Wednesday, May 15, 2013

For Sale or for Lease

George Jones

 1954 recording
(unissued at the time)
From George Jones first recording session, cut in Jack Starnes' living room in Beaumont, Texas, on a Magnecord home recorder.

"For Sale or for Lease"  shows Jones attempting to sound like one of his Texas idols, Lefty Frizzell.  It is actually this song that one can understand the oft told story that after listening to Jones sing for a couple of hours that night, [Pappy] Daily said to him that he sure can sing like Hank and Lefty, but "Can you sing like George Jones ?".      Harlan Taylor, October 2009


After Elvis's concerts, the Colonel would have the announcer tell the crowd, "Elvis has left the building" to get the fans to clear the premises.

At George Jones's concerts, on the other hand, it got to the point where they had to announce that he'd entered the place.

Jones may be the finest country singer alive, but what good is that whiskey voice if you can't hear it.   Over the years George has had a serious problems with showing up for his scheduled concerts.  In 1977 and 1978 alone he missed fifty shows.  It got so serious that he acquired the unaffectionate nickname George "No Show" Jones.

In 1982 songwriters Glenn and George Martin penned a tune for Jones and Merle Haggard called "No Show Jones." Jones, of course, missed the recording session and Haggard recorded it alone. It's on their duet album.
Here is a tour of some of the fine arenas where George didn't show over the years.
 [follows two pages of places where George didn't show]

Quote from Vince Staten, Unauthorized America : a travel guide to the places the Chamber of Commerce won't tell you about, Harper & Row, 1990

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