Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cash T. Woodson

Cash T. Woodson



Harvey Records
Mansfield, Ohio

King Records custom pressing

Of Cash T. Woodson nothing is known.

Writer of both sides (and also perhaps producer of the record) is Harvey E. Connell.

As singer, Harvey had a single on Fraternity Records (Autumn Heart / Sentimental Journey, Fraternity 891, 1961). He recorded again Autumn Heart, song issued on Tri-City in 1966.

As producer, Harvey Connell recorded Fred Gartner and the Ferraris from Mt. Vernon. That's was one of the first rock-n-roll records cut at the Mus-i-col studios in 1965.

He had also a studio in Columbus for a short period of time but did not make any money so it was closed down. Harvey later owned a bar and lived in Mount Vernon Ohio.


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