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If It Wasn't For The Kids - Volume 4

Augie Rios -  The Teacher Walked Out of the Room  (Metro, 1959)
Born in New York City to Puerto Rican immigrants, Augie Rios was a child actor and singer who performed the hit song "¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?" in 1958 on Metro Records, a MGM subsidiary.
Brucie Weil -  Little Boy Blues (Barbour, 1953)
Wanting to exploit their own child's talent, Brucie's parents contacted the songwriters Tom Murray and Tony Burrello (Anthony Tamburello), who came up with the song "God Bless Us All." These were the guys who started the Horrible Records label to release bizarre novelties.  WNEW disk jockey Martin Block called it 1953's "biggest turkey of the year," but many people still fondly remember this unusual record today.
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Katie Sweet -  I Love To Rock (Deck, 1960)
Born in 1957, Covington, Kentucky. Hollywood child star Katherine Marie "Katie" Sweet was discovered in 1959 by Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, who needed a precocious two-year old for a part in one of their upcoming television shows.  From there, Sweet's career blossomed and she appeared on television in numerous shows including Ben Casey, Bonanza, The Lucy Show. Her acting career had ended at age 13, in 1970. 
Little Denise Stevenson -  Would It Be Me (Voice, 1973)
Little Denise Stevenson - 12 years old with 50 years of soul - was discovered in Oakland, Calif. by veteran blues singer Jimmy McCracklin. So impressed was West Coast nightclub owner Irving Labee that he invested $75,000 in a record label to make her a future star. Composer Beulah Facyson is Beulah McCracklin, wife of Jimmy McCracklin
Little Gary Ferguson -  A Mother's Love (Mothers, 1970)

Produced in Hollywood by H.B. Barnum for Mothers Records & The Snarf Company. This Dallas talented child wonder started recording in 1966 for Pam Records, label launched by Pat Morgan, a businessman-turned promoter and Little Gary manager.
Little Kristy McIntyre -  I Want Someone Who Needs Me (Ranger, 1985)
She's only 6 years old, says the label.  From Norman, Oklahoma. Kristy Mclntyre was the talent winner in the 1986-87 "Little Miss of America Pageant" and "Stars of the USA Pageant." She has made television appearances on "Stairway o the Stars" and "Nashville Copycats" and has made personal appearances at entertainment parks and events n several states.  In 1985, 1986 and 1987 she was one of five top finalists or "best female singer in Oklahoma under the age of 18." 
 Little Rita Faye - I Fell Out Of A Christmas Tree (MGM,1953)
Born 1944 in Whitesboro, Texas.  Rita Faye is the daughter of musical parents, Smiley and Kitty (Carson) Wilson.  Later on, her parents happened to be working with the Martha Carson troupe at WSM in Nashville, Tennessee. When Ms. Carson had heard Rita Faye, she got the attention of Fred Rose, who in turn contacted Frank Walker at MGM Records. Her first record was "Wait A Little Longer" b/w "Rock City Boogie". She then went on to make guest appearances on the stage of WSM's Grand Ole Opry and the "Sunday Down South" programs. By the end of 1953, she was making regular appearances every Saturday night on the "Midway Jamboree" that was broadcast over radio station WGAD in Gadsden, Alabama, keeping in mind she was only nine years old or so at that time.   In the early 1960s, Rita was a 17-year old recording artist for Capitol.
Marvin Short - Lovesick Blues (Little Dixie,xx)
From Keota, Oklahoma, the youngest of four, Marvin was raised on a steady diet of country and rock ‘n’ roll music. His dad worked for a US Army munitions plant that was a 6-hour drive away, but performed on nights and weekends with his Country/Western band, Ken Short and the Drifters. “My Daddy made sure to call it Country AND Western,” Marvin said. As Marvin’s singing talent became more obvious, his dad put Marvin on the stage and let him front the band more and more.

By the time Marvin was 10 years old, his dad got him gigs on morning TV shows in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and introduced him to the recording studio where he cut his first track on a record. At the age of 12, he won several honors including “Under 16 Male Vocalist Award” and the “Under 16 Male Instrumentalist” from the Oklahoma Opry Association.
 Melinda Sloop -  He's Got The Whole World in his Hands (Justice,xx)
A custom recording done at Justice Record Co, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. No known date, but no earlier than October 1965, when Calvin Newton founded the studios.  Calvin Newton has enjoyed several careers in his 50 years in music, including success as a gospel singer. Born in West Frankfort, Illinois, Newton was the son of a coal miner who was also a Church of God preacher and founded churches in Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  The Justice label has issued gospel groups and small combos.  From this now, long defunct and highly collectable label comes some of the best and most sought after recordings among the Garage bands collectors.
Stacey Lynn Ries -  Johnny B Goode  (Nu-Sound, 1981)

Born in 1970, Stacy Lynn Ries is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ries of Fort Wavne, Indiana.  The youngster began appearing on television at age 3 and recording records at age 4. when she also began appearing with her own band.   She has appeared twice at the Indiana State Fair, and in 1976 she performed before President Gerald R. Ford at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Indiana.   She also sang on her own weekly radio program. Stacy has appeared with such well-known singers as Ernest Tubbs. Faron Young. Justin Tubb. Loretta Lynn and Rex Allen Jr.   Her records include. "The Kindergarten Class Convoy." Be My Valentine" and "The Easter Bunny Hops Along." and several others.
The Collins Kids -  Beetle Bug Bop (Columbia, 1955) 

The Collins Kids were a duo featuring Lawrencine "Lorrie" Collins (1942–2018) and her younger brother Lawrence "Larry" Collins (1944-).  Born and raised in Oklahoma, the Collins Kids came with their family to California in search of a better life. Larry & Lorrie began performing together as teens and became immediate sensations on the Town Hall Party radio program where Larry often dueted with guitarist Joe Maphis. The Kids were signed by Columbia, where the pair recorded some hot rockers. Larry and Lorrie were big stars in the California country scene.                  
The Spades - When I Get To Goin' (Spade, 1965)
Randy Clay has been playing since the age of 6. Playing with his family based band in the 1960's he co-wrote, sang and drummed on the songs, "When I Get To Going" and "I'm So Happy", which were recorded at Arthur Smith Studios in Charlotte, NC. At age 8 he began learning to play the guitar which added a more melodic element to his music. 
Record pressed by Kay-Bank in 1965.

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