Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rock (The Whole World Round)

The Dobbinaires
With Harry Dobbs And His Orchestra

Phillips-Dobbs-Sosnow ASCAP


Jen-D discography

55 The 5 Notes With The Hamil-Tones (also issued on Josie 784)

You Are So Beautiful
Broken Hearted Baby" (Going to Town)

58 The Dobbinaires
 Rock (The Whole World Round) 
Just Another Way (To Break My Heart)

63 Alan Lee (issued w/picture sleeve, see Rockin' Country Style,
Broken Hearted Baby
You Are So Beautiful"
note : both songs recorded eight years earlier by The 5 Notes

Jen-D Records owner was probably Jennie Dougherty who penned most of the songs on the label.

540 E. Walnut La. Philadelphia, PA
Home of Jen-D Records

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teddy Rich and the Rockets

Vocal By:  Kenny Hodge

SO-197 — Calypso Joe
Bert Gardner  -  Music Exp. Ent.
(Rock 'n' Roll Rhapsody)
    Bert Gardner - Music Exp. Ent

Teenage 500
March 57

Vocal By:  Kenny Hodge
Whitey Trapnell  Music Exp. Ent. 

SO-2xx — Cuban Holiday

Teenage 501
  Teddy Rich and his band, in the sixties, entertained various supper venues in and around Lebanon, Pennsylvania, often sharing the bill with Johnny Barker and His Seven Redcoats.   But further info on this band is not available online.

Music Exploitation Enterprises was owned by Bert Gardner in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The company published various music instrument courses (Fender bass jazz,  Dixieland tenor banjo... ) in the early sixties.  The Teenage label was perhaps a subsidiary of his company.

Bert Gardner had a long association with songwriter Whitey Trapnell   :  earlier, in 1952, they co-wrote the libretto and the musical score of a western musical comedy, titled "Tops and Bottoms" .

Bert Gardner was perhaps the Broadway vaudeville actor (1887-1967)

Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm Comin' On Back

Taffy Thomas

(T. Navarro, Gee Pub.)
(Ray Charles, Progressive BMI)

A Sammy Gee production
Newport Records #130
Taffy Thomas would be the lead singer of the Sanshers, all girl group  — several sources says group is from Ohio, but I would say more likely from Michigan — who recorded two singles in 1964 :
  • It's Only A Paper Moon  / My Ideal (Essar Records)
  • Gonna Git That Man / Kansas City (Kweek Records)
But she's surely not Taffy Thomas "the West Coast nitery canary" , discovered by Frank DeVol  ("I Said No", Columbia 41644, 1960).   That Taffy would be actually Sue Thompson ("Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)", Hickory Records, 1961)

None of these six songs recorded by Taffy Thomas are original.  And "I'm Comin On Back" is no exception : it's a cover of a song which was featured on "Twist Around Town", a Tommy Navarro album produced by Abner Levin and  issued in 1961 by Urania Records, a peculiar recording company.  It can be heard on YouTube HERE

Tommy Navarro's songs have been loved on the northern soul scene for years in the UK,,  “I Cried My Life Away,” on De Jac Records. being massive in the mid 1980's. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hawk Is Chicken

Red Feather
 Glenn Castle
Wild West Music BMI
House of Castle 94289
Arr. and prod. by Glenn Castle

Red Feather, I assume, is the singer.  The flip, an instrumental, "War Dance" penned by Frank L. Coyote, can be heard elsewhere on the net.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bad Jack Clark

Rita Carol

(Joe Taylor, Purple Rooster Music Co. BMI)

Jo-Jo Records


Tupelo, MS or Memphis, TN ?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

For Sale or for Lease

George Jones

 1954 recording
(unissued at the time)
From George Jones first recording session, cut in Jack Starnes' living room in Beaumont, Texas, on a Magnecord home recorder.

"For Sale or for Lease"  shows Jones attempting to sound like one of his Texas idols, Lefty Frizzell.  It is actually this song that one can understand the oft told story that after listening to Jones sing for a couple of hours that night, [Pappy] Daily said to him that he sure can sing like Hank and Lefty, but "Can you sing like George Jones ?".      Harlan Taylor, October 2009


After Elvis's concerts, the Colonel would have the announcer tell the crowd, "Elvis has left the building" to get the fans to clear the premises.

At George Jones's concerts, on the other hand, it got to the point where they had to announce that he'd entered the place.

Jones may be the finest country singer alive, but what good is that whiskey voice if you can't hear it.   Over the years George has had a serious problems with showing up for his scheduled concerts.  In 1977 and 1978 alone he missed fifty shows.  It got so serious that he acquired the unaffectionate nickname George "No Show" Jones.

In 1982 songwriters Glenn and George Martin penned a tune for Jones and Merle Haggard called "No Show Jones." Jones, of course, missed the recording session and Haggard recorded it alone. It's on their duet album.
Here is a tour of some of the fine arenas where George didn't show over the years.
 [follows two pages of places where George didn't show]

Quote from Vince Staten, Unauthorized America : a travel guide to the places the Chamber of Commerce won't tell you about, Harper & Row, 1990

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Lovey Dovin'

Paul Chaplin
and his band

(Paul Chaplain, Drum Pub. Co. BMI)
Arranger Howard Biggs

Elgin Records #5001/5002
1963 (November)
Paul "Chappy" Chaplain was born in Dudley (Webster) Massachusetts,  raised on Williams Street.  He died in 1995. 

With his band, he played the Boston area in the early 1960s.  They had a regional hit with "Shortin' Bread" in October of 1960, a song produced and issued by Harry Persons on his own Harper label,  a label later distributed by Monte Bruce and George Goldner.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Baby Blues Rock

Carl Simpson

Betty J. and Paul E. Hertel
Cedarlane BMI - Jenks

Caveman Supersonic Sound #503

Wolf Lake, Illinois

1964 or later

Quite intriguing re-issue on a song-poem label of a record previously on Paul Hertel's Valli Records (out of South Bend, Indiana). 

Likewise intriguing is the re-issue on Caveman of Jimmy Evans' " The Joint's Really Jumpin'" previously on Clearmont Records in Memphis, Tennessee.   

All other releases on the label are song-poem records.  

Jenks, publisher name added on the re-issue is Fat Cat Music today,  according to the BMI database :

Fat Cat Music Co
Contact:     William J Jenks
DBA Fat Cat Music Co
C/O Reilly & Jenks Inc
100 Hanover Street
New Oxford, Pa 17350
I bet that Jenks has somehow something to do with these re-issues. . .


Valli 304, first issue in 1963