Saturday, September 2, 2017

Motorcycle Michael

"Motorcycle Michael" has been issued on CD by Cees Klop on his Collector label in 2000 on a double CD titled "50 Early Rockin' Tracks".  The accompanying booklet had a picture on a single on the Mesquite label, a single that never was, as it was another of these fabricated images sometimes found on the Cees Klop's releases' booklets.

The song was issued on "Hollywood On The Pike" (Mesquite Records) an album presenting 13 tracks by various performers and recorded from the bandstand at the Hollywood On the Pike, a Long Beach show club (no dancing) located on West Pike.

Cindy Carson was mainly a Long Beach club performer, vocalist, bassist, and yodler. According to a musician who worked with her " Ol' Cindy had a great set of pipes and played a solid country bass. At one point she was with Capitol Records. We worked together a good bit over the years, mostly private stuff....."

Motorcycle Michel
was a minor hit for Jo Ann Campbell in 1961. 
Peter Udell wrote the lyrics and Gary Geld the music.  Born in 1935 in New Jersey) Gary Geld was a writer and producer for Connie Francis, Brian Hyland, Jackie Wilson, Gene Pitney, and Skeeter Davis.  His main collaborator was Peter Udell. Geld-Udell team's greatest hit was perhaps "Sealed With a Kiss".

Cindy Carson
Motorcycle Michael 
Mesquite Records,   1965

Jo Ann Campbell
Motorcycle Michael 
ABC-Paramount 10200,    1961

P.S. I've just learned today the passing of Mr Klop (See this blog)
Sure, a controversial figure. But how many obscure recordings and artists were saved from the oblivion thanks to him and other music collectors from Europe. He will be forgiven for his [minor] sins. I fondly remember these wonderful albums with so many obscure artists I've never heard before... 

R.I.P. Cees


  1. Not to be confused with the "Motorcycle Michael" song by the Archers on Jack Clement's short-lived Summer label.

  2. The song she had on Capitol was recorded with the 'Cliffie Stone Group' "You've Got The Wrong Bottle" b/w "Just As I Am"