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The Peaceful Protest Of Charlie McDig

Linda Manning was born on Nov. 24, 1946, in Cullman to James Arlander and Fannie Roberta Bradford Manning. She was a 1964 graduate of Cullman High School, where she was elected “most talented” every year. She also attended Calhoun Community College in Decatur. While working in California, she also studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse.

After high school, she entered the entertainment business, with her own television program, “The Linda Manning Show” on WLW-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also appeared on other shows as a musical guest. Linda was also a regular at the Palomino Club in Hollywood, and performed at numerous music festivals, including both international venues.

During her entertainment career, she was managed by Jimmy Keys of NewKeys Music in Nashville, Tenn.

Her single, “Shade Tree Mechanic,” written by frequent collaborator Tom T. Hall, was certified as a “gold record.” .

After her entertainment career, Linda returned to Cullman and opened a jewelry store with her husband, David. Together they owned and operated Wholesale Jewelers International for 25 years in Cullman. After retiring from the jewelry business in 2003, Linda managed her commercial business space rental company, Diamond Plaza Properties, until her death.

She died Dec. 18 2005 of a heart attack at her home in Cullman.


Doke (1960)
105 I Don’t Want To Say Goodnight To You / Puppet Lover - 59
106 Boy, I Can't Forget / Walking On A Cloud - 60
108 Gotta Run / ? – 09-60

Bulletin (1961)
1000 Our World Of Rock And Roll / Sweeter Than Sweet – 07-61 (rev. July 31)

Fraternity (1962)
F-895 Lovin' Kind / Completely Lose Control – ca. 08-62

Gaylord (1962-63)
GR 6425 Johnny Kiss And Tell / Thanks A Lot For Everything – ca. 12-62
45-6429 Hello, Little Lover / Turning Back The Pages – 18-06-63

Rice (1964)
5010 The Girl From Saginaw, Michigan / Boo On You - 64
5012 Au Revoir / I Feel A Cry Coming On – 64

Roulette (1965)
R-4638 You're Loving Me To Death / Shade Tree Mechanic – 65
R-4675 Downtown Lonely Girl Blue / Buy Me Something Pretty

Rice (1966-67)
5020 Only For A Moment / Smoking In Bed - 66
5022 Life Keeps Movin' On / You Wouldn't Know What To Do With It – 67
5024 No Thanks To You / Bon Jour Tristesse – ca. 08-67

Mercury (1968-70)
72803 Hurt Me Now / Someone Up There Still Loves Me – ca. 04-68
72875 Talk Of The Town / Since They Fired The Band Director (At Murphy High) 11-68
72906 Billy Christian / The Peaceful Protest Of Charlie McDig – 02-69
73016 If There's Not A Heaven / Old Memories Don¢t Die - 01-70
73135 When They Burned Down The Local Motel / Riverboat Queen – ca. 10-70


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Johnny Be Good

Chuck Howard

Johnny Be Good

Garrett Records

Chuck Berry cover [instrumental] - 1963

The first release on the label, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The label was owned by George Garrett,also proprietor of the Uncle George's Record Shop and of the Bangar and Twin Town labels.

Chuck Howard was born in rural Kentucky but like many of his peers migrated to the bigger cites across the Ohio river. He cut his first 45 on Nashville for the Sand label, an interesting operation that was a local (Cincinnati area) affiliate of Sage and Sand labels from California.

Chuck recorded two more 45s for Cincinnati labels, "Joy Gray" on ESV and "Gossip" on Flame. All three of these 45s are great rockers and some of Ohio's best recordings of the time.

Around 1960 Chuck relocated to Columbus. He helped start a label, Kim records, and recorded a couple records himself along with writing many songs recorded by a variety of artists including Cliff Nash and the Shilos. The Kim label recordings are in the 'countrypolitan' style (RCA records/Nashville) that was popular at the time.

He was also on Port, Do-Ra-Me, Allison, Fraternity, Columbia, Monument, Boone, etc.

He passed away in 1983.

[Bio notice from]
Chuck Howard picture : from YouTube (Thanks Bruce!)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Southern Hospitality

Perry Brice

Southern Hospitality

Plaid Records
Greenville, S.C.

March 1961

A cover of the Moon Mullican song (King Records, 1950).

Produced by Charles Rush (owner of Plaid Records) and Alan Riddle (Plaid Records A&R).

Perry Brice was from Vero Beach, Florida where he worked for WTTB radio.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Sandy Reid on Ac'cent

Sandy Reid
Ac'cent AC 1054

Billboard, July 8, 1957
Young artist attractively presents a cute tale about kiddie lemonade stands as a source of movie money. Fair possibilities (Kord, BMI)

Put the Beat Behind It
Pleasant rocker with a very danceable beat is agreeably presented, but flip is stronger. (Kord, BMI)

Later in 1957, Sandy Reid had a second release on the Bakersfield located Tally Records (Tally 114 : Wotcha’ Doin’ Tonight / What A Boy). Her two records were almost certainly arranged and/or produced by Ralph Yaw.

According to Chris Kelsey :

Ralph Yaw
wrote arrangements for a great many swing-era bandleaders during the '30s and '40s, including Isham Jones, Cab Calloway, Eddie Barefield, Count Basie, and Les Brown, but Yaw is best-known for his work with Stan Kenton, for whom he wrote and arranged in the early '40s.

Yaw ceased his jazz activities around 1947 and subsequently embarked on a career in country music. His "No Longer a Prisoner", a song on the Korean War theme, was a hit for singer Hank Snow (RCA Records, 1953).
He wrote straight away a follow up to the Hank Snow hit, "I’m Still A Prisoner (Of Love)" [The first armistice song", claimed the ad published by Billboard] which was released on his own Kord label. (Billy Mize sung it, backed by Bill Woods And His Orange Blossom Playboys).


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cash T. Woodson

Cash T. Woodson



Harvey Records
Mansfield, Ohio

King Records custom pressing

Of Cash T. Woodson nothing is known.

Writer of both sides (and also perhaps producer of the record) is Harvey E. Connell.

As singer, Harvey had a single on Fraternity Records (Autumn Heart / Sentimental Journey, Fraternity 891, 1961). He recorded again Autumn Heart, song issued on Tri-City in 1966.

As producer, Harvey Connell recorded Fred Gartner and the Ferraris from Mt. Vernon. That's was one of the first rock-n-roll records cut at the Mus-i-col studios in 1965.

He had also a studio in Columbus for a short period of time but did not make any money so it was closed down. Harvey later owned a bar and lived in Mount Vernon Ohio.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Graphomania or Typomania?

A sample of obsessive writing urge
(Subject : Joann R., year unknown)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Graphomania (from Greek γραφειν — writing,and μανία — insanity), also known as scribomania, refers to an obsessive impulse to write. When used in a specifically psychiatric context, it labels a morbid mental condition which results in writing rambling and confused statements, often degenerating in a meaningless succession words or even nonsense and called then graphorrhea. The term 'graphomania' has been used in early 19th century by Esquirol and later by Eugen Bleuler, becoming more or less usual. Graphomania is near condition to typomania - obsessiveness with seeing one's name in publication or with writing for being published, excessive symbolism or typology.

Outside the psychiatric definitions of graphomania and related conditions, the word is used more broadly to label the urge and need to write excessively, whether professional or not.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

You're Right

This record is listed in Rockin' Country Style HERE

Country music singer Don Winters, known to fans as ''The Yodeling King,'' died in 2002 at his home in Nolensville after a yearlong battle with liver cancer. He was 73.

Born in Tampa, Fla., and raised in southern Georgia, Mr. Winters began his musical career with his father's band, Pop Winters and the Southern Strollers, in the late 1940s.

He moved to Nashville in the 1950s to launch his solo career, recording on RCA and Decca Records labels. He showed up on the Billboard charts with songs Too Many Times and Shake Hands with a Loser.

In 1960, country music legend Marty Robbins asked Mr. Winters to join his band, a move that launched a lifelong friendship between the two entertainers. Together they serenaded audiences, along with Bobby Sykes, as the Marty Robbins Trio. Mr. Winters and Robbins collaborated until Robbins' death in 1982.

The Robbins label was owned in Nashville by Marty Robbins Enterprises.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Country Guitar Girl

Don West and Rose Lee
with the Sunset Playboys

Country Guitar Girl

Sioux Records


<-- Country team of Don West and Rose Lee had a TV show in the mid-seventies on Channel Seven, Bangor, Maine.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jonny B. Good

The Rockets
Vocal Johnny Vosdos

Jonny B. Good

Wide Records AF 935
(Capitol custom pressing RB= 1964)

A great unknown Chuck Berry cover sung by one Johnny Vosdos. Nothing is found about this band or this singer. The record is out of Reading, Pennsylvannia.

On the same label : The Del-Rays and Little Johnny Poole (the latter listed in Rockin' Country Style with address in Chester, Pa.).

I suspect that the Wide label is related in some way to Kingston Records.