Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Wrench Dance

wr. Tommy Fulzenloger
Airspace Publishing Co. BMI

DeadWax go further to inform you and answers the questions you have the right to ask yourself :

Who are they?
The “Bue Cotts” are Kerry Chastain, lead guitar; Ronnie Brown, rhythm guitar and vocalist; Tom Fulzenloger, organ; Mike Shelley, bass guitar; and Neal McGaugh, drums. 
Bue-Cotts, what does it mean?
The unusual name of the band was the idea of Kerry, although none of the boys seem to know exactly what it means. 
What is The Wrench?
“The Wrench,” Tom said, is a new dance which combines the Mashed Potato, Twist and Jerk. As the song says, “Baby do the Wrench” by moving your arms like the Jerk, hips like the Twist and feet like the Mashed Potato. It can be done, “if you’re coordinated,” according to Tom’s sister.

Source : Bue Cotts Singers Wax First Disc, Wichita Beacon, April 30, 1965, by Fran Kentling


  1. I have this record and always loved how you couldn't understand the lyrics to the dance haha.

  2. The background info is wilder than the record.
    I wonder if it sold locally.