Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Peaceful Protest Of Charlie McDig

Linda Manning was born on Nov. 24, 1946, in Cullman to James Arlander and Fannie Roberta Bradford Manning. She was a 1964 graduate of Cullman High School, where she was elected “most talented” every year. She also attended Calhoun Community College in Decatur. While working in California, she also studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse.

After high school, she entered the entertainment business, with her own television program, “The Linda Manning Show” on WLW-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio. She also appeared on other shows as a musical guest. Linda was also a regular at the Palomino Club in Hollywood, and performed at numerous music festivals, including both international venues.

During her entertainment career, she was managed by Jimmy Keys of NewKeys Music in Nashville, Tenn.

Her single, “Shade Tree Mechanic,” written by frequent collaborator Tom T. Hall, was certified as a “gold record.” .

After her entertainment career, Linda returned to Cullman and opened a jewelry store with her husband, David. Together they owned and operated Wholesale Jewelers International for 25 years in Cullman. After retiring from the jewelry business in 2003, Linda managed her commercial business space rental company, Diamond Plaza Properties, until her death.

She died Dec. 18 2005 of a heart attack at her home in Cullman.


Doke (1960)
105 I Don’t Want To Say Goodnight To You / Puppet Lover - 59
106 Boy, I Can't Forget / Walking On A Cloud - 60
108 Gotta Run / ? – 09-60

Bulletin (1961)
1000 Our World Of Rock And Roll / Sweeter Than Sweet – 07-61 (rev. July 31)

Fraternity (1962)
F-895 Lovin' Kind / Completely Lose Control – ca. 08-62

Gaylord (1962-63)
GR 6425 Johnny Kiss And Tell / Thanks A Lot For Everything – ca. 12-62
45-6429 Hello, Little Lover / Turning Back The Pages – 18-06-63

Rice (1964)
5010 The Girl From Saginaw, Michigan / Boo On You - 64
5012 Au Revoir / I Feel A Cry Coming On – 64

Roulette (1965)
R-4638 You're Loving Me To Death / Shade Tree Mechanic – 65
R-4675 Downtown Lonely Girl Blue / Buy Me Something Pretty

Rice (1966-67)
5020 Only For A Moment / Smoking In Bed - 66
5022 Life Keeps Movin' On / You Wouldn't Know What To Do With It – 67
5024 No Thanks To You / Bon Jour Tristesse – ca. 08-67

Mercury (1968-70)
72803 Hurt Me Now / Someone Up There Still Loves Me – ca. 04-68
72875 Talk Of The Town / Since They Fired The Band Director (At Murphy High) 11-68
72906 Billy Christian / The Peaceful Protest Of Charlie McDig – 02-69
73016 If There's Not A Heaven / Old Memories Don¢t Die - 01-70
73135 When They Burned Down The Local Motel / Riverboat Queen – ca. 10-70



  1. Cool song - would love to hear more, also!

  2. The right name is Jimmy Key, without a s at the end.
    Thanks for this post