixties.

Bio at the Space Age Music website


In the early fifties, he opened his own studio on 54 West 55th Street in Manhattan, where many in New York's high society came to take dance lessons. Invariably keeping a step ahead of trends, over the decades he taught what would become the mainstays of the discothèque scene: the Mambo, the Cha-cha and the Merengue, then the Twist and later the Frug, the Frog, the Watusi, and the Hully Gully.

His students included the Duke of Windsor, Sita Devi Gaekwar - Maharani of Baroda, Dame Margot Fonteyn, Ray Bolger, Luci Baines Johnson, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and, by 1965, more than a million other Americans, according to an obituary in The New York Times.


 Killer Joe Piro on "To Tell the Truth" (April 27, 1964)