Thursday, May 21, 2020

She Rides

CoBurt Music (acetate)

Unknown singer demoing a song penned by Suzanne Jordan and Sharon Sheeley in 1970. The song was recorded the same year by Annette Ferra on the Quad label. CoBurt Music and CoBurt Records were owned by Pierre Cosette and Burt Sugarman.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Baby Your A Jive Cat

Sheila Wilkerson
Baby Your A Jive Cat

rft records 3012

produced by Rik Tinory

Flip has been posted here (link updated)

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Papa - Un - Mao - Mao

Papa - Un - Mao - Mao
Ecuavox 1051 (1965)

José Francisco Parra del Pino, known by his stage name Pepe Parra, (1945-2019) was an Ecuadorian singer, businessman, and television presenter.  He was a member of the musical group Los Dragones, with whom he won the Huancavilca trophy, for the most popular musical group in the country. He was also part of the television program, La discoteca del 10, where he was a presenter during the seventies.

During his musical career he recorded more than 20 discs at 45 rpm and five long-playing LPs.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Castaway Lounge, Cleveland, Ohio (July 1963)

Raw and greasy. This record was reviewed in 2010 by The Hound on his blog. As I completely agree with him and lazy as I am, I have no need to write some silly lines myself. Here is what he wrote:
It's Conway Twitty and his band Recorded Live At The Castaway Lounge, Cleveland, Ohio, 1963, and with thumpin' versions of Money, Elmore James' Shake Your Money Maker, Ain't Goin' Home, a killer reading of Is A Bluebird Blue that is way better than the string laden studio take, as well as many Jimmy Reed and Bo Diddley tunes, we see that Twitty's 1963 set list was pretty much the same as that of the Rolling Stones who were just learning to tune their guitars across the pond, and whose U.S. arrival on the heels of the Beatles a couple of years later would end Twitty's career in rock'n'roll.
What I like about this album is that it's a rare recording of rock'n'roll as it was heard in night clubs that served booze, not teenage package shows full of screaming kids. I can just see the crowd-- bikers, blue collar workers, beehive hair-do's and capri slacks on the women. Twitty knew how to play for these folks, they like their music raw and greasy, and that's just how Twitty played it for them.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight / Sid King & The Five Strings
BCD 15535

The photography on the cover is another example of the hard work for which Bear Family Records is most renowned. From scratch, a view of some countryside, they were able to produce a beautiful cover thanks to some photo editing work.  
The 6 pictures below are showing the different stages of the editing :

1. final picture
2. Sid plus brother Billy*
3. Sid name on car added
4. Sid King added
5. car added (a Ford Station Wagon?)
6. nobody here **

*(2) this photo (probably provided by Sid) is one of the illustrations featured in this article. That's how the history is documented today.
**(6) It seems that the picture background was taken near Vollersode, Germany (Bear Family headquarters). That kind of grass is typical from that area.

Anyway, the baby bear is HERE

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

Don Thompson
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

Gregdon GS-5010
Recorded at Reflection Sound Studios, Charlotte, N.C.

"Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'" is a song written by Joey Levine and Ritchie Cordell and recorded by Crazy Elephant. It reached #12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Presumably Gregdon were Don Thompson's own label, the Greg being quite probably Greg Caruso (1947-2019). The UR master number would indicate a 1978 pressing?

A previous record on Gregdon (#5008) is by the Don Thompson Trio (recorded in South Carolina at Skyline Recording Studio, West Columbia). 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Wrench Dance

wr. Tommy Fulzenloger
Airspace Publishing Co. BMI

DeadWax go further to inform you and answers the questions you have the right to ask yourself :

Who are they?
The “Bue Cotts” are Kerry Chastain, lead guitar; Ronnie Brown, rhythm guitar and vocalist; Tom Fulzenloger, organ; Mike Shelley, bass guitar; and Neal McGaugh, drums. 
Bue-Cotts, what does it mean?
The unusual name of the band was the idea of Kerry, although none of the boys seem to know exactly what it means. 
What is The Wrench?
“The Wrench,” Tom said, is a new dance which combines the Mashed Potato, Twist and Jerk. As the song says, “Baby do the Wrench” by moving your arms like the Jerk, hips like the Twist and feet like the Mashed Potato. It can be done, “if you’re coordinated,” according to Tom’s sister.

Source : Bue Cotts Singers Wax First Disc, Wichita Beacon, April 30, 1965, by Fran Kentling

Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Wolf Hop

The Anderson Sisters
Wilma Jean - Ruby Lee
With Leon Houston And The Cumberland Mountain Boys
Devora Brown, Trianon Publications BMI
  Fortune 202


 Song copyrighted by Dorothy S. Brown in February 1950

This is a re-up. Previously posted in 2015.

Friday, May 8, 2020

If It Wasn't For the Kids (Volume 9)

Cathy Sharpe North Pole Rock (Global, 1960) 
Ginny Tiu - Inka Dinka Doo (Era, 1959) 
Lawrence Welk's Little Band Featuring Brian, Cubby, Janet and The Lennon Sisters (Coral, 1958)
Li'l Smokey Miller - Cotton Patch (Black Gold, 1966)
Little Mike and The Heralders Quartet - This World Is Not My Home (Sound LP, 1969) 
Matt & Robyn Rolf - I'm Little But I'm Loud (Tambor LP, 1982) 
Michael and Tobias (Switzerland, 1960) 
Ranel Bogdanov -  Hit the Road Jack (Russia, 2014) 
Ronnie Reno - Somebody Left Another Youngin' At Our House (Reno) 
Sunshine Ruby - Too Young To Tango (RCA, 1953).
The Bantams - Susie Q (Warner-Bros, 1966) 
The Cowboy Church Sunday School featuring Little Miss Enry - A Handful of Sunshine  (Decca, 1955) 


Thursday, May 7, 2020

Armpit # 6

Screamin' Jay Hawkins
(Red Top 126, 1959)

Credit : Ethbaal —  CC BY-SA 3.0

Hear Me Talking

Jay Drennan

Hear Me Talking

Veeda 45-1001

Jay or Jaybird Drennan was born December 9, 1928, Jerry William Drennan grew up as the son of a sharecropper on peanut farms in Texas and New Mexico. He worked at radio stations in markets in those states including Tucumcari, Clovis, Hereford, Perryton, and Lubbock before moving on to Colorado Springs, Colorado, Turlock, California and Akron, Ohio.

During Jaybird's 27 years as morning drive air personality for WSLR in Akron, Ohio, he pioneered Country radio in Ohio and paved the way for successful Country stations in Akron and Cleveland. He has been called the best known and best loved personality the market has ever seen.

Jay Drennan passed away on December 10, 2006 from a blood clot that formed after surgery for a broken ankle.

Friday, May 1, 2020

A Hair Raising Compilation

Track listing

Billy Bank's Chicago Rhythm Kings  - Bald Headed Mama (Vocalion, 1932)
Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers - Bald Headed Baby (Fee Bee, 1958)                               
Christine Lavin & SIX Bitchin' Babes - Bald Headed Men                                      
Danny Ezba - Bald Headed Woman (Jox, 1967)                                                  
Dr. Feelgood - Bald Headed Lena  (Okeh, 1962)                                               
Gingersnaps - Bald Headed Papa (Window, 1958)                                               
Haskell Sadler - Bald Headed Woman (Melodia, 1961)                                          
Jerms - Bald Headed Woman (The Jerms, 1965)                                                 
Lee Diamond & The Upsetters - Bald Head Baby (Vee Jay uniss.,1958)                          
Les Chambers - Bald Headed Daddy (Starday, 1955)                                            
Nathaniel Mayer - I Don't Want No Bald Headed Woman Telling Me What To Do (Norton, unrel.)  
Odetta - Bald Headed Woman (Vanguard, 1959)                                                 
Oneda Harding - Bald Headed Twister (TRC, 1962)                                             
Papa Albert French & Blanche Thomas  - Bald Headed Beulah (Capricorn, 1969)                 
Ronnie Dale  - Bald Headed Lover (Do-Ra-Mi, 1963)                                           
Sot Weed Factor - Bald Headed Woman (Original Sound, 1967)                                  
The Beach Boys - She's Goin' Bald (1967)                                                    
The Mugwumps - Bald Head Woman (Sidewalk, 1966)                                             
The Regents - Bald-Headed Woman (Dot, 1966)                                                 
The Treniers - Bald Head (Okeh, 1954)                                                       
The Young Monkey Men - Bald Headed Woman (Jade, 1966)                                       
Trevor Lambert - Bald-Headed Teacher (Upset, 1973, Jamaica)                                 
Wayne Faust - Bald Guys Are Cool (2005)                                                     

Bald : what people also ask, according to Google