Friday, May 8, 2020

If It Wasn't For the Kids (Volume 9)

Cathy Sharpe North Pole Rock (Global, 1960) 
Ginny Tiu - Inka Dinka Doo (Era, 1959) 
Lawrence Welk's Little Band Featuring Brian, Cubby, Janet and The Lennon Sisters (Coral, 1958)
Li'l Smokey Miller - Cotton Patch (Black Gold, 1966)
Little Mike and The Heralders Quartet - This World Is Not My Home (Sound LP, 1969) 
Matt & Robyn Rolf - I'm Little But I'm Loud (Tambor LP, 1982) 
Michael and Tobias (Switzerland, 1960) 
Ranel Bogdanov -  Hit the Road Jack (Russia, 2014) 
Ronnie Reno - Somebody Left Another Youngin' At Our House (Reno) 
Sunshine Ruby - Too Young To Tango (RCA, 1953).
The Bantams - Susie Q (Warner-Bros, 1966) 
The Cowboy Church Sunday School featuring Little Miss Enry - A Handful of Sunshine  (Decca, 1955) 


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  1. Altho the family moved to SoCal when the kids were young, the Bantams were originally from Milwaukee, so they are profiled briefly in my Wisconsin music info.