Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Semi-Automatic Bop (?!)

Pic on cover : Reesa Marchetti (of Reesa and the Rooters)

 36 lo-fi tracks, mostly uncomped!  A tribute to Cees Klop!
Without the participation of Yoko Ono (thanks Yoko!)
Some were previously here on Dead Wax, some weren't.


Al's 1503 -Link Davis - Johnny B. Goode
Arroya- The Cat - Syncopated Rock
Bedford -Don Miller And Carolyn Day - Telephone Baby
Bell 118- Jay Stevens- Tiger
Bray - Jackasses- Sugaree
Breeze- Sharlet Sexton - Since My Baby Put Me Down
Byeric - Art Erikson- Baby I Don't Care 1&2
Cadillac 163 Millionaires -Shimmy, Shimmy, Shimmy (Do The Coca Minny)
Canton 1786-The Phantoms- Birdland Pt I
Claudra 110 -Walter (Arlie) Bittle - Teen Age Blues
Clef 1107 Bob Cathey - Johnny B. Goode
Cue 1053 The Moore Twins (Larry & Garry)- All Thru The Night
Day-Z-Bel 711-Jimmy Crawford - Blabbermouth
Dot 15784-Johnny King- Rock-Meeting
Garrett 4001_Chuck Howard - Johnny Be Good
Gateway 1236-Bradley Arthur- Stood Up
Gold Master -The Rocks- Love City
Gold Master -The Rocks- Terri
Gold Standard 292-Jimmy Hydrick- Trip To The Moon
Horizon 1002_Johnny Redd _Tell Me Why
JFJ - The Creations- Girl Of My Best Friend
Kudo 665 Barbara Tennant- Rock Baby Rock
Madison 101 Jimmy McBride- Rockin' Guitar
Maynor- Venus- Walkin-And-Talkin
Nork-The Trophies- Somethin' Else
Orbit 4889 -Tommy Love- Half Past Midnight
Pathe 1001-Glory Kennedy And Her 3 Electric Guitars- Dixie's Land
Reesa And The Rooters- Nervous Breakdown
Ridgeway 113_Niki Stevens_ The_Bop
Rogo-Ralph Miranda & Deltoros - Don't Leave Me Now
Rose- We're Not Sisters - Oh Baby, Whoa Baby_
Scottie 1326_Spider Webb_ ()-A-Doodle-Doo
Twin Star1011  Mike_Mitchell- Mike's Riff
Vanco- Jim Mackelberg  - Baby Sittin  Blues
Wing 2002 The Allen Sisters -Cha Cha Hop

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  1. there seems to be a password required for the zip file.

  2. More Rocklector comps please fantastic job big thanks

  3. Thanks for these great tracks.
    Any chance you know the title on the other side of these 4 songs:
    Telephone Baby
    Since My Baby Put Me Down
    Oh Baby, Whoa Baby
    Baby Sittin Blues


    1. Telephone Baby : So Long To You

      Since My Baby Put Me Down : My Old Heartaches Are In The Past by Herman Hatfield & His Tennessee Valley Boys

      Oh Baby, Whoa Baby : Oklahoma Waltz

      Baby Sittin Blues : Palace Of Glass