Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight / Sid King & The Five Strings
BCD 15535

The photography on the cover is another example of the hard work for which Bear Family Records is most renowned. From scratch, a view of some countryside, they were able to produce a beautiful cover thanks to some photo editing work.  
The 6 pictures below are showing the different stages of the editing :

1. final picture
2. Sid plus brother Billy*
3. Sid name on car added
4. Sid King added
5. car added (a Ford Station Wagon?)
6. nobody here **

*(2) this photo (probably provided by Sid) is one of the illustrations featured in this article. That's how the history is documented today.
**(6) It seems that the picture background was taken near Vollersode, Germany (Bear Family headquarters). That kind of grass is typical from that area.

Anyway, the baby bear is HERE


  1. Thanks for this. The musicianship and vocal harmonies are just outstanding throughout this. Wonder how old Sid was in the photo?

    1. Sid was probably 19 or 20-year old because the touring car was bought in 1955.

      philo, I have more similar music to share. But I'm not too sure about what my "public" would like to hear. If you have any requests, feel free to leave it in a comment.