Sunday, May 5, 2013

Baby Blues Rock

Carl Simpson

Betty J. and Paul E. Hertel
Cedarlane BMI - Jenks

Caveman Supersonic Sound #503

Wolf Lake, Illinois

1964 or later

Quite intriguing re-issue on a song-poem label of a record previously on Paul Hertel's Valli Records (out of South Bend, Indiana). 

Likewise intriguing is the re-issue on Caveman of Jimmy Evans' " The Joint's Really Jumpin'" previously on Clearmont Records in Memphis, Tennessee.   

All other releases on the label are song-poem records.  

Jenks, publisher name added on the re-issue is Fat Cat Music today,  according to the BMI database :

Fat Cat Music Co
Contact:     William J Jenks
DBA Fat Cat Music Co
C/O Reilly & Jenks Inc
100 Hanover Street
New Oxford, Pa 17350
I bet that Jenks has somehow something to do with these re-issues. . .


Valli 304, first issue in 1963

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  1. According to song was released in 1959. Sounds like 1959.